Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has dropped by 13% on it’s 8th day at the box office. The film is now unlikely to cross the 100 crore mark in it’s first extended week.

While business in Maharashtra was back to normal on Tuesday, it didn’t help the film put up a bigger cumulative total. 

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

  • Tuesday – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday – 19.54 crore (28% growth)
  • Thursday – 14.45 crore (26% drop)
  • Friday – 11.17 crore (22% drop)
  • Saturday – 10.38 crore (7% drop)
  • Sunday – 9.96 crore (4% drop)
  • Monday – 5.36 crore (46% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.66 crore (13% drop)
  • Total – 90.75 crore

The problem for Jab Tak Hai Jaan has been the drop in business almost everyday. The film should be able to add around 8 crores in the next 2 days, taking it’s first week (10 day) total to 99 crore nett.

Second weekend will decide if Jab Tak Hai Jaan can go on to be Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser in India.



  • Jab tak hai jaan Badget 50crore.
    100crore to SuperHIT.
    LifeTime collections-110+ crore.
    Boxoffice Verdit India- SuperHIT.
    Boxoffice Verdit Overseas- All Time Blockbuster.

  • Srk fans pls u people dnt talk abt budget. . We al knw Wht was the budget of ra one and hw much profit it did. . Lol. .

  • Here is some best examples to show Srk fans change thier words . . At the time of ra one al Srk fans are sayin its a high budget movie no one has dare to spend 175cr from his pocket. . Same continued in don 2. Before thier release. . Now at the time of jthj Srk fans takin help of low budget of 60cr to show jthj is profitable. . Ha ha ha. . Guys dnt be double standard. .

  • @Fact if u r talking about past. Can we talk about Veer, Main or Mrs Khanna, Kyun Kay, Jane Mann and many many more?

  • ajay devgan proved it…. less screen …. all the negetivity…. competition from srk…. and now sos is going to cross 100 cr mark easily….and i.e with only 1600 screens. grt………

  • @theskb SOS is not only Ajay’s Movie its also star Sanjay Dutt The Deadly Dutt
    how u can under estimate him?
    SOS 2 heros movie with one Sallus Cameo and still behind what collects JTHJ at Box Office. That mean SRK is bigger then three of them.
    If Ajay is Bigger then SRK so why not SOS collects more then JTHJ? Answer
    Every day JTHJ Leads by Margin (Just Monday was Level)

  • the reality is hindi films r watched by students workers n and others migrants only from india n few south asian overseas….its not that everyone watches hindi movies… even there r certain low grade halls which show hindi movies that too in a smaller theater n that too only two shows…..thats a fact,,, i love watching salman khan’s movies but it the rality overseas.. so all srk fans do not ever dare to say that srk is an international artist…no he is not… in fact noone from india or other countries….jst the mega stars from hollywood r universal stars…others r purely regional…n this is a fact too… get acknowledged..

  • i heard ajay telling in the one of the interview dat we (producers) spend 80 to 90 crore to make sos. If anyone has any doubt see his interview and get clarified by urself

  • @ayan what a folish comparison. No one remember Hritiks Cameo. Do u think Sallus SOS Cameo is equal to the Hriticks Don-2 Cameo?
    Really after watching dozen Crap Masala Movies u people r going mindless. Lolzzz
    cheers mate

  • Diwali 2012: Business witnesses ample growth!
    By Taran Adarsh, November 21, 2012 – 08:41 IST A few facts to ponder before we discuss the business prospects of the Diwali releases…

    India biz: 80.73 cr
    Overseas biz: 41.74 cr
    Worldwide total: Rs 122.47 cr [Tuesday to Sunday]

    India biz: 66.02 cr
    Overseas biz: 10.79 cr
    Worldwide total: 76.81 cr [Tuesday to Sunday]

    Oh Crap Lovers Look at Difference between 2 both Domestic n Internationaly JTHJ leads by Huge Margin. Now i think u people have to shut ur mouths.

  • @sahir well said, here outdated romantic movie with srk power beat todays fav mindless massala movie both domestically and internationaly. Now dont come up with screen count just coz ajay publicized and made fool of himself of it, if dat was case den consider shows count also and compare, lets see the difference

  • Domestic Margin: 14.71
    International Margin: 30.95
    Worldwide Margin: 45.66

    13.98 still need to recover to balance the cost (budget) of the movie. Then profit will be start. Long way to go poor Ajay.
    Worldwide business is also still short from the cost (Budget) of the movie. Sympathethies r with u.

