Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has dropped by 13% on it’s 8th day at the box office. The film is now unlikely to cross the 100 crore mark in it’s first extended week.

While business in Maharashtra was back to normal on Tuesday, it didn’t help the film put up a bigger cumulative total. 

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Box Office Collections – 8 Days

  • Tuesday – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday – 19.54 crore (28% growth)
  • Thursday – 14.45 crore (26% drop)
  • Friday – 11.17 crore (22% drop)
  • Saturday – 10.38 crore (7% drop)
  • Sunday – 9.96 crore (4% drop)
  • Monday – 5.36 crore (46% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.66 crore (13% drop)
  • Total – 90.75 crore

The problem for Jab Tak Hai Jaan has been the drop in business almost everyday. The film should be able to add around 8 crores in the next 2 days, taking it’s first week (10 day) total to 99 crore nett.

Second weekend will decide if Jab Tak Hai Jaan can go on to be Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser in India.



  • i think JTJH must do 115 to 120 Crore business in india, it is big acheivment beacuse of competition Sos and also baltakry death, and please dont fight for SRK and Salman, as both of they are superstar, i m huge fan of SRk, Salman, and aamir, now i m waiting Tallash and dubbang

  • SOS managed almost the same numbers on tuesday as JTHJ (sos, running mostly in singles, where average ticket price is 50-60 rs whereas JTHJ running mostly in the best multiplexes of the country with an average ticket price of atleast 180-250 rs). And sos is still holding strong in singles while JTHJ’s multiplex run is running out of fuel……
    so , Ajay d is the real winner this diwali when considering all the pros and the cons.

  • Its a pity that a dream combination of yashji,srk, a.r.rahman,gulzaar saab,aditya chopra, YRF, katrina, anuska and a diwali release cant help JTHJ to collect atleast 150 crores net in india! What happened to those srk fans who were foolishly bragging that JTHJ will collect 200+ crores net in india and 150+ crores net overseas?

  • i think SRK has nothing to be proved…..JTHJ is 8th biggest grosser in US and competing with movies like twilight saga and others…..
    As far as the mattet of indian boxoffice is concerned..it’s not the fault in the movie and actor that it is not earning as much as expected…
    if the content of JTHJ was bad then i don’t think that it can be run so successfully worldwide including india….
    so frnds…don’t point on the content or SRK plz..it’s all about the taste of audiences which i think changed now-a-days….
    but keep my words…JTHJ is the one of the finest romantic movies i’ve ever seen….
    HATS OFF TO SRK and YASHJI….they have acquinted Bollywood movies at world level…..

  • Good achievement for jab tak hai jaan…..the business was affected because relz screens was only 2500 ….jthj’s earning was superb in mumbai and bal thakrey’s death then clouser of mumbai for 3days affected a huge businee for movie may be arround 12-15crore(sat ,sun ,mon), not a solo rlz with son of sardar…..total business of film due to this reasons is affected arround 45-55crores….so ,jthj is clear winner this Diwali….while critics also criticise sos and receives mixed to negative reviews while jthj received positive….jthj earn 46 crore net in 7 days from overseas market and broke all previous records while sos earn only 8-11crore net….

  • SRK is an overactor…and after the failure of RA one and average performance of DON 2,,,JTHJ is another setback for him – another average grosser…100 crore is not a big deal now with every 2nd moviedoing this kind of business….so called baadshah is finished now…Even late Yash ji couldn’t do anything for SRK…now he doesn’t win any awards for his performances…His movies fail to break any record or even come near to any record…SRK – please retire now otherwise u ll loose all the name u ve made for urself

  • @ true fact You Tube is right. Youtube surffers r not only in india. they r all over the world. look at the worlwide collection far far more then SOS crap. Indian r still need to grown mentaly mature.

  • Yash ji is a very lucky person as he has not only seen the last biggest hit on his banner but also the highly successful film both in domestic & overseas markets being number one film in India in terms of distribution share & records.If not today his soul would not rest in peace.

  • Picture abhi baki hai mere dost..lets see how it performs from today..bcs of baltakre death and sos competition it still manages and going to collect 100cr in first week..hats off srk..think if it was a solo release then .

  • jthj worldwide collection vl b matter n shahrukh salman n aamir thy r baap of box office thy r best in ibdia akshay is lyk second govinda

  • Heartfully thanks to Salman khan without your presence & stardom Ek tha tiger would have been something like ra one,don 2,mnik, or jthj.Thanks to kabir khan for choosing him as the hero as you felt he is the only reigning tiger in bollywood.Hats off to the screenplay & fantastic locations,kudos for the action director conrado palmiso for an outstanding fight sequences.A special thanks for sajid wajid for the mashallah song.Millions of thanks for the people who made it an all time blockbuster and gave the real tribute to yash chopra ji during his last days.

  • Rajesh. . Just think if jthj had equal screens of sos and there was no yash ji sympathy then think Wht would be the collections . . Ha ha ha. .

  • ok…watever will be the lifetime of jthj ..add atleast 50 cr to it….i dont know y some of the people here can be so illogical..ok..what if i say dabanng 2 wiil going to break the opening day record of ett,i’ll be a fool coz i know its not a national holiday on 21st dec n there is no chance of that..so how can u compare the collection of a huge solo release with 2 big releases on the same day…and even if jthj will able to collect 120-125 cr+ that’ll be as great as ett’s collection even greater acc. to me coz ett didn’t had any obstacle for 2 weeks unlike jthj which has lesser release,competition and bal thackrey’s death which cost around 10-15 cr to the film n y is nobody talking about worldwide collection ?? jthj has outdone ett’s collection in just a week…..GUYZZ C’MON BE LOGICAL N UNBIASED…N DON’T FOOL URSELF

  • how much jab tak hai jaan shud collect on week days ?, as u know even sos putting good no.s on other side. Even 3 idiots cant put more than 6 core if der is another masala movie on other side. How much a movie can earn in weekday, first think abt it.

  • indian people dont need love story. They love 2 se masala, comedy ,stupid action and maar-dhar wth scrip less movie….

  • on monday( yesterday) both movie collected 10 crores without the help of mumbai circuit, dont forget yesterday is a weeday and u pplz r saying jab tak hai jaan is rejected hahahahaha nice joke. i think u ppl expect jab tak hai jaan to collection 8 crores and sos shud collect 6 crores on week day??????????

  • Arsalan. . No one stopped jthj to have solo release and more screens on some other holiday. . . So stop givin excuses and accept the fact. . We al saw the collection of solo release ra one and don 2. . U first thanks to yash ji and salman Bcoz them he got large screens and collection from sympathy. .

  • Soroop. . Ett collected 16.31cr on tuesday . . Got it. Ah. .where as jthj its 4.6cr . . Ha ha almost thrice collection. .

  • Soroop . . Oh its not thrice its almost 4 times. . Ha ha. . Who hel told u monday mumbai was close. . Check boi maharastra was open on monday. .

  • those people saying jthj realised with sos. And thakrey death was effected jthj.but they forget last year ra.one,don2.this 2movies was solo realised.and got so many screens.they why that movie don’t break record of ready.so srk fans always give excuse evrytime.i told them jthj is a avrage movie.

  • @indicine,on your jthj predictions,you said that if jthj will be rejected,it will collect arround 120 crores.now,it looks like jthj will finish at 120-125 crores.so,can we say that jthj is a rejected film????pls reply..

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