‘Haider’ to be screened at London Asian Film Festival

Vishal Bhardwaj’s critically acclaimed 2014 film ‘Haider’, which was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, will be screened at the London Asian Film Festival (LAFF).

The film will be presented by ‘Tongues on Fire’, a non-profit organisation that focuses on showcasing the best of Asian cinema to the world.

Starring Shahid Kapoor, Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor, Haider will be shown at the Harrow Arts Centre on March 20 2015.

The film festival will also include a tribute to the industry’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna and a choreography master-class by Farah Khan, who recently directed Shahrukh Khan in Happy New Year.

The London Asian Film Festival is currently in its 17th year.



  • haider desrves dis.
    i watched it few days back… i know many will not agree but from ma pov it is the best film of 2014
    hats off to shahid for an impeccable performance n vishal for superb direction

  • It is really good to know Haider being appreciated all around the world . Haider was a brilliant film . According to me it was one of the Best movies of 2014 . Brilliant Direction, Outstanding Performances and Great locations made this movie memorable . It think it was a great idea by VB to mix the plot of Hamlet with Kashmir which made more solid and superb . The combo of Shahid and Vishal is a deadly because both there movies have not only been commercially successful but also critically appreciated and are regarded as Cult Classics . This is a major reason Shahid always says it is an honour with Vishal Sir and he always asks Vishal Sir for a movie . Before Kaminey Shahid was going through a bad phase because he was doing bad movies, his movies were becoming failures and his performance was criticized in almost every movie . Then came Kaminey which gave Shahid a much needed Hit, his acting was praised and critics loved the movie . Then before Haider Shahid had given R… Rajkumar which was successful but it was a stupid movie and he was criticized for his performance . But then came Haider which changed everything which was his Best Movie and his Best Performance . After Haider people are really looking forward to watch Shahid’s movies like Shaandaar, Udta Punjab and Magadheera Remake . Haider was also nominated at the Asian Film Awards in the categories of Best Director, Best Film and Best Production Design . Let’s hope Haider wins atleast one of this awards . I hope Hrithik, Vishal and Sajid Nadiadwala can deliver a gem of a movie which is different, unique, fabulous and a Huge Box Office Success . I am waiting for Hrithik and Vishal Sir’s Next . Keep Up the Good Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excactly @Damnnn…!!!! Bro.with out any doubt IT(HAIDER) is the masterpiece of 2014.I salute to Vishalji for making this masterpiece and composed the music himself and the song’s meaning and situation exactly matches with the situation where songs are beautifully placed.not only outstanding cinematography but also the similar composed song as Best performance of Shahid again pulled me to theatre twice.I don’t know whether the crap national jury will give best film to HAIDER or not.but HAIDER resembles a proudful movement for every INDIAN when it is going to representing Itself in front of world class audience.they must have surprised is it a Hollywood or Bollywood film?yeah ,really all the cast and crew did a superb lifetime rememberable performance.Shahid,Tabu,KK Menon,Irfan,even shradha also proved they all belongs to that CLASS that everyone should at least try that once tried by KING SRK in MNIK.I again expect KING KHAN to appear IN similar kind movie with Rahul Dholakia’s RAEES.EID 2016 will be remembered by all.it’s a challenge to today’s A grade actors like Ranbir/hr to at least act in such a masterpice.though hr failed badly before but this time as he chooses vishalji so I’m excited for that.while Ranbir also will do in Bombay Velvet while Varun tried it in Badlapur even though little lack of direction/content.I couldn’t expect this from other remaining actor in Bollywood they are not capable of this.

  • films like happy new year and action jackson should not be shown to any hollywood people….they will conclude that we r still in 80s n 90s with regressive idiotic cinema just our budget is increased…show them haidar..lunchbox..3 idiots..swades ..PK..devdaas lagaan..meri kom..NH10.. queen..talaash … etc

  • ufff a 2 hour torture for the people of London. Haider is a movie which completely lacks direction. a very boring and lustureless movie. i dont know how people enjoyed it. In terms of acting shahid had given same expression throughout the movie and people say it was his best acting. Lol

  • @rocky,kick is even seems lower class to HNY and no one is interested in alien tortures like pk.

    @star,I am afraiding if you’re liking any Indian moviesmovies because if you hate this film then you must be a fan of any crap movie.

  • @ sss, who told you that national award jury is crap, for your kind information it comprises of the cream of indian cinema, national awards are given considering all the indian movies that includes bollywood apart from all other regional film industries, and who told you that hritik failed badly, his guzaarish was more intense and complex than srk my name is khan, it failed at the box office as indian audience is like you who dont appreciate class movies, even haider was not commercially successful it managed to break even

  • @ sss and please do not praise raees, how can you know it is class movie when even it is not released and first shooting has begun, most recently srk movies are all craps be it om shanti om. happy new year, chennai express, raone, have you watched ugly, gangs of wasseypur, udaan, those are called class movies, mnik is nothing in front of those

  • Haider movie as well as shahid , tabu performence and vishal sir direction deserve national and international awards.

  • @baap of all khans,I didn’t say small films are not classic.all the films you mentioned be it’s udaan,fugly,gangs of wasseypur all are fantastic movies even new movies like citylights last year.but what I said about is about superstars not about small stars.yes guzarish would have become a good movie if it would not have been directed so recklessly ,if you marked clearly especially where hr tries to laugh that seems so awful and overrated,which simply irritate the audience.whatever as you’re a hater so you must say MNIK is a bad movie,because a blind person will hardly can feel the colour of a flower.

    once your favourite national jury gave awards to films like hum tum instead of a masterpiece like SWADESH.now tell they did wrong/right?but it seems very difficult to make you understand childish thoughtful persons like you.btq HAIDER is a clean hit.and you hr fan hate SHAHID that also I know due to the reason why your crap bong bong flopped badly.I can gurentee you RAEES will be a EPIC CLASSIC MASTERPIECE.because it is directing by your fav. national award winning director Rahul Dholakia who directed a CLASS MOVIE ‘PARZANIA’.so stop your hatred against KING KHAN.even you’ll not understand the value of films like EPIC JTHJ and classic action DON2.all you know is to only to pointing your finger.let your hr to try at least once in which he failed badly.even I could have also ask you the same like how could you think mahenjodaro is going to be a class movie,but not I’m not a fool like you.due to peoples like you MNIK faced critism and couldn’t be a blockbuster/superhit just due to classless haters like you.

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