Is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever?

The fact that Hrithik Roshan is unarguably the best dancer in the industry, is well known. But the Indian superstar is also getting recognised the world over for his good looks.

In an article featuring 10 ‘ridiculously good looking models’, CNN International has featured Hrithik at No 5 saying “If you’re into Bollywood, you’ll know this guy. Film actor, model and Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan has frequently been called the most attractive man in his country of nearly 1.3 billion people.”

He is the only Indian to feature in the Top 10 list.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik has been named ‘Asia’s sexiest man’ three times in four years. He has also been named as ‘India’s most desirable man’ by several health, fitness and fashion magazines.

So.. is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever? Vote and tell us what you think!

The best looking Indian actor ever?

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  • @ navin – rajesh khanna may be most lovable superstar but its because of his unmatched style not of his looks. dharmendra and jeetendra always above from him in term of looks. and personally i dont like this atitude what hollywood suggest we are accepting. no doubt in all over looks Salman and dharmendra both gives each other tough fight look at their younger photos.

  • Of course, he is.

    But, do you really expect unbiased answers here? Make a poll in country where Bollywood isn’t popular, I’m sure he would top that poll.

  • Salman from andaz apna apna with the hairstyle was stunning to say at is the best look of bollywood imo.however good looks,dancing skill or superhero physique have nothing to do with most cases they r reversely proportional.

  • Lol indicine?? .He’s not even in the current generation of actors e.g.Ranbir looks better let alone in all time list.Hr is our sakru god

  • Well, you can’t really convince Salman fans. I have been reading their comments, when it comes about dancing, they say Hrithik is good, but our Bhai dances in more desi style, so Bhai is a better dancer, when it comes about acting, they say Bhai does more masala-desi roles like a true Indian, so Bhai is a better actor.

    As expected, Bhai fans will again say Bhai is better looking. No point in arguing with them.

  • @Nipun jadoopur, i expressed my opinion just like you. Yes, hr manipulated bo collection.
    Salman khan still better than hr.
    Hr divorce suzan even have two innocent kids. Shame on hr. Itna bedardi se divorce de diya suzan ko.
    Salman have 4 ATBB but our greekgod none atbb.

  • Industry has seen more handsome men .Hrithik is nothing. Dharmendra ,salman were much more hansome and stylish

  • Yeh he is not only India’s most good looking man he is also world’s most handsome man

  • Hrithik is simply the most good looking man not just in India but in the whole world!!! Hrithik is the best!!!

  • You rock Hrithik. I dont know how handsome you are, but i know how hardworking, sincere and modest your attitude is.

    Frankly looks dont even matter for me. Take Salman for example. He came, he conquered, had a downfall, got up and bounced back again. He had the same handsome “looks” throughout his life. But his attitude changed over the years and he sits right at the top today.

    Attitude and hardwork matters. Hrithik has them both. And thats all matters!!

  • One and one only Hritik is king of bollywood. He is smart he is best dancer ever he is God of bollywood

  • Hrithik is a blend of Indian and Persian features , even though he is in 40’s he kinda looks really young because of his fitness and stuff . John is good looking as well but he looks bloated these days .Anyway he is a superstar he is surely set to fly

  • He isn’t the best looking he is just over rated in looks. John and sidharth are much better looking. He is just over hyped in the media about his looks. Watch ask any girl whose better looking out of hrithik and sidharth most will say sidharth. Watch how all the boys dislike this

  • @Navin uncle:
    u’re blaming Hro for the Divorce? ? Should I speak about our another Fav Aamir? Didn’t he have this phase before 13 years? Divorce happens wid a mutual understanding and decision between a couple.
    As for your other points, they are meaningless.
    Knight and Day and the Agneepath may be better than their remakes. But have u seen anyone criticizing Hro’s performances in those films? Also, Agneepath was a critically acclaimed film. Do u know how telugu Kick director had shown his disappointment over Remake by Salman?

  • @Rohit: couldn’t agree more! Arguing with Salmanfans is actually pointless becoz their comments as well as their logic behind them never make any sense.
    @gj007: I agree!

  • Salman Khan is the most handsome bollywood actor of all time . Such is the Handsomeness of Salman that neither future superstars in Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor or Sidharth Malhotra could touch it . And please Salman was ranked among the World’s Most Handsome Men list and that too by a famous USA People Magazine . Salman’s big eyes and his naturally excellent smile is the best thing and physical features of Salman whereas Hrithik lacks in some of it be it : nose , hairstyle , offscreen personality , etc………… Salman of 90’s looked too dashing too be beaten up by anyone . He’ll Salman even outshined a current hearthrob among girls Sidharth Malhotra as Salman looked tooooooooooo much dapper for his age of 49 . Everyone lacks anything in the looks department except Salman Khan .

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