Hrithik Roshan Box Office Analysis: Hits, Flops, Blockbusters

Hrithik Roshan made his debut in Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai more than 14 years ago in the year 2000. He took the industry and the nation by storm in what will be remembered as the biggest debut for an actor in the history of Indian Cinema. He followed it up with Fiza and Mission Kashmir, the latter released alongside a big film like Mohabbatein and managed to beat it on its opening day.

It was all downhill since then, but the superstar made a strong comeback with Koi Mil Gaya in 2003. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

The fact that Rakesh Roshan has given Hrithik three of the biggest hits of his career, has resulted in a section of the media (including fans on social media) labelling him as an actor who clicks only in films directed by his father. But with just 18 films in his 14 year old career, Hrithik has a fantastic record even in films that have not been directed by his father.

Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya

Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya

Out of the 14 films that were not directed or produced by Rakesh Roshan, 5 were hit or better and 2 were average grossers. Since 2003 after the release of Koi Mil Gaya, out of 7 non-Filmkraft films, 4 films have achieved hit (or better) status.

As his fans and the general public await the release of his 20th film Bang Bang, we analyse the career of the actor:

MovieRelease DateCollections (in crore)Verdict
Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai14 Jan 200044.79Blockbuster
Fiza8 Sep 200014.58Average
Mission Kashmir27 Oct 200023.14Average
Yaadein27 Jul 200114.45Flop
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham14 Dec 200147Blockbuster
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage19 Apr 20029.45Flop
Na Tum Jaano Na Hum10 May 20028.05Flop
Mujhse Dosti Karoge!9 Aug 200212.9Flop
Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon27 Jun 200317.3Flop
Koi Mil Gaya8 Aug 200348.1Super Hit
Lakshya18 Jun 200423.5Below Average
Krrish23 Jun 200672.5Blockbuster
Dhoom 224 Nov 200682.3Blockbuster
Jodhaa Akbar15 Feb 200862.8Hit
Kites20 May 201048.30Flop
Guzaarish19 Nov 201032Flop
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara15 Jul 201193Super Hit
Agneepath26 Jan 2012122Super Hit
Krrish 31 Nov 2013244All Time Blockbuster
Bang Bang2 Oct 2014181Hit
Mohenjo Daro12 Aug 201660Disaster
21 movies17 years1261.16 croreAverage: 60 cr per film
  • Disasters - 0
  • Flop – 7
  • Below Average – 1
  • Average – 2
  • Above Average – 0
  • Semi Hit – 0
  • Hits – 1
  • Super Hit – 3
  • Blockbusters – 4
  • All Time Blockbusters – 1
  • Success Ratio (Above average or better) - 47% (will be 50% if Bang Bang does above average or better business)

A few interesting points

  • Since 2003, Hrithik’s success ratio is the third best after Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
  • Most of his films that are mass-friendly go on to be huge blockbusters. Out of his 9 films that have worked, 3 were super hits, 4 blockbusters and one all time blockbuster. A historical film like Jodhaa Akbar is his only ‘hit’.
  • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Dhoom 2 were the highest grossers in 2000, 2003 and 2006 respectively. Since 2000, he shares the second-best record for the year’s highest grosser with Aamir Khan (Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3) and Shahrukh Khan (Devdas, Veer Zaara, Om Shanti Om). Only Salman Khan has a better record – No Entry (extended special appearance), Dabangg, Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger were all highest grossers of the year.
  • The combined force of Hrithik, Salman, SRK and Aamir have the year’s highest grosser for every year since 2000, with 2001 being the only exception when Gadar – Ek Prem Katha released in theatres. Only Hrithik has been able to compete with the Khans and match them at the domestic box office.

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  • The Greek-God has always been very experimental and does different role and push the limits everytime. He breaks his own record each time! He sets bar HIGH for others to Follow – We love him for all the hardwork and inspiration. Salute to one of the FINEST Actor and Human Being of Film Industry :) Hrithik Roshan !!!!

  • @Indicine, FANTASTIC article. I hope all the ‘papa’s boy’ comments here stop after this. They don’t make any sense. Agreed that Rakesh Roshan gave big blockbusters like Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krrish 3.. but would those film work without Hrithik? Can any other actor pull off a super hero character?

    Rakesh could direct those film because of Hrithik and it’s their combination that has worked.

    Wait for Bang Bang and watch. It will be the second highest grosser of the year after PK.

  • Only genre missing in Hrithik’s resume is a hardcore comedy film which will make him a complete actor..we are blesses to have HR and RK as the worthy successors to Khans..




  • That’s strange! Lakshya by all means deserves to be in the top 3 of Hrithik’s movies. It was his career best performance. Seriously, those rating Dhoom 2 as his best movie have no idea about hr’s brilliance in Lakshya!

