Kaabil First Look Poster: Hrithik Roshan

How good is this? The first look poster of KAABIL featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead is out and itís fantastic!

The intensity in Hrithikís eyes is the highlight of the poster.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil releases in theatres on January 26 2017. The film is scheduled to clash against Shah Rukh Khanís Raees and Ajay Devgnís Baadshaho (tentative date).

Kaabil First Look

Kaabil First Look



  • @Xzone.. disaster Kites did 50 crore in 2010.. that’s more than self proclaimed kings 85 crore in 2016. Lol.

  • The problem with these SRK fans is.. they think their star is better in everything than anyone else. Awards, box office, acting, television hosting everything.

    But his purchased awards aside.. box office he’s as good as finished.. acting he has only one or two films in 10 years to show.. television career is a disaster..

    Fan and Raees postponement are they two mega slaps they deserved.. King of clashes and run away from a clash.. can’t get more shameful than that.

  • @xzone at 5:29 ,you moron,
    before knph rakesh roshan had given a big flop in the form of srk’s koyla ,then whats the logic that knph is blockbuster due to rakesh roshan . And hritik has won 2 filmfare for his acting in that movie ,according to you, he is also the best actor due to rakesh roshan????
    He is a best dancer , has best, physique in bollywood coz he is son of rakesh roshan .
    If he has won 2 filmfare working with his father ,then also he won 2 by not working under his father

  • Bad poster, we all know how bad Rakesh Roshan is as a producer (Krrazy 4, Kites) and Gupta is a flop director too… FLOP written all over it ! #OnlyRaees

  • @Challa : Thanks for your suggestion.

    @Neerja 5:53 pm : I myself want Raees to be moved out of Republic Day weekend. So I won’t be ashamed even though if Raees makes way for “Kaabil” as it’s their date.
    @6:02 pm : While declaring the verdict, there is something called “Budget” which is taken into consideration. Kites was made on a huge budget with big dose of over promotion. So it was destined to be a disaster with a collection of 50 cr.

    @Mayanmar 5:54 pm : Oye langoor, what excitement you are getting in all this? Shut the laptop/phone and better go and work towards increasing the literacy rate in Mayanmar.

  • @Xrate zone, how big is your nose you long banana nose/nostrills hoder’ s fan? You all G.One tards are the most selfis creatures on earth and show your true colors just like yor long banana nose star. Stay within yoyr aukaat. Better dont argue with me otherwise you will face much more hit. Alrady you are too much frustrated after witnessing back to back disasters and getting beaten by ranveer and then 10 years old mogli, so leave it i dont want to give you too much pain, but i definitely will if you cross your limits.

  • @Abhshek 6:06 pm : Wow, new Jadoo creatures are coming into picture today. It seems, today they have got ample amount of sunlight and thus more energy.
    You fool, which award you are referring to???
    Just look at the comment of your beloved mate @Neerja at 6:06 pm . He already declared all the awards as “Fixed” and “Bought”.
    And you, on the other hand, referring those “Fixed” awards just to save the ass of your Shivering Skeleton.
    Are you kidding me?

    • Calm down guys. The Roshans are unhappy only because they weren’t informed. The date issue will be sorted out soon. There is tremendous mutual respect between Roshans and SRK, they go back a long way.

  • @challu:
    And after seeing crapp poster & teaser (acc to u) your content rich movie maker global king Eid sodke ke bhag gaya. Just imagine if the poster would have been a good one tera BHAGODA toh abtak kudhkhushi kar leta… Hahahaha.

    He called Sultan’s teaser a crapp & you find the comment most sensible one…LOL.

  • @Neeraj kites did 42 not 50 :-P

    8 crore manipulations by his fans…Sangat ka asar.

    Nd why it did only 42 ? Out of 42 ,30 came on weekend.

    It shows he need Good movie to do good collections. Guxarish just 30 crore . It means he also need high entertainment to give hits :-P AUKAT OF 9 HIT ACTOR .

