Kaabil First Look Poster: Hrithik Roshan

How good is this? The first look poster of KAABIL featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead is out and itís fantastic!

The intensity in Hrithikís eyes is the highlight of the poster.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil releases in theatres on January 26 2017. The film is scheduled to clash against Shah Rukh Khanís Raees and Ajay Devgnís Baadshaho (tentative date).

Kaabil First Look

Kaabil First Look



  • @Xzone: Nope! I have been commenting here since sept-oct, 2012! I was not active for almost 8 months though.

  • Navin uncle gives around 10-15 comments on an article and all of them don’t make any sense! Sajid Khan should sign him for writing the script of Humshakals 2!

  • ank @ 3.18 am bro u indirectly supports srk and u r a full supoorter of aamir khan . isnt it . and u seems a very sensible guy who always wants to make peace in these fan wars .. but hrithikfans r the most peaceful fans we hrithik fans r forced to reply back comments made by ur friendz like nipun .. its these ur friendz like fasal kerala tiger , nipun , sunny who had started bashing hrithik ….. so according to u wt we do nothing?? only listen to them patiently . bro gandhigiri will not work here . it will be insult to our idol ie hrithik sorry , if u dont want to come on hrithik related articles its ur wish .. thanx….

  • HRITHIK ROSHAN## KAABIL MOHENJODARO EFFECT all hrithik haters r burning .. ruko hrithik has not even started hrithikmania . abhi se har mat mano 12 august 2016 to aa jane do ……….boommmmmm

  • @aman kapur:
    Hahaha….jaadoo boy ne aisa kya achieve kar liya Jo mein insecure feel karne lagu??

    Blabbering on Bhai’s EDX releaseas!!! Can you answer to a simple question….who does stop your jaadoo boy to release his movies on EDX???

    It’s Bhai who made Eid a lucrative period for movie release. If your jaadoo boy is such a huge Megastar as you are pretending then why don’t you tell him to make another lucrative and release his movies??

    Barking on holiday releases!!! Dude, Bhai has already given 2 100cr grossers on non holiday weekends (one blockbuster & one semi hit). But your papa’s boy yet to touch 100cr mark on non holiday period.

    Ye non action non action kya laga rakha hai??? How many action sequences are there in Bajrangi Bhaijaan & PRDP???

    Bhai ke naam sunte hi dusre bhag jate hain. Latest example is Raees. Then how can Bhai clashes with others movies??? Why don’t you tell your tiktik to release his mohenjodaro on Eid so that Bhai will face clash & jaadoo boy will get Eid release! And your dreams will be fulfilled.

    You are continuously chanting “kabil will collect over 400cr with clash”. Can enlighten us how many 400cr grossers your jaadoo boy has delivered (even without any clash) till date???

  • to all srk fans -u have no right to talk about quality after ce ,dilwale and hny and collections after dilwale and fan
    and what to say about edx made star uski to jai ho

  • @XZone, are you suffering from amnesia? Nipun Bournevitaholic is our very own Jaadooland resident of Indicine, who have disappeared for a few months.

  • @ANK : Buddy, with all due respect, I never asked you to back or support me !
    If supporting or backing me maligns your image, I would never want that to be happen as we need at least one sensible fan like you among our fanbase.
    Going forward, you said few comments worsen your mood. So there is a simple cure available for that. You can dislike all those comments which seem to be bad for you and move on. There is no need for you to read each and every comment and worsen your mood. You are inviting troubles for yourself in that way.
    Next, as you said you will start skipping few articles in order to abstain yourself from such fan wars. Bro, I have started doing that back. Have you seen my commentson any Amir article?
    I only comment on his B’day articles. Other articles, I don’t even open.
    Do you know the reason for that? It’s not like I am an Amir hater, but I love his work and I love to express my thoughts on his articles. But I know if I visit, few retarded morons (who pretend themselves to be an Amir fan) will start bashing SRK and I will have to counter them back.
    Since I don’t want to bash Amir , so just to avoid that I have stopped visiting his articles itself.
    You too can do the same.
    Going forward, you said these fan wars are “waste” of time. But I strongly disagree on that. Yes, they are indeed time consuming but I won’t call them as waste of time. And it’s not like I am sitting jobless and thus I push myself into such fan war. Yesterday, I made all my comments from my office. You can ask indicine about my IP address and location. It will show the IP of my virtual desktop. So I am not a fool that I will put my personal life on stake just to bash few morons. But yes, I manage all those things in such a way that it should not harm my personal life in any way.
    The only issue I faced while operating Indicine in office is, now everybody in my cubicle knows that I am addicted to this website and they keep on asking me, why I visit it multiple times on a daily basis :D