    For me,

    1. Zindagi na milegi dobara

    2. Lakshya

    3. Jodha Akbar

  • those who say Hrithik got help from rakesh roshan lol , its the other way around, rakesh roshan’s director career was dull before Hrithik debut, with only karan arjun being only big success, after Hrithik came, he has had big success, so who needed whom ?? its clearly HRITHIK’s STARDOM and TALENT!

  • Uday Chopra vs Akshay Kumar:

    Uday Chopra’s 1st Blockbuster Mohabbatein. After that two bb.. Dhoom & Dhoom2.. Dhoom3.

    Akshay Kumar’s 1st and Last Blockbuster Rowdy Rathore…:-P

  • @indicine: I am disappointed? ? Why you ignored kites in the poll? ?kites isn’t dat bad.
    My fav movie of Hrithik
    2.DHOOM 2
    btw, JA is the best movie of HR,bt it’s n’t my fav.

    • It is because some people did not like it and some did. It was a flop that is why it did not come in the poll.

  • Well, great record….

    i think his top3 best films are –
    1- jodha akbar
    2- zindagi na milegi dobara
    3- koi mil gaya

    performanc wise they are – guzaarish, jodha akbar and kmg…

    Will ja, better than kmg, because i dont like his performance in kmg that much for some reasons….

    and agneepath, is out of top 3 performances because when i watched it first, i enjoyed it more but after watching it for the 2nd time i thought it is not that gud compare to guzaarish, kmg, ja, d2 which are better performances in my opinion….

    will, what i have noticed is that half of his films are well-recieved:
    knph, fizza, mk, kmg, lakshya, jodha akbar, guzaarish, znmd and agneepath

    9 out of 19 which means he is not only a fine actor but he can also be a fine director because he has gud taste of films

    And out of these 19 films he has 9 films which were in top 5 highest grossers – knph, mk, k3g, kmg, krrish, d2, Jodha akbar agneepath and k3….and 6 films in top 3 – knph, mk, kmg, d2, krrish, agneepath and k3

    while he has 3 highest grossers – 2000, 03 and 06 with one 2nd highest grosser, k3.

    will great record, a complete superstar.

  • hrithik films that I hv enjoyed

    1 znmd
    2 kaho na pyaar hai
    3 kmg
    4 agneepath
    5 krrish3
    6 lakshya
    7 dhoom2
    8 fiza
    9 krrish

  • For me ZNMD is his best film followed by Kmg and Jodha Akbar. For performance wise its Akbar role is best for me along with Agneepath, as I not seen Gujaarish yet.KNPH is the only successful film of him which I didn’t liked, it is on the same league with Raja Hindustani avg love story masala film but huge success.
    @babaji I don’t think Lakshya will come in top 3 neither a movie whole nor his performance atleast for me but surely his performance come in top 5 but not the film.

  • I find it really funny when some people say Hrithik is successful because of his dad.

    My questions to them –

    1. Abhishek Bachchan’s father is probably biggest superstar industry has ever seen, where is his career?

    2. Same with Vivek Oberoi.

    3. If a father feels his son is capable of making his movie successful, then why should he ask any other star to make films? He had made films like Karan-Arjun, Koyla, Khoon Bhai Maang etc which didn’t feature Hrithik, as he must have been very young.

    4. If a son feels like his father’s movie is good, then why should he say no to him? What will you guys do if you were in his position? Their movies like KNPH, KMG and Krrish was well received by everyone. He has refused various offers from YRF and Dharma who are bigger production houses.

    5. What is the “guarantee” that his movies will be successful if he works with his father? Except if you believe they are actually really good as a team and individually. YRF and Dharma Productions are much bigger production houses than Rakesh Ji’s Fim Kraft Productions. Does every single film produced by them are successful? Dawat-E-Ishq was their most recent film and we all know how did it perform.

    6. Rakesh Roshan is not as rich as Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar, he had to mortgage his house, car etc to produce KNPH, he would have ended up being in road had KNPH didn’t perform at the BO. So, he wasn’t really born with a silver spoon. Watch some of their interviews, where they have talked about their struggle, like not having money for even food when Rakesh Ji was new in industry. Watch this interview You may get inspired. We ALL have to work hard to be successful.

    httpvh:// .

    Yes, having connections in industry may get you a debut film, but you have to work hard to remain successful afterwards. But, if you are not good, then you will turn out to be Vivek, Harman, Abhishek, (sorry guys) etc instead of Hrithik, Salman.
    Yes, it was tougher for SRK and Akshay (huge respect to them), but they are still at the top because of their talent and hard work. And Hrithik has proved his mettle and talent with films like KNPH, Fiza, Kashmir, KMG, Lakshya, Jodhaa Akbar, Guzaarish, Agneepath etc that he’s a good actor despite of having stammer problems in his childhood and various physical problems he suffered throughout his career.