  • @Shivering skeleton fan 6:14 pm : Sometimes I find it really hard to control my laughter after seeing such cute “Threats” from kids like you.
    So listen you six finger magical creature, I would love to receive that “Pain” from you.
    Please bring it on.
    But before that, go and start praying for Mohan-Se-Mat-Daro as Jadoo boy is all set to ruin the Independence Day weekend with his awful shivers.

  • Huhh!! Childish fanwar!

    @Xzone: Has Hrithik stopped you from succeeding in your life? Has he caused any harm to your family? Or, Are are suffering from any personal problem thanks to him? Please, Get a life!

    When a group of fans of a particular actor bash your favorite actor , then what is the fault of him for that?

    Can you give me the name of one fanbase of current superstars who actually worship your favorite ? Have a check first..

    Salmanfans: More than 90% of them hate SRK! They have been bashing him since the time of chalte chalte and more precisely, Dabbang.

    Aamirfans: More than 95% of them dislike him!

    Akkifans: If you are on Twitter, you must have some ideas about what kind of bashing was going on during the time of Fan as well as Airlift!

    Ajayfans: So far I haven’t seen a single fan who actually love SRK. The major cause was the clash between JTHJ and SOS!

    So dear, Hrithikfans are still the sweetest fan base towards SRK ..

    And if some Hrithikfans are bashing your idol, Srkfans are not saint either! Your friends like @romance_fan, @Faishal Kerala, @Ajith, @Loki, @sss have always bashed Hrithik!

    Like @Challa said, Don’t take fanwar too seriously and keep supporting good films. Genuine cinegoers always need to be united for betterment of our industry!

  • @Xrate Zone lagta hai tune galat bande se panga le liya. Wait and watch you bimbo, frim today onwards i wont spare you. Pray for Flopees finding a suitable date and grandpa can finally provided a proper wheel chair. :-P. Kaabil wont move and grandpa will be shown his retirement home once again and dont be surprised if Flopees crowl to cross 60 xr life time. :-(

  • @Indicine : Sir Ji, As far as I am concerned, I am not unhappy with Roshans at all.
    It’s Ritesh and Excel Entertainment who went and poked their nose without taking Roshan’s consent (which is unethical for me).
    Apart from that, I am unhappy with Raees makers that if they were trying to avoid the “Clash”, why they opted another clash? They would have went ahead with Eid release as Eid weekend is any day bigger than Republic Day weekend.

    Even I don’t want to bash Hrithik, but his 2 Rs cheap moronic fans kept on talking bullshit about SRK and now, I am running out of patience.
    No matter how well Fan and Raees perform, I will thrash these lunatics (inmates of JadooLand) from left, right and center.

  • @Neeraj indicine have written lifetime 42 crore of kites in an article. Maybe revised figure by producers , collection of SIB has been decreased to 87 from 92 by indicine because of revised figure of producers.

    So it’s just 42 crore lifetime. It’s A lol. Even Akshays 2 negative reviewed housefull nd TMK did 65 nd 73 in same year .

    Only big budget movies are saviour of jaddo boy & his papa will invest atleast 150 crore nd kaabil. :-P big budget movies automatically gets big opening.

  • Mark my words, this is going to be Guzaarish 2 and Jadoo boy will definitely postpone it after the epic disaster Mohenjadoo.

  • Motion poster was just way too good for anything. Poster is following its path. It’s also a clear message that they are not moving away from Republic Day weekend 2017. His eyes remind me of Agneepath, a very underrated performance by him. He expressed many different emotions through his eyes in Agneepath, so I’m happy that now he’s doing a movie where his eyes are much bigger focal point. The motion poster was different than Sanjay Gupta’s previous projects and Rakesh Roshan has already said it has commercial ingredients to be successful at the box office, so I’m expecting an emotional, revenge-thriller with both Sanjay Gupta and Rakesh Roshan’s vibe in it presumably.

