Bach Ke Bakshy Song Video – Detective Byomkesh Bakshy

A new song video from ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’ featuring Sushant Singh Rajput is out.

YRF sent us the link to the song with the lines “Watch Sushant Singh Rajput’s electrifying transformation into Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’s latest song Bach Ke Bakshy”

Sushant dances well, but the song doesn’t really go well with the theme of the film. Watch and tell us what you think.



  • What a pathetic song …… Trailer looks pretty awful … Short promos are even pathetic…..!! ….

  • Whenever there is offbeat theme attached to film doesn’t guarantee a good film .. Even a common film lover would tell that this is too wannabbe … This is total flop … Mark it..

  • Boring film … It doesn’t have that zing to excite me….!! I would have watched it if promos were gud.. But not now..
    Will watch Fast and Furious 7 instead..

  • I am not idiot like @Arjun Kapoor fan to spread negativity n flood the cmnts section with negative hate cmnts even if i did not like this byomkes baksi song ..

    Ppl who have cmnt negative on Mr.X song page have cmnted 1Hr after mp3 release.. And emraan songs r slow poison..they grow on you after repeat watch ..see the video n cinematography n technology used in it .. It was too amazing n out of bollywood standards with such low budget..

    Hoping Byomkes n Mr.X 3D emerge successful .. All d best

  • excellent video
    film is looking more and more exciting with each new promo

    I m 300% sure that the film will b awesome and also a runaway hit at the box office
    I hv blind faith ablut the ruch content in the stories of byomkesh and also my sushanth

  • I have’nt yet seen its promos on TV!! YRF is’nt promoting the film..Also it has a huge competitor in Furious 7 on 3rd April.I am highly anticipating this film but have’nt been satisfied with yrf’s marketing strategy till now!!

  • exclusive ranking of youngistaan stars based upon their film choices,acting potential,off screen potential and capability to become a megastar in future

    1 sushanth
    2 sidharth
    3 arjun kapoor varun dhawan
    5 ranveer singh
    6 aaditya roy kapoor

    this ranking will b updated after release of every youngistaan film

  • Completely agree wid u @indicine on this. Video n audio are out of connect. Dibakar banerjee makes few films like Oye lucky lucky oye, Shanghai and this.
    I think dibakar should have stuck to his original formula of releasing his films on his own. YRF has completely destroyed this film by making it more filmy which was evident from lack-lustre trailer.
    Dibakar ‘s shanghai film 3 years ago did well inspite of competiton n managed to become hit. But yrf is promoting this well.

  • sushant is one of the best bollywood newcomer. He is much better actor than poppa made actors like arjun, shahid, imran khan. May he become successful like khans.

  • @kshitiz u akki fans gave lame excuses like no proper song,no heroine,offbeat content for baby failure but look at also has the same drawback yet it will emerge a major success at the bo.

    Reason-urban educated audience trust youngistaan stars much more than king of inconsistency,akki

  • @sambuddha: What’s Arjun kapoor doing there at 3rd????
    First let DBB release n get good reviews,then place Sushant at the top…
    My current youngistaan ranking:-

  • Completely agree with @Sajid also. This guy @Arjun Kapoor Fan is such a bloody imposter..

    During Bang Bang time, whenever i opened page, there used to be a dingy imposting negative comment by this idiot pagal guy @Arjun Kapoor fan.. He just supports any khan film like he supported uttery pathetic HNY …

  • i hope this film become big hit so..they will start a frinchise they already buy all rights of remaining 24 stories…. desi bond??

  • If the movie is good(trailer is good),then i hope and pray it becomes a hit,although from youngistan i only slightly like varun and sid.

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