    So, saying he’s successful because of his dad would be equivalent to saying SRK is successful because of YRF/Dharma, Aamir is successful because of Rajkumar Hirani, Salman is successful because of his dad and masala films, and Ajay is successful because of Rohit. Which is not true, and it would be really childish to say that, each and every one of them have their own quality and talent which work for them and with their fans. We should respect all the effort they put on just to entertain us. NOBODY is perfect in this world, so they also have their limitations. We should appreciate their good work and criticize or give suggestion to them to do better next time and to make our cinema better. What’s the point in fan wars (not to watch other’s movies even if it’s good, bash other’s movies without seeing it or despite of liking it) and taking personal shots at them instead of criticizing them sensibly, when those stars themselves are friends with each other? Don’t forget, sensible response will also earn you more respect and make your comments more relevant.

  • Will, i need to watch lakshya if it’s that gud…pata nhn akhri baar kab dekha tha….

    @thullu, what i have noticed is that you are not akki but hrithik fan i think Akki is your 2nd fav actor….Hai na!!

  • Coming to the article, his best performances according to me came in –

    1. Koi Mil Gaya (I don’t think anyone who’s born in 1990’s will forget it or disliked it)
    2. Guzaarish
    3. Lakshya

    You have to be extremely talented to pull those role off.

  • @sky:That is not my comment to which u replied.. .that is “Babuji”

    My top 3 films of HR:
    Dhoom 2

  • That is a fabulous article by you . But i want to tell you one thing @ Indicine Mission Kashmir was a Semi Hit not Average . But other than that you have written a brilliant article . I just want to thank you @ Indicine for clearing the fact that Hrithik has only been successful with his Father . He has done 4 films with his Father and all of them have been Blockbusters . But apart from that he has given a All Time Grosser with YRF in Dhoom : 2, He is the only actor to give a successful Period Movie in the last 2 decades with Jodhaa Akbar, He has given a Road/Adventure/Coming of Age Movie which has been extremely successful at the Box Office released in 2011 – ZNMD and He also broken the opening day record of Bodyguard with Agneepath under Dharma . So even now if somebody will say that he is successful only under his Father then he/she is extremely mad, does not understand Box Office at all and is definitely the Biggest Moron .

    @ Babaji Nice comment by you but different people will have different tastes :
    According to me My favourite Movies of HR :
    1. Koi Mil Gaya
    2. ZNMD
    3. Dhoom : 2

    But if we talk about the best content oriented Movies then the list will be :
    1. Jodhaa Akbar
    2. ZNMD
    3. Lakshya

    I am extremely happy and Proud to read that Hrithik has not given a Single Disaster in his 14 years . That’s a Outstanding Achievement . He is the most versatile Actor in Bollywood . He always does different characters and Genres and that makes him stand in a entirely different league . I am proud to be his fan and i just hope Bang Bang not only should break all records but also get appreciation from Critics and Audiences . He is a Versatile Genius . He is Greek God . He is the most humble and down to Earth Actor . He is a Superhero not only in Reel Life but also in Real Life . He is an Inspiration . He is our very own Hrithik Roshan . Iss Insan ke baare main jitni baat karu utni kam hai . These are my honest feelings of being a HR Fan . Take a Bow HR ! Hats of to you ! I salute You ! Main Aap Ko Ekkes Topon Ki Salaami Deta Hoon . @ Indicine May God Bless You for writing such a honest and brilliant article . I will hope and Pray to God that your Website will the Biggest and The Best Website of Box Office and Bollywood in India .

  • @saksham
    Plz don’t give the credit of that comment to me,give the credit to someone called “BABUJI”

  • @thullu, you didnt like jodha akbar, in my opinion it’s His best film and its his most well-recieved film till date by both critics as well as audience, a true classic…will just asking!!

  • my fav 5 (some movies not seen)

    2. krrish




    i liked him but krrish 3 made me dislike him it was such a bad movie with pathetic & irritating performance i expected a lot from k3 but it turned to b a shocker worst superhero movie i have seen cnt be accept the fact and rakesh roshan directed it as u can see that both kmg and krrish r in my fav 3

  • I wasnt being sarcastic in previous comment- those who know me know how much I love Bebo n Rani in her heyday was adorable n still is tbf- Jaadoo too was charming n that film was great. I mock it now but it was magnificent at that moment in time.

    PS Fiza was good too and K3G but that was more due to Karisma and Kajol et al etc etc

  • Lol 2 others too voted for Fiza… Must have been a vote for that mehboob Item song as I also just remembered it…

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