Kaabil First Look Poster: Hrithik Roshan

How good is this? The first look poster of KAABIL featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead is out and it’s fantastic!

The intensity in Hrithik’s eyes is the highlight of the poster.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil releases in theatres on January 26 2017. The film is scheduled to clash against Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Ajay Devgn’s Baadshaho (tentative date).

Kaabil First Look

Kaabil First Look



  • Well all aside as a HR fan I am happy we are getting 2 of his movie within 5-6 months. Can’t even remember when it happened last time.

  • But where is the first look poster of Mohenjo Daro? Promoting Kaabil before it means FilmKraft is insecure of Raees releasing on the same date.

  • SRK promoted Raees and FAN before Dilwale…
    It created confusions among fans!
    FAN Flopped big time and Raees is facing miserable time….
    After that, Rustom was promoted before HF3 out of fear of Mohenjo Daro. So both Rustom and HF3 will under perform. Doing so is nothing new to Akki though.

    Now, Kaabil is being promoted before MD. So it will create confusion among fans and both will underperform.

  • Mark my words bakra haklu fans on january 26th king Hrithik will destroy bakra haklu khan and will force him to retire early…lol

    KAABIL-Huge Blockbuster
    Raees- Biggest disaster in bollywood history


  • good news for all hrithkians hrithik has started shooting kaabil … kaabil will release on time i.e 26 january 2017 thug will also be released in 2017 after thug .. well all hrithik haters will dissappear like thin air .. heard tat baadshaho has been postponed to 10 march 2017 .. .ajay is lucky not mess with hrithik good decision by milan luthria .. but most unlucky person is srk who is desperate to destroy his career and to take final nail in the coffin at the divine hands of hrithik roshan . .. undoubetdly and unquestionably kaabil will thrash beat and plunder raeesaa like anything .. then after tat dont cry srkians tat hrithik kaabil has made raeesaa disaster which somehow made 60 crores will now do only 40 crores max .. kaabil – 400 crores . with clash .. now all hrithik haters like tiger the real king , fasal kerala and x zone will bark again and again blah balah . so wt i dont give a damn …. tiger the real king its better u bark on my these questions .1 if u r so much confident on ur eidi or bhojpuri non actor artifial khan named lallu khan ,, then can u ask lallu khan to dare to release his movies by coming out of his comfort zone and release his movies on non eid and non holiday .. 2 can u ask lallu to release his movies and clash with other films .. had he got enought guts … 3.. u always bark about krrish 3 manipulations and all tat ,,,, except box office india tat is an anti hrithik site all other sites like hungama , wikip[edia , koi moi .com , taran adarsh all trade magazines gave krrish 3 colections as 244 crores … and above all the site on which u always bark i.e indicine site has also given krrish collections as 244 crores now will u ask indicine about tat collections ..,, 4.. will u ask lallu khan to make a hit movie with any non action movie just like hrithik did in znmd .. ?? ur lallu khans pants and underwears will be disappeared and lallu khan will walk naked after 2- 3 yrs in fromt of hrithik sorry all hrithikians i had use this language for this tiger .. as all know tat laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante .. dont worry tiger , fasla kereala and all combined fans of lalu and haklu khans .. hrithik is here to stay for a long long long long time .. hrithik will rule bollywood now … …. BABY…

  • srk’s fan are so shameless….shame on u guys….what are u got with bashing other star??@xzone

  • Super Hero Hrithik, Super Producer Rakesh Roshan, Super Musician Rajesh Roshan. Need to say more? But director Sanjay Gupta ???

    think Raees just might be able to give a fight

  • Lol!!! It is really too much fun!
    Jaadoo Fans vs Kingkong Fans vs Joker Boy Fans fighting for No. 3 spot.
    As usual, it is Salman vs Aamir for the top position. They are out of anyone’s reach!

  • @Sunny Gobarholic, Kites still earned 47 cr in 2010 unlike 80 cr club king greedy gobar floppy kumar whose magnum opus Joker (his own nickname) only wrapped below 20 cr life time in the year 2012. Epic shame.