    Last, but not the least, you know what bothers me the most?
    If any SRK fan starts bashing other fans/stars (only when he is being provoked by other fans. It’s not like he goes and buys the fan wars) , couple of other SRK fans will come and start appealing for peace/unity etc.
    Now you tell me, have you ever seen a Salman fan stopping Tiger, Ultron, Naveena Aunt etc?
    Have you seen any Amir/Akki/Hrithik fan making such peace appeals?
    No…Never !!!!
    And it was worth making a peace appeal if other fans would have called SRK fans most sensible and friendly (by looking on your peace attempts) but that is not the case here.
    Irrespective of how many peace appeals you make, you and other SRKians will remain bad for them.
    They are appreciating you and others until you keep on talking nice about their superstar. Just try to show them the reality even once and you will see their counter reaction.

    Also, since you quoted my out last conversation, if you remember I had told you that it never bothers me what others think about me or how many people like/dislike my comments. All I want is, speak out of my heart and keep beating the ass of few morons. That’s it.

  • @Bajan the bimbo 7:24 am : You won’t understand that, so stop using your brain. For you, it all begins with money and ends at money. But that is not the case with me. Do you have the audacity to ask other star fans if they are on payroll of Salman/Amir/Hrithik?
    But when an SRK fan comes and starts thrashing others, you come with such silly theories.
    Get a life bimbo.

    @Haunted 1:54 pm : Wow chameleon. Stop shedding crocodile tears.
    Before calling Hrithik as your younger bro, can you kindly go and check the comments of Naveena Aunt, The Real chuha etc. They all are non-actor fans who keep on bashing Hrithik from left, right and center. No comments on that? Or you close your eyes while reading those comments?

  • @spamzone:
    aNIPUNma was in Hibernation mode for 7-8 months. BTW, you were also in Hibernation mode for 2-3 years after jthj debacle, aren’t you???

  • @2:56pm

    Ofcourse I dont expect the tea boy sorry apprentice of Anipunma Chopra to understand what Im saying bcoz I dont use cartoonish drawings to illistrate my points like you do in your krappy reviews…!

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    So you were away from here for a total of 8-9 months so can we all safely assume you were giving birth to kSHITij’s heir…?

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  • @ xzone at 5:36 pm : Ok brother u can have ur way.

    Expressed my displeasure over such fanwars not coz it maligns my ‘image’. I have always spoken my mind out load regardless of who thinks what or what my image becomes. In normal life too I have always believed in focusing on positives of others and ignoring shortcomings and so it may reflect in my comments here at Indicine too. I expressed my displeasure coz it was something which I dont like genuinely and not because of maintaining my some image here.

    And yes agree with u that I am yet to see any effort from any other fan base asking their some users to put a hold on this. So it is a bit too much to expect from u or some other SRKians only.

    So u wont see me making that peace call again to SRKians.

  • @ xzone : And regarding Amir, my respect and love for his work is such that some stupid comments of his some stupid fans wont stop me visiting his articles. The same rule also applies to other stars (Ajay, Hrithik, Salman, Akshay) but not as much as Amir.

    Will just skip those articles where I see “extra heavy” bashing going on and wont disturb u again.

    No hard feelings and keep rocking !!!!!!

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    Ironic that you mentioned ‘waste of time’ several times in your comment bcoz I think we can all safely say that is precisely what your garbage full comments are…! :-P

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  • Dear #Xzone
    should i remind you about KNPH vs Sharukh’s disaster movie PDHH.who won the battle.

  • Hrithik is an immensely under-rated actor. Looks are not what he is really about, but how he appears has an obvious impact on his audiences. Of course this is true of most actors, but perhaps even more so for Hrithik given that he is so unbelievable handsome in addition to being a world class actor. However, SRK has incredible charisma, an undying desire to be the best and exceptional intellectual powers. He is also effortless in his performances and I would certainly put him on par with Hrithik, Mr Bachchan Snr and Dilip Kumar. SRK will never need to make room for any other actor. I have the greatest faith in the continuously evolving skill set of this remarkable actor who had reached 50 years of age and yet is regularly observed to enthrall and hold captive his audiences in every film he makes- or nearly every film. Yet, I do think that Hrithik will eventually exceed the expectations that all his fans have of him and that he will eventually become India’s greatest actor and finest male actor to be exported to enter Hollywood. They do say … The best is yet to come …

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