Kaabil First Look Poster: Hrithik Roshan

How good is this? The first look poster of KAABIL featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead is out and itís fantastic!

The intensity in Hrithikís eyes is the highlight of the poster.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil releases in theatres on January 26 2017. The film is scheduled to clash against Shah Rukh Khanís Raees and Ajay Devgnís Baadshaho (tentative date).

Kaabil First Look

Kaabil First Look



  • @ Indicine Team at 6:20 pm : U dont normally intervene in fan wars but good to see u trying to calm everyone down.

    Hoping both SRK and Hrithik fans calm down. Raees vs Kaabli is far away first let MD vs Rustom pass at least.

    U r saying date issue will be soon sorted out that means u may have any update on that date issue? Any recent update on that?

  • @ Tiger, how cheap man u are.u want srk’s death only because he is flop actor.I am very disappointed with u.

  • @Nipun 6:56 pm : Well, even I don’t have any grudge against Hrithik the actor. But his fans are very provocative. Same goes with Amir. I admire his work, but his fans always provoke me to talk bad about him.
    Having said that, if there are few other Hrithik fans like you, I may ignore the likes of “Neeraj”, “Greek God” etc for an instance, as such creatures are there in almost every fan base.
    But the worst part is, I didn’t see any Hrithik Fan talking something good about SRK, rather they keep on bashing him. If they can’t talk good (which is absolutely their choice), they can’t bash him either.
    Btw, you seem to be new here. I have never seen a Hrithik fan with ID “Nipun”.

  • don’t know who will win this clash amongs badshahoo vs kabil.
    but raees will flop for sure
    1. last two underperformsd films of srk
    2. less confident makers
    3. pakistani heroine
    4. if people avoid watching srk’s solo release FAN then definitely avoid when they have two other options.
    5.distributers also not interested as they losses their money in last release movies of srk.
    6. less screens for raees for sure.
    7.if mohenjodaro and shivay performs solid(chances also high)
    8. still long way to till srk will finds in another controversy we never know.

  • earlier i thought that only srk fans are idiots..but after raees debacle it is clear that srk along with his fan are all idiots and srkdiots perfectly suit them.By the way KAABIL poster is just mindblowing.eagerly waiting for Mohenjodaro & Kaabil.

  • HR took Dhoom series to another level, it was the best in the series which even tingu khan complimented. The third one was a mishmash of The prestige and others.
    Haklu looks like a joker on the poster of Asoka, haklu thought it could make it to Oscars!!
    Even in his best phase criminal has done one good movie BB and the rest are remakes.
    and with HR we have the numbers 244 and 181……..get it??

  • Jadoo Boy sees all- true- he saw the popularity of Jadoo after jadoo mil gaya with kindergarteners the world over n ever since then Jadoo has never be seen again in those crappy mutant franchise series…!

  • @nipun That krrish 3 scam trend was by all fanbases.
    And everyone knows the truth, Krrish 3 had huge manipulation of 60 crores!

  • The intendity in Jadoo Boys eyes remind me of Agony Path or worse Mosquito Anguish as when a mosquito is near by then his eyes lit up n his nostrils grew ready to pounce n engulf the hapless creature…!

  • Ahhh Republic Day wknd will be FUN- on one side we have kindergarteners throwing their jadoo toys outta pram n on the otger side we have paglaPOORians getting their lungis tied in a twist- too much fun

  • The Mind sees all- let me try this- hhhmmm next republic day I see maha epic manipulation going on- both Raeesa Bhabhi n kaabil will manipulate/ inflate figures by as much as 50% each…!

  • all hrithik haters dont panic ur panicness will not change the verdict of god …, dont behave childish speciallt tiger and x zone .. i know u r frustrated .. tiger is frustrated becoz he knows tat srk is now finished and next is salman who in future will be dethroned by hrithik as box office king dont worry tiger .. be calm .. all the excuses and analyses given by hrithik haters are laughable and pitiful .. no body gives a damn to these illogical comments …….. talking about this poster .. it is the baap of all the posters .. hrithik eyes are so much intense and powerful tat 26 january will be epic … kaabil is not going to postpone from 26 jan .. come wt may rakesh roshan and sanjay gupta are confiednt of their product .. hrithik is not like srk who is struggling to get a release date since one yr…….. all said and done .. mohenjodaro and kaabil will put hrithik at par with salman and aamir and may be more ahead .. wt say tiger the real king .., wt say x zone ,, wt fasal keral .. u all witness the epicness of hrithik from now on …. baby……

  • @Neeraj who is licking whom we all know. lol it’s ur hrithik fake roshan who is licking everyone so that he will be in good books of others and other fans will support him and his movie. From baghi to alone, silwale to bajirao, hny to sib. Do u think everyone is fools and everyone knows not all these movies nor their trailer is good. So kept ur logic in ur pocket actually it’s who licks other all the year just to get their fan base support in the time of his release and no one is as fake as hrithik. So stop talking about srk. U forgot how hr licked all the actor and actress’s and srk in band bang dare during its time of release that’s his aukat he didn’t even leave juniors like all arjub and ranveer now that’s what we call lucking.

  • Expecting Kaabil to beat Jadoo 3… Ooops I meant in terms of mass manipulation n we could see the first film ever to enter the 100cr club of Manipulation…!

    Actual lifetime 120cr

    Jadoo Kalkulator kalculated readjustment will put lifetime at 244cr

  • @sunnyakkiholic u r wrong it’s 8 hit in 16 year career while 4 of them are with his father and other 4 are multistarrer yet to give a solo hit as a solo lead without his father in his 16 year career and his fans have the guts to bash self made superstars like srk and akki.

  • @aNIPOONma Kumar Chopra fanboy

    Not sure if the kindergarten give you permission to come out n play as much as you have been doing these past few days but seriously dont act all innocent here Mr ‘taylor swift’ Chameleon.

    Sadly We all still remember your krappy reviews oh well those childish cartoons you passed off as reviews n you always took an underhanded dig at other actors but when it came to reviewing X-Men 3 oops Jadoo 3 you praised it as Marvels best comic ever sorry FilmKrafts best cartoon EVER…!

  • Isnt it ironic that on the day CIVIL WAR releases there is a small local civil war raging inside Manipulationpur between the lungi folk of Paglapur n kindergarten folk of Jaadopur as to who will manipulate more on Republic Day wknd….!

  • CIVIL WAR on Indicines Platform

    Paglapurs Captain Idiot Sorry Captain Brainless = Tihari Gang Ldr SpamZone

    Jaadopurs Iron Maiden sorry Iron Kid= aNIPOONma ‘Taylor Swift’ Kumar

  • Kate footfall 0.87cr
    FAN footfall 0.73cr. Some srkian said about kite but they forget FAN movie Verdict.

  • Sultan Mirza is revisting again via Badshaoo….!!

    He will silently come and win the hearts of all fan audiences.

    Republic day will Rock!!

  • @X zone 5:47 PM
    AWESOME CMNT nd you showed the Aukat nd career of roshan.
    5 likes from my side for ur cmnt,it got only dislikes..that shows how many Ppl are retarded here .

    LELI TUNE KEH KE 8 hit actor ki ?

  • Poster looks bad, it looks like they had nothing ready to showcase so just asked Hrithik at last moment to stare at the camera…Because of that, there was no time to create a good logo and design so the letter i of Kaabil looks really lame and the production company itself needs an update for the logo…

    @indicine, they release these posters online but where do they hang them for 7 months,,,??

  • Srk and ajay should change the release date . because hrithik will kill them by his eyes.. can’t wait for kaabil .. 26jan 2017 . fabulous day like a agneepath

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