  • @Pagalholik small star fan. Hrithik 9 hits Akshay 50 flops highest number for any superstars. 25 years in the industry yet to win even a best actor award for any category filmfare critics national. Why? manipulated Sib 18 cr. Your akki only clashes with Tushaar why. Srk trashed him twice 2 Ajay flushed him twice 2 in his life he can’t dare to clash with Salman now nor Aamir. Independence day of Akki brought shame to whole industry when movies like Ett SR were easily crossing 32 cr your akki hit half their figures last year. Almighty Hrithik will swallow Akki independence day mark my words. No superstar in this world currently does 4 movies a year only a niche star that is what Akshay is better accept that. You always brag about him with Khans forgetting it’s Hrithik that competes with the Khan’s to some extent even Ajay is a more scared superstar than Akki when it comes to clash. Hrithik is a better actor than Akki he crosses 150 with ease unlike your flop star.
    Airlift was hit because of content.which even Saif and Farhan can deliver. Last year 4 movies no single 100 cr and you have the guts to comment here. Rustam cannot collect half of Mohenjodaro I bet my filmi knowledge. Remember Golmaal 3 and AR clash? G3 made 4 times the money made by AR. Now it’s Hrithik turn to change your Joker into a pauper. Remember ce clash with ouatimd? do I have tobremind you the difference too. Hrithik and Shah Rukh are big superstars just behind Salman and Aamir. I don’t want to rate Ajay the same with Akki only because he is a far far more superior actor than Akki so put it in your head Akki can only be called a bigger star than Ranbir Varun while stardom wise he and Ranveer are the same. Don’t follow indicine ranking they are always favouring Srk and akki but Srk is a mini Deva front of your niche star. Now get lost and never say anything bad about Hrithik or I will.trash you more. A niche star who only works for the exhibitors is talking where bigger actors are exchanging feelings and you are not ashamed? chii shame on you

  • @Pagalholick small star fan. Hrithik 5th day falls under top single day grossers.
    Akki 3500 3050 3500 screens on 2015 non earned upto 20 crs trade and you talk of manipulation. Even with Manipulation Hrithik has more than 7 movies above 20 crs.
    Superstars with highest single day 20-45 crs
    Even as trade.

    Superstars with 30-45 cr opening day

    Superstars with highest single day 30-45

    Superstars with over 100 crs extended weekend

    Superstars with 110 cr 1st week

    Superstars with 200 crs grossers

    Superstars with 100 crs from very early days
    Aamir Ghajni
    Salman Dabaang
    Ajay G3
    Srk Don 2
    Hrithik Agneepath

    Superstars star power Koi moi box office ratings
    Salman above 1000
    Aamir above 1000
    SRK 900 points
    Ajay 500 points
    Hrithik 400 points 3 100 cr 1 200 cr
    Akki 400 points 4 100 crs no 200 cr so never a tie.

    Now always remember when senior are talking juniors keep quite and listen

    Mohenjodaro > custom

  • @Xzone simply frustrated especially after gulping those beer bottles he admitted he gulped during disastrous Fans box office trends. Seems hangover never gone. Go listen to Salman song Hangover so that you come down to real world. Hrithik I can see is really frustrating your life even before the release of Kaabil. I wonder how dreadfully you will comment once Ajays motion teaser is also out. Hard time for srkians really sympathise with them.??
    @Joker hollik the success ratio Hrithik has is more than all your floppy movies after 24 years. Highest record of flops lowest record of box office records compared with his contemporaries. annoying stuff is small star like akki names is only being mentioning by you. Get lost and allow Hrithik to teach you how to earn big numbers on independence day. Idiot wait when housefull 3 releases and see how Hritikians will spoil your party don’t forget you created lots of enemy because of your childishness so expect hard bashings also from salman aamir hrithik ajay even smaller friends of akki Like Tiger shrift fans. How can I forget get ready to from your Tormentor in chief @Alisha. Start repenting from today

  • @ xzone : brother my suggestion is to let it go. Agree with challa here. Let all the movies release and let us decide on merit.

    Any Hrithik fan bashing SRK here will have zero impact on the Raees or Kaabil outcome. No point in getting such ugly fights.

  • See hrithik fans we also dont want to mess with you so just wait and watch may be this clash everted so dont use bad words against Srk ..
    I am also Srk fan i cant spare it if some one bash SRk but i like hrithik too so pls avoid it otherwise Raees tu baad main aaye ge first Muhenjo daro ka postmartem ho jaye ga so think about it we also dont want fan battle btw hrithik and SRK

  • @Neeraj

    Dude u seem to have problem with everyone except Hrithik. For you, Ajay is a flop actor. Srk is skeleton king. Aamir is deshdrohi. Akki is a non-actor. You hate salman as well.

    Most of us over here want to read the article and express ourself. But you go a step ahead and attack people here. It spoils people’s interest. We are here to sip the joy of bollywood films not attack each other.

    You can mock a film like fan but the film is a reflection of people like you who blindly worship their idol (i love the irony here. You call yourself atheist but you are as blind in your worship as a theist. Difference is you have a different ‘God’) Umm.. i mean greek god :P

    You really need to relax. Peace.

  • Good news Srk and Hrithik fans…

    Only 2 clashes republic day…

    Badshaho has been shifted to clash with johar again…back to back clash!!

    Shivaay shooting not yet wrapped up…his Remo d zouza next will be released too before badshaho so obviously the workload will make no sense.

    So I think justice has been done…both movies can earn high ….Best of luck for both movies!!!