  • really FACT I thought u r a srk hater. wow at least u always ask first about srk to someone n consider salman later.
    About the movie kyaa karein AAJKAL many indian people likes violence and only violence, cheating, etc. cause it gave them pleasure as india is developing and they r earning more n more. I m a peaceful person , I only argues though, too much, so for me srk movies r better(except ra.one).
    u cant call scenes of don 2 or any other a violent seen. it was just acting

    Look indian people has changed too much. They only want maar pit……..hmmmmmmmmmm

  • @fact.. I wan clarify 1 thng.. U r talkng dat sos gt more colectn thn jthj on mondy.. So chck boi report whose collectn is more bt 4 mondy colectn u ppl tk salmankhan fan website shame on u ppl.. Why u ppl dint compare 2nd day colectn of srk movie wth ny salman movie.. Chck na thn u’l knw who gt more collectn.. N nw i’l tel u why 2nd tuesdy collctn of ett is more b’cz on dat day muslims celebrated eid dats y… Ett 1st day collectn 32 crore n 2nd day 14.31 crore more thn 50% drop on 2nd day.. Ths is cald drop… And again 1 thng on whch u ppl r nt talkng, i.e running tym of al movie.. Al salman khan movie run tym is max 2hr 15min.. N al srk movie run tym is more thn 2hr 30 min.. N jthj run tym 3hr so it gt min 2 show les per day in 1 screen. Thn also it gt bettr collctn agr run tym kam hota to min 1.5 crore badhta per day 2500 screen me.. Aur weeknd aaya to bal thakre ki death hogai so min 10-12 crore ka los hua movie ko mumbai se.. N solo release hoti to pata chalta sbko…

  • 26-1-2012
    Rank Last
    Week Star Release
    Count Points Weekly Points Change
    1 1 Salman Khan 6 739.50 +1.30
    2 2 Shahrukh Khan 3 620.80 -5.60
    3 3 Ranbir Kapoor 4 129.10 -8.60
    4 4 Aamir Khan 1 124.30 -10.70
    5 5 Hrithik Roshan 4 85.30 +188.00
    6 6 Saif Ali Khan 3 -176.80 -0.40
    5 8 Shahid Kapoor 4 -253.90 +14.80
    8 7 Akshay Kumar 10 -258.40 -27.70
    9 10 Emraan Hashmi 5 -478.20 +0.80
    10 12 Ajay Devgn 10 -499.50 +11.50
    11 11 John Abraham 3 -505.00 +1.00
    12 9 Imran Khan 6 -545.00 -134.50

  • common its 100 crore in 10 days let the bells ring for wednesday and thursday…….2nd week saturday and sunday booking already 50%………salman fans dont watch srk movies but we srk fans love salman movies both r good and we should b proud of them, they give us good entertainment…….in their own respective ways……they are for masses …..

  • common all film lovers chill this saturday and sunday with jab tak hai jaan specially salman fans go and watch the movie and then make healthy criticsm…….u will love the movie if u r in love…..

  • Tid . . Givin wrong information is crime. . Okay. .monday was eid not Tuesday . Tue was working day. . And Now when jthj is higher in boi ur considering boi fig ah . . In official sos is higher in both mon and tue. . Dnt be double standard for ur benefit. . And ur talkin abt long runnin time and less screen compared to ett. . Just tel me hw much screen 3 idiot had. . Okay we are not comparing with ett. . But we can compare with 3 idiot wch had 1300 screens lesser than jthj. . Wht abt now. . . If movie is good it will definitely have long run. . But in case of jthj is dropping rapidly day by day. . And u sayin if it was solo then collection would more like ett. . Bro obviously collection will be high but only 1st 3 days Bcoz of hype and star power rest depend on audience love. . . Wch jthj doesnt have it. . Hope u understood . . If not then its ur problem i cant change it. .

  • The film would easily get 200+ in India if it was a Solo release.Plus Indian audience ( read mass ) don’t want to watch quality films.They only like to see same el-cheapo South Copied action films with no story , contains , substance or without a soul.So, what can SRK or YRF do ? They can’t change the taste of Indian Audiences.It’s a Smashing Blockbuster overseas because they can understand & recognize & differentiate between a good cinema & a bad cinema which our Indian people can not.

  • Are ra-one ki total collection 240 cr and don-2 ki 214 cr hai to wo kaise flop hui.. Are shahrukh jaisa actor koi paida nahi hua jo uski tarah acting kar de.. Agar aapko body hi pasand hai to salman ki body se achchi to hritik ki body hai..

  • Sahir . . Of course u can take veer jaane man etc etc. . And we agree its a flop films of salmans . . We never claimed its a hit. . But we never changed our own words for our benefit like u people . . M just bringin the words not the figures of ra one. . Got it. . M sayin Srk fans told ra one is high budget movie no one has guts to put 175cr from his pocket, but now Srk fans changed thier words they takin help of low budget jthj to show jthj is profitable in theatrical business . . So m here pointin the words of Srk fans not figues okay. . Hope u under stood. .

  • @akash because ett got 3300+ screens while jthj has got 2500+.. Aur haan ett eid ke time par release hui thi aur wo bhi solo aur next two week tak koi picture bhi nahi aayi thi.. Eid ke time har bachcha ka pocket garam rahta hai aur wo movie dekhne jata hai jabki diwali me aisa nahi hai sabhi apne apne dukan me busy rahte hai aur bahut koi to to juye ke adde par..

  • Son Of Sardaar keh ke le rahee hai Jab Tak Hai Jaan ki…..by god SOS ne jaan hi nikaal di hai JTHJ ki….m sure all SRK fans must be hiding their faces….hahahahahahahaha.

  • Can salmAn prove his acting like sharukhs role in j t h j. I think its not possible to say even if iam dead salman bhais fan

  • Asrani . .u first can Srk do the role done by ranbir in barfi or rockstar . . . Srk should take another life to do justice such roles. . Cryin like a child with bad expressions is not called actin . .

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