Bang Bang is the costliest film after Dhoom 3, biggest release ever

Fox Star Studios has officially confirmed that the budget of Bang Bang including print and advertising is Rs 140 crore, which is the second highest of all time after Dhoom 3 which was made at a budget of Rs 155 crore.

The production house has also sent us the official screen count of the film – 4300 screens in India including regional versions and 852 screens overseas – making it the widest release for an Indian film ever.

In other Bang Bang related news, the film get the widest release for a Hindi film in the state of Kerala. The screen count is expected to cross the 100 mark for the very first time.



  • Still not convinced it will beat Dhoom 3 but if it does then respexXx to team n bollywood audiences who are the real king makers of our cinema- not youtube viewers like ‘dynamic’ or nipuns who can easily mislead n manipulate figures to favour their particular stars…!

  • In overseas it wont beat Dhoom 3- on a serious note ppl have seen Knight n Day n may prefer watching that again for less done its remake bang bang

  • oh Plllllzz Don’t take the name of this Remake Bang Bang with Original Dhoom 3 and its like you are comparing Hrithik with Aamir Khan.. Get a life -_- Dhoom3 Biggest Hit

  • Now i think Dhoom 3 opening day record can be seriously challenged…

    But these figures from FOX are really strange to me…i have checked so many theatres on bookmyshow but most of them are having 12-13 shows a day while KICK and even Singham Returns was having 15-16 shows a day

  • Just wonder after clash with haider, bang bang get widest release then just just imagine how much screen hny will get, 300cr club is waiting for king khan

  • this is unfair indicine!I gave my 34.9cr prediction based on the fact u were saying bb will get 3600-3700 screening.but nw with 4300 screens 40cr is very much on.u hv to allow us to correct our bb prediction bcz v want to win the prediction contest

    • @Arjun Kapoor, we will stick to our estimate of 3600 screens (hindi only). Don’t see how the film can release on 4300, unless they have managed to release the film on a huge number of regional screens in the south.

      You can go ahead and submit the prediction again. We will consider your latest prediction for the contest and not the one that was previously submitted. Others can do the same if they want to. Thanks.

  • Now bang bang should do 30cr min as it is the widest release film ever, haider is not effect bang bang like sos where screen is concern, anything less than 30cr will be disappointment

  • @indicine..I think you are very correct here,4300 screens with clash??? I can’t believe this!!!

    Ohhh GOD what is happening with Hrithik’s films,again some kind of M________N has started….lol

  • hrithik filns that I hv enjoyed watching

    2 knph
    3 kmg
    4 agneepath
    5 k3
    6 lakshya
    7 dhoom2
    8 fiza
    9 krrish
    10 guzaarish

  • budget is high 140cr. but collection wouldn’t go high like dhoom 3….bang bang lifetime-175-190cr. due to clash…and haider -80-100cr. due to positive wom & review..

  • @aamir ki doom, oh please your doom 3 was a blatant rip off of the prestige, aamir is fan of nolan, always rips off his films first memento in ghajini then the prestige in doom 3.
    @IAmAkn, nobody cares about that crap film now
    @romancenewyear, keep your opinion with you.
    @NavinUncle, your doom 3 was a disappointment even though i like aamir films, now BANG BANG! will show how to make a slick action thriller!

  • @babaji, screens are different from the no of shows each screen will show per day. Since bang bang is clashing with haider, the no of shows per day may be a little lesser than kick or sr. Still, bang bang will score huge tomorrow. Waiting for bang bang. Waiting for hrithik roshan!!:)

  • so the costliest Indian movies are from kollywood robot(173) and ‘I’ (185) way ahead of Bollywood movies . the costliest movie of tollywood is in making with budget 150 cr ‘bahubali’ directed by rajamouli. south movies are rocking the US market too . thanx indicine

  • Haiders already gotten the best reviews for any film this year..I won’t be surprised if Haider turns out a more profitable venture.

  • Huge screen with clash but let see how many show Bang-2 get in each screens as its impossible to have at least 4 shows per day on each screen.
    Though I predicted 33.6 cr and stick to same as I given prediction keeping in mind 4000+ screens.But picture will clear on day after tmrw when collection come.

    @babaji you mean to say manipulation in screen count this time,no way we can’t handle such fan wars again on manipulation, just joking.

  • @arjun kapoor

    Why are you fretting over winning tickets to watch bang bang… Has Boney Sir finally cut off your financial lifeline…? About time in all honesty as your future is bleak n on the downward spiral tbh

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