Is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever?

The fact that Hrithik Roshan is unarguably the best dancer in the industry, is well known. But the Indian superstar is also getting recognised the world over for his good looks.

In an article featuring 10 ‘ridiculously good looking models’, CNN International has featured Hrithik at No 5 saying “If you’re into Bollywood, you’ll know this guy. Film actor, model and Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan has frequently been called the most attractive man in his country of nearly 1.3 billion people.”

He is the only Indian†to feature in the Top 10 list.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik has been named ‘Asia’s sexiest man’ three times in four years. He has also been named as ‘India’s most desirable man’ by several health, fitness and fashion magazines.

So.. is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever? Vote and tell us what you think!

The best looking Indian actor ever?

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    • Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly the most handsome Indian actor so far.. That’s y he is often addressed as the Greek god.. Besides his dancing skills are amazing. He’s an extraordinary person yet humble.. After that comes Sidharth Malhotra

  • Yes, good looking and greekgod but why did he manipulated bo collection in recent year? That’s only i didn’t like. Please next year don’t do so. Thanks

  • He’s one of the most good looking but most good looking is subjective. I think sidharth malhotra, john abraham, ranbir n hrithik are best looking

  • no john is most good looking in india but world,s most good looking man is omar borkan al gala of saudi arabia i saw it on internet.

  • Best looking, best dressed and the hottest guy India has. I’m embarrassed and ashamed of Indian media when they say SRK is good looking . I really don’t understand from what angle
    Hrithik all the way best out of all, no one can come near him.

  • yes….great body,brown eyes, international look, perfect height etc.. he is god gifted but god realized that NOTHING IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD…so he gave one extra little finger to hrithik….but does it matter??? no

  • I think answer should be YES !

    He is the Most beautiful thing happened to bollywood…And He also severally recognised by Hollywood female stars about his looks.
    He is Asia’s Sexiest Man
    He is most desirable Man
    When he entered in Film industry with knph every girl who watched knph in that era fall in love with this perfect guy.
    He recieved thousands marriage proposels after knph.
    His brand value helped lot of products to increase their sales in, Hero Honda,Macroman, John players etc.
    So all this will definately prove that Hrithik Roshan Is The Most Handsome Indian in The World.

  • did someone just say salman khan :o LOl

    hirithik indeed is indian good looking actor tbh he doesn’t look like indian at all.
    btw shahid kapoor, sid is good looking too.

  • salman was ranked in top ten by people magazine,usa. Hrithik looks good only in one type of look.In the rest he is just average

  • Top good looking actors in terms of looks, attitude, style n presence.
    1) hrithik
    2) salman
    3) akshay
    4) ranbir
    5) sid
    6) varun
    8) emraan
    9) ayushman

    and the worst
    1) Srk
    2) ranveer
    3) arjun kapur
    4) ajay
    5) abhishek bachan

  • Yes, he is! Some will say Salman,but it’s Hrithik for me. Many in India can look like Salman Khan. Salman was looking very good in 90s, then he started getting bald. But then he had a Hair surgery and again looked very good. After 90s, his best looks belong to films like Partner and Wanted . But I just suggest everyone to see the Song “Dil Kyun Yeh Mera” from Kites. He was looking damn great in that song. Even You can see his unmatchable looks in Dhoom 2 too. Having those greenish eyes, a great height, a fair face, a great hair style and a perfect physique at the same time is not everyone’s cup of tea. After Hrithik, I feel it’s John And Sid Malhotra.
    Mahesh Babu also looks cute. But I don’t find him too stylish and hot like Hrithik or John etc.
    Best-looking actors of India currently IMO are:

    1. Hrithik Roshan
    2. John Abraham
    3. Siddharth Malhotra
    4. Mahesh Babu
    5. Shahid Kapoor
    6. Varun Dhawan
    7. Salman Khan
    8. Ranbir Kapoor
    9. Emraan Hasmi
    10. Randeep hooda

  • hrithik is nothing in front of john ,bhaijaan, even pop star zayn malik looks better than our greek god.And pls don,t compare hr with omar barkan it is incsult of omar

  • yes he deserves that
    the most good looking guy ever in bollywood
    neil nitin mukesh too should be on the list.

  • Hrithik is great looking but John Abraham is far superior in terms of looks and physique. While Hrithiks physique is similar to a fitness model, Johns physique is pure bodybuilding and fighter type. It’s far more impressive.

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