Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has dropped by 13% on it’s 8th day at the box office. The film is now unlikely to cross the 100 crore mark in it’s first extended week.

While business in Maharashtra was back to normal on Tuesday, it didn’t help the film put up a bigger cumulative total. 

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

  • Tuesday – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday – 19.54 crore (28% growth)
  • Thursday – 14.45 crore (26% drop)
  • Friday – 11.17 crore (22% drop)
  • Saturday – 10.38 crore (7% drop)
  • Sunday – 9.96 crore (4% drop)
  • Monday – 5.36 crore (46% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.66 crore (13% drop)
  • Total – 90.75 crore

The problem for Jab Tak Hai Jaan has been the drop in business almost everyday. The film should be able to add around 8 crores in the next 2 days, taking it’s first week (10 day) total to 99 crore nett.

Second weekend will decide if Jab Tak Hai Jaan can go on to be Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser in India.



  • Fact fact fact sharukh only helped priyanka role in barfii which is more tougher than ranbirs role.why cant he do.he has done that type of role in mnik.he is more powerful actor if he concretes on cinema than contraversies.

  • Bakwass movie thi…..om shanti om is much better than dis..jthj bilkul ekta kapoor ke serial ki tarah thi…

  • JTHJ at 8th spot at the usa boxoffice,4th at uk,top at new zealand & middle east why??? Bcoz they hav high iq nt like salman ajay fans wt low iq.

  • Salman khan is the tiger. Got shot by sharukh .for that tiger sharukh says the dialogue jab tak hai jaan.for this salman fans got dishearted and started shouting bakwaas.

  • Sab Q tiyapa hai all sallu movies are remake of south hits
    He already knows that people liked it earlier even sauce(sos) is also remake
    They are not making movies they just got money making formula and they are using it
    Unlike others srk movies are creative but also doing well not in india but also in overseas

  • common chill yaar ths winter. lets book the tickets for saturday and sunday as its weekend and enjoy the movie….dont forget to take samosa, popcorn & coke its 3.15 hrs movie …paisa wasool…….theatre owners reduce the tickets rate or give snacks free…..movie 200 crore guaranteed….yrf start ur ad again.

  • common chill yaar ths winter. lets book the tickets for saturday and sunday as its weekend and enjoy the movie….dont forget to take samosa, popcorn & coke its 3.15 hrs movie …paisa wasool…….theatre owners reduce the tickets rate or give snacks free…..movie 200 crore guaranteed….yrf start ur ad again. JAB TAK HAI JAAN SUPERB MOVIE NICE SONGS.

  • The Bollywood’s so-called versatile genius Kamaal R Khan has now stepped into the danger zone, after taking a panga with the powerful Thackerays. KRK, who seems to have no better job, except slamming the Bollywood stars, has gone a bold way and this time, slammed Late Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray on Twitter.
    KRK wrote in Twitter, “When Ravan died each and every Sri Lankan was crying but still he was Ravan. He is Ravan and he will be Ravan forever.” “Good works by Balasahab Ji- riots of 93, wealth of billions, threats to South Indians and North Indians and actors. No valentine day. MJ show,” he added.
    “Why Mumbai was not closed when real hero n real Deshbhakt Sunil Dutt sahab died? People didn’t love him n respect him or what?” Kamaal R Khan wrote on Twitter.

  • Fact..Just think of JTHJ only having 2 hrs running time with lot more shows accomodated in a day like SOS. Just think Thakeray did not died & JTHJ got full Saturday & Sunday collection in Mumbai & Maharashtra. What would the collection be. ha. ha. ha.

  • Sos 80 crore budget ..stil working hard to b declared as a hit….jthj however atbb in overseas but in india they at the best could colect just 135 crores net far below expectation..but will be a superhit or may be blockbuster but cant beat the records of ett…AMIR TALASH WILL BRK EVERY ETT RECORDS….salman and srk apka din jane wala hai…salman ko to acting v nhi ati.

  • movie industry around the world is fooling some people and making money at their detriment while human like are starving.