    There are also rumors floating claiming Badshaho might not be ready on time, hence it’s moving ahead. I also don’t think that Kaabil vs Raees can happen, as SRK is pretty close to both Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan, and Farhan Akhtar is a childhood friend of Hrithik. So, I’m quite positive that it will be averted. No need for fans to panic.

  • @indicine 6:20pm:
    Hahaha…There is tremendous mutual respect between YRF and SRK, dharma & SRK too. But we all know the results.

  • @Sunny.. Check Baby collections.. they were also inflated.. In which world did Singh Is Bling cross 90 crore?

    Where did indicine say Kites 42 crore? Can you give me link?

    Have you checked collections of Joker?

  • @Nipun 6:26 pm : Can I ask you to just shut up and keep your “Gyan” with yourself…?
    Hrithik has not provided me any harm personally. Likewise, even I am not going to harm him in anyway.
    Nor I am going to harm any Hrithik fans personally.
    It’s a throw back time, So I am just throwing the dungs back on those stupid fans, who once upon a time spilled it on SRK articles.
    What’s wrong in that?
    And as far as other SRK fans are concerned, most of them started bashing Jadoo boy because of your cheap mates who keep on barking about SRK 24*7. And now I am repenting that why I am the last one to join that league.
    Last but not the least, who started that first?
    That clown @Neeraj could have rejoiced the first look of Kaabil without dragging SRK in between. Right?
    But what made him to bash SRK ?
    So if you all are expecting that you will continue talking bad about SRK and I will keep quiet, then you are living with illusion. Better come out of it.

  • lets compare srk with hritik
    period drama -hritik has jodha akbar and srk has ashoka(even not comparable)
    action movies – srk has nothing , oh sorry he has don 2 acc. to his fans and hritik has dhoom 2 , bang bang(it is also not comparable)
    come to superhero movies – hritik has 2nd most succesfull series i.e. Krrish and srk has biggest mistake of his life i.e. The crap ra .one
    srk is just ahead in romentic movies like over rated ddlj

  • Hope this is the last thing to come out of kaabil before Mohenjo-daro.
    It was a good plan actually. Also to tell srk n team we announced first we will stick to it and also to get some positive news around hrithik amidst his legal battle.

    But now hrithik should let Mohenjodaro do the talking that is the bigger film. But am sure both are going to be great. And looks he really is looking for a national award with kaabil this time. He has undoubtedly best eyes in bollywood and using it to perfection. This will be epic and curiosity is already high. But hope now on Mohenjodaro should be in news. This much promotion of kaabil is enough to mark he authority on 26 jan 2017.

  • @Shivering Skeleton fan forever 6:28 pm : Yes, I indeed took “Panga” with a wrong person, who is so dumb and illiterate that he/she can barely construct a sentence in English.
    Not getting enough Sunlight or what?

  • @ tiger- oh yes now i read his full comment. but he is right about first poster of sultan. i don’t like that poster too but both teaser were perfect.

  • Guys pls avoid stupid comments!
    some guys intentionally putting these comments to create chaos between fans…nd some are writing such comments being over excited.
    We, hrithikians don’t want any conflict! peace guys..
    and lastly eagerly awaiting for KAABIL!

  • @MS islam at 6:05 pm

    stop using abusive words for anybody

    when did I predict 500 Cr for KAABIL?.

    stop your nonsense and don’t use abuse word next time for anyone

    @indicine is this comment that you feel for moderation ?

  • @xzone: Who started it first? Well! There used to be a unity among both the fan bases! It was the time of Krrish 3 when this bond broke! Remember the Krrish 3 scam waala trend by Srkfans on Twitter??
    SRK used to be my second favorite at that time. But unfortunately , fanwar changed everything! It has happened with many of my group mates as well. Although, there is no use of of the discussion over that topic now!

    Having said that, I still like SRK as an actor!

  • @ nipun- but it is trade who counted krrish 3 collection less than 200 crore so it isn’t srk fans fault. i still not favouring krish 3’s producer figure.

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