  • @ xzone : And brother few days back we had a chat in which I had backed u for giving the SRK haters a response in their own language and saying that u will have my support in it. But maybe I hadnt seen such time wasting and hateful fan wars. Small and fun loving wars (like small fights with Sunny, floppy or yogi etc) is something which is acceptable to me but not something like this where stars bashing go way out of control.

    Seeing the kind of hateful comments passed here today at this article just worsened my mood and I realized how wrong I was. Hate begets hate and this is not something I stand for and will not to be a part of. And even if u will fight the whole day with them at the end of the day u will just feel worse. Thats what hate does i.e. just increases negativity in life. This only increases hatred, also impacts ur daily life activity and there is no end to it.

    The movies are going to release in January and if this is what is going to continue for the entire half year then I had rather choose skipping such Kaabil and clash related articles at Indicine rather than coming here and destroying my mood. Maybe I m over reacting but find such fan wars in really bad taste.

    So my brotherly suggestion would be to calm down. Let them say whatever they want to say. Wont make any difference on the outcome of either of the movie. If we know everytime this will continue on Kaabil related pages we can also opt to ignore such articles. Will save our time, hrithik fans time and saves every ones mood.

    U will obviously take a decision for yourself and u r quite good at taking the SRK haters on alone but believe me its not worth it. I find such fan wars really in bad taste and have decided to skip and not comment on such articles here at Indicine where the bashing is going way out of control. Not that it would make any difference to anyone. Saying this to u all coz i know we share a good understanding and hoping u will understand my viewpoint.


    on leaked Panama papers….

    “WHILE MOST OF THE ACTORS NAMED IN THE LEAKED PANAMA PAPERS HAVE DENIED THEIR ASSOCIATION OR MAINTAINED SILENCE ON THE SUBJECT. AJAY DEVGN HAS COME CLEAN!! HE HAD BOUGHT OVER THE ENTIRE SHAREHOLDING OF BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (BVN) COMPANY MARYLEBONE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED IN 2013(50,000 units @1 unit =$1100…$55000000= 363crores )…and resigned as director with effect from December15 2014. He clarifiedd his dealings to the media yesterday saying that the company was set up with RBI guidelines for overseas direct investment route and proper disclosure have been made by my family in the tax returns as required by law. Devgn charterd accountant Anil Sekhri made documents available to support their claims”

    More respect sir….still you have proven anything controversy in bollywood industry you just have to stay off them. Keep it up Sir…!!! Your transparency, humblness and straight to the point attributes us what makes you to be respected by not only your fans but everybody.

  • One simple question to fasal Kerala and xzone. Have you both met SRK personally, have you ever sat down to a meal with him and got to know what he is like, or have you formed opinions based on interviews with the media, what you read in tabloids or on the internet etc.
    Because both of you comment as if you and he are bosom buddies.

  • Don’t underestimate srk raees,if content is good for srk film,no body can even think of touch his BOX-OFFICE stamina!!!coming to kabil hrithik is more interested in kangana kabil more then Rajesh roshan kabil!!!

  • it’s like a warning to producer of raees. don’ t dare to clash ,mind sees it all. superbb

  • Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Baadshaho’ was slated to release on 26th Jan 2017. Few days ago, the makers of Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Raees’ announced that the film will be releasing on 26th Jan 2017. However, it is said that Ajay’s film won’t clash with SRK’s movie. 

    An insider revealed, “Shahrukh and the Excel team has planned everything nicely now. Ajay is mostly shifting the release because ‘Baadshaho’ won’t be ready in January. The makers are now eyeing for a March 10 release. Ajay is now shooting his directorial venture ‘Shivaay’ which he will wrap by June. He begins shooting for ‘Baadshaho’ in July end/early August. His film with Remo D’Souza co-starring Sooraj Pancholi too goes on floors this September. So he will be juggling between the two films and it is highly improbable that Ajay’s ‘Baadshaho’ will be ready in time for a January release. That’s why they have taken a call to shift the release date.”

    However, ‘Raees’ will be clashing with Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Kaabil’ on 26th Jan 2017.

  • @nipun exactly. Hardly fans of other superstars love Haklu he brags unnecessary too much but we Bhai fans will always have support and love from other stars fan bases. Even Hrithik fans respect Bhai because Bhai taught him lots of things and helped him in his health physique aspects. Just of recent some @Edx and co are just bashing Salman up and down that’s why we pay back if not we have no problem with our yoonger bro Hrithik we are with him if he clashes with Haklu. Apart from Hrithik we have some 2 more very strong fan base support from the following camps


    We are blessed!!!

  • Hruthik Fan Base Please Don’t Fight With Any One ..

    Just Love Other Fan Base Also ..

    Spread Love ; No Hatered please

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