Kaabil First Look Poster: Hrithik Roshan

How good is this? The first look poster of KAABIL featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead is out and itís fantastic!

The intensity in Hrithikís eyes is the highlight of the poster.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, Kaabil releases in theatres on January 26 2017. The film is scheduled to clash against Shah Rukh Khanís Raees and Ajay Devgnís Baadshaho (tentative date).

Kaabil First Look

Kaabil First Look



  • Only Badshaho will rock on republic day next year no matter how many people release their movies on the same day!!!

  • Superb… Poster… Will definitely work in single screens… And everyone knows multiplex pull of Hrithik… So guaranteed Hit Of 2017…

  • Well, never wanted to spoil a “Kaabil” article with hatred comments as it’s SRK who went for a clash and not the Jadoo boy.

    But his moronic fans like @Neeraj gave me that chance.
    So listen you fool, before Kaabil, better start worrying about Mohan-Se-Mat-Daro, which is being made on such a high budget that anything below 150 cr will fetch it a disaster verdict.
    And looking at the track record of your shivering skeleton idol, 150 cr looks way beyond his reach.

    P.S. : Will not spare this jadoo boy anyway (considering the filth spouted by Shivering lads on FAN articles) but if you want “Kaabil” articles to be clean and hatred comment free, then better don’t include SRK’s name into your comments.
    Applicable for all the inmates of Jadooland.

  • Raees will anyway move as Republic Day weekend can’t accommodate two biggies.
    And since Roshans have blocked it first, they have every rights to stick on that.

  • @Ajith : Stop showing your frustration and go and cry on Twitter in front of Ritesh Sidhwani like your mates are doing.

  • i have feelings that kaabil.will get a solo release coz raees is a big budget movie and can’t afford a clash on republic day(which is not that good period for releasing two big films) & if this happens kaabil will be the first 200 crore grosser of january

  • this is the best first look o ever seen really…I am really waiting for this movie…sky large expectation..

  • This Independence day, a bigger disaster than Guzaarish will be there on cards.
    No body is interested in Hadappa/Mohenjo-daro civilization when Jadoo Boy and his fans lead their own civilization in JadooLand.

  • OMG those eyes, best poster i have never seen.
    SRK if you don’t want to be out of top 5 please stay away from 26th january 2017.

  • @FAKE
    BANG BANG ! earned that massive collections with clash and Darkest Pre-Diwali Periods after its first week runs

    Rest or Khans Films are released solo at BOX OFFICE

    So some holidays not make big difference if you have so much negative impact

  • Name a superstar :

    – who was launched by his Papa (as no one else was ready to spend even a single penny on this shivering skeleton)
    – who gave three continuous flops/disasters after his debut movie (worth to mention debut movie was backed by papa) and got a hit movie on his fifth attempt only when he was backed by SRK and KJo.
    – who continued his flop streak even after K3G and after three consecutive flops, he got his next HIT only when he was backed again by his papa (Koi Mil gaya).

  • @Xzone.. are you even in a position to spare anyone? FAN collections were less than 50% of Bang Bang lol which clashed with critically acclaimed Haider..

    You idiot, there cannot be a bigger shame than SRK giving up Eid after he announced it first. Your Ga.One was a worse superhero than even Jadoo in Krrish. Remember that scene where he was throwing cars at Arjun Rampal.. that has to be the most face palm worthy scene in the history of superhero movies..

    So save your lungi for Eid.. I mean Republic Day.. even Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar don’t have confidence in your overrated self-proclaimed sabse bada superstar. He should be ashamed of calling himself King Khan..

  • The poster of Kaabil is absolutely brilliant . I am happy to see amazing feedback not only from fans but also from neutral fans which is really great . The background score in the motion poster is top notch stuff . Normally motion posters do not excite me very much but Kaabil is an exception . This poster captures the eyes of Greek God and his eyes are magical . I love the way he uses his eyes while acting . Uski Aankhen Bahut Kucch Bol Jaati Hai . The Best example of his terrific expressions can be seen in Agneepath when he displayed anger, happiness and revenge . Kaabil looks like a Thriller cum Revenge Drama which looks like an exciting genre . It is heard that Hrithik is playing a blind person in Kaabil and Yami is also blind . So he has a challenging role to play but I am damn sure he will kill it . Ronit and Rohit Roy are playing negative roles in Kaabil and both are playing brothers in the movie . I am getting a feeling that Kaabil will have terrific songs and a engaging background score . Rajesh Roshan will prove that he still has a lot of music left in him . He showed his class in Karan Arjun, KNPH, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Kites . He disappointed big time in K3 but he will be comeback strongly . Sanjay Gupta has a massive chance to do something big . I have seen few of his movies and his movies have different kind of canvas which sometimes looks interesting but sometimes irritating . I hope he can deliver something out of the box with Kaabil as industry needs different kind of movies to take Indian Cinema forward . 8 months left for Kaabil still generating good buzz . Keep calm and wait for 26th Jan 2017 the Greek God will be back to rule again . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome, amazing, mesmerizing and killer look. Cant wait at all. Hope they release MD’s killer lookbas well so these senior retired wrinkle faced star’s fan stop blabbering.

    @Xrate zone, who are you to threaten us? Dont forget your chain smoker star is a struggler now a days and all hos movies are flopping and his situation is like a bheegi billi. Dont bark against hrothik otherwise i will show you your door. Kaabil will crush Flopees in many pieces so bring it on. I hope you skeleton shivering week sculptured star’s fan are alive after MD’s Mega Success.

  • @Neerja 5:29 pm : Just get this into your empty brain that performance of SRK movies don’t have even 0.000001% impact on “me bashing other readers/actors”.
    So don’t live with that illusion that failure of FAN will provide a revival breath to you all.
    Talking about Bang Bang, just tell me why there is so much fluctuation into shivering skeleton’s career?
    At times he gives HITs and then suddenly he comes with 2-3 flops/disasters. Why so?

  • @xzone Haha hilarious.
    That shivering skeleton is none other than our beloved Jadoo boy.
    He is zero without his papa roshan.

  • Hahaha… Some moronic jaadootards are comparing bong bong collections with Bhai’s Jai Ho and try to prove jaadoo boy is bigger star than megastar Bhai. Bong bong ‘s budget was around 150cr, having top heroine Katrina, got 4-5 holidays (bakri Eid, Gandhi jayanti, Dusheraa etc) within its 1st week. While Jai Ho’s budget was around 50-55cr having debutant heroine and above all a full fledged non holiday release.
    Jaadooboy fans’ logic is also manipulative just like Jaadooboy’s movies collections!!!

  • Bad decision by team of Raees to release their movie on a date already occupied by a big film.
    Now srk would again appear on Koffee with karan and say I don’t have any friends aur mujhe dosti nibhani nahi aati.

  • Name the superstar

    1. The self proclaimed king who is licking Salman all over Twitter these days.
    2. Who needs Deepika or Varun.. Rajni or Lungi.. someone, anyone to save his films..
    3. Who gave the all time mega disaster Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke
    4. Who calls himself duniya ka sabse bada superstar in two movies.. Billu and Fan.. but noone cares or watches those films.. not even his fans
    5. Who goes begging to Jeetendra to save his career.. then plays double game and ruins their film.
    6. Who shamelessly slaps a innocent on duty watchman at Wankhede and gets banned.
    7. Who surrenders Eid to Salman.. because Excel know their stars aukaat.
    8. The star who goes begging for release dates with everyone.. doesn’t get any date.. producer says “a film of such magnitude requires appropriate showcasing. Therefore, we have decided to shift our release date” then announces on same day as kaabil and baadshaho..no shame left.
    9. The YRF-Dharma made star.. who is now giving flops even under the banners who made him
    10. Who does u-turn on his intolerance statement.. goes on Aap Ki adalat.. just hoping and praying and bleeting that his career somehow gets saved.

    Who is this star?

  • Filmography of shivering skeleton :

    Source : http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/hrithik-roshan-box-office-analysis-hits-flops-blockbusters/

    Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai – Blockbuster (hanks Papa for providing a launching pad)
    Fiza – Average (Oops)
    Mission Kashmir- Average (Oops)
    Yaadein = Flop (Oops)
    Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – Blockbuster (Thanks SRK/KJo for giving him a small role)
    Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage – Flop (Oops)
    Na Tum Jaano Na Hum – Flop (Oops)
    Mujhse Dosti Karoge! – Flop (Oops)
    Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon Flop
    Koi Mil Gaya – Super Hit (Ole le le le, why fear when Papa is here !)
    Lakshya – Below Average (Oops)
    Krrish 2 – Blockbuster (Papa rocks)
    Dhoom 2 Blockbuster (Thanks to the franchise. Though John rocked in the prequel)
    Jodhaa Akbar – Hit (First solo hit on his own)
    Kites – Flop (Oops)
    Guzaarish – Flop (Oops)
    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Super Hit (Abhay and Farhan stole the credit. Lol)
    Agneepath – Super Hit (Thanks Amit Ji )
    Krrish 3 – All Time Blockbuster (Papaaaaaaaaa !!!!)
    Bang Bang – Hit (Second hit)

    Whoa, what a career !!!!!!

  • @Jadoo fan forever 5:36 pm : Lol I don’t give a damn to such warnings. Where were you hiding when your Jadoo mates were busy typing against SRK with all six fingers on the keyboard?

    @Neerja 5:45 pm : Go and look at the career of shivering skeleton you fool.
    Where he stands without his papa.
    Shame on such a papa made star. He doesn’t even deserve this tag.

  • @Xzone But for MD to become a disaster Rustom has to do well..and akki fans have also mocked srk more than any other fan base.Today it’s hrithik’s fans tomorrow it would be Akki’s fans and day after tomorrow it would some xyz fan base who will write bad things about Srk.

    So don’t wish any movie to flop just because of certain comments on Indicine.Judge any movie on the basis of its content.Maybe if MD has a crap poster like Sultan it deserves bashing?.

  • @Xzone.. You’ll get your answer soon.. when SRK moves out of January 26 too.. if you haven’t been shamed already.. you’ll get more soon. Wait and watch…

    You won’t be able to drag me to your level of cheap name calling..

  • after mohenjadoo Debacle Hrithik will be going like his old back to back Disaster days like Kites & Guzarish…
    Whenever clash happens SRK will Trash this blind man Kabil…

    #Fasal kerala

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