Shahrukh Khan’s Sabse Shaana Kaun gets poor TRP’s

Shahrukh Khan’s latest television show Sabse Shaana Kaun has received poor TRP’s of 0.9 in its opening week, which was expected as the show was aired on Zee Entertainment’s new channel &TV.

The channel’s newly launched serial ‘Gangaa’ was the highest rated show with 1.3 TVM, followed by Killer Karaoke and SRK’s India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?

&TV received the least viewership amongst popular channels, but the popularity of most shows is expected to pick up in the next few weeks.

&TV TRPs of all major shows that were launched on March 2nd

  • Gangaa – 1.3
  • Killer Karaoke – 1.0
  • India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun – 0.9
  • Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai – 0.8
  • Begu Sarai – 0.7
  • Razia Sultan – 0.6
  • Bhagya Lakshmi – 0.6
  • Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi – 0.4

TVM’s (Television viewership in million) of some major television channels

  • Star Plus – 604 TVM
  • Zee TV – 427 TVM
  • Colors – 424