  • Khan. . Just imagine jthj had equal screens of sos and ticket price of multiplex is same single screen 50rs and no yash ji death sympathy. . Then think Wht would be the collection. . Ha ha ha. . And u sayin if jthj had more screens like ett and shorter time it collection will be high ah . . Dude 1st understand dis that collection will be increased only by more viewers not by more screens . . Ha ha ha. . Jthj doesnt have ful viewers to 2500 screens only and u talkin abt 3300. . Result would be more percentage drop Bcoz of high screens thats it. . If it had house full to al 2500 screens in al days then u can say if it had 3300 screens then collection would be high. . But here there is only 30 % occupancy to al 2500 screens . . Use it logically u will get the ans to it. .

  • @Asif iqbal
    Beta ..wht abt ur copied movie Don 2 ..was released with 2850 screens on 25 th dec 2011..christmas…worldwide holiday…extended weekend etc..etc…
    couldn’t beat Bodyguard’s opening day collection k…bodyguard was released with 2250 screens in India…
    ..King hoga Apne ‘Mannat’ me……

  • Moral of the story:

    Before 13th nov 2012:
    It will be biggest movie of all time..can break all the previous records..Nobody cn mess with King of romance!!!!!!..It will thrash SOS easily……It will be epic,cult,romantic,historic,500cr movie…..
    After 13th nov 2012:
    Excuses like Late.Balasaheb Thakre ji…competation with sos,..screens was lesser than ETT ….Indian audience like masala movies….etc.etc..

  • Zahid Ali..this shows how little you know about BO collections.

    100+ Crores for a “romance” movie is like collection 175+ Crores for “hardcore mindless masala” movie.

    SRK is succeeding where Aamir, Salman, Akshay, Ajay, Ranbir, Hrithink has FLOPPED miserably.

    MNIK is the last “romance” SRK gave & it could not collect more than 75+ crores at BO. JTHJ is well on its way of collecting 135 crores despite Mumbai Maharashtra Bandh on 1st Sunday where huge business is lost.

  • @Ayan Ahmad

    VEER did release today. It was utter FLOP with 43 crores business.

    SALMAN can only remake the remakes of tamil telugu masalas. Thats it.

    His original action movie like VEER if dont have MASALA element with cheap trashy Item number “character dheela” song will FLOP.

    VEER is a perfect example of that. thanks for bringing that up.

    SRK still crosses 130+ crores with 3 hrs “romance” like JTHJ. against hardcore masala SOS.

    SRK still crosses 120+ crores with “sci-fi superhero” genre Ra.One & still Wins

    Salman “romance” movie YUVRAJ = FLOP
    Salman “Action NON-masala, NON-remake” movie VEER = FLOP

  • @Fact

    You seriously need to stop watching Sallu movies. I’m afraid it has done permanent damage to your brain.

    SRK is the only universal bollywood star. I know latino girls love him. Europeans know him. Asians know him. & his overseas BO collection also reflection of that.

    a reason why MNIK was released in 23 countries.

    dude. seriously. stop watching Sallu movies. Real life dont have “item songs” to energize your brain.

  • @aakash:

    ETT released on EID as SOLO. The single best day to release superstar masala flick. No movies in theatres for 1 month in Ramadan.

    JTHJ released on DIWALI with competition from SOS. pooja interruptions. Diwali celebration closures. etc etc & to top if off Thakrey’s death. Mumbai, Maharashtra close.

    no matter how you look at it. JTHJ for a 3 hrs romance is still doing great. & 2nd weekend could bring in 30 crores from fri-sat-sun. Thats a Block Buster status for 3 hr movie.

    Sallu’s last 3 hour movie was action & still FLOPPED at BO called VEER.

  • in the india many people is illitrate and many people have no sense about flim and the flims like dabang, ready, bodyguard gangs of wasipur has only some funny dialoug, stupaid story and they only want to watch stupaid action only. and any one had seen “ek tha tiger; no complete story and what means tiger, tiger means who fight not who hide. i like jthj becoz any dialouge of this flims give inspiratation to live life and this what is expect from srk. if this flim cant do well this means this there is any fault on srk the fault is on the people, becoz srk is the awsome just way he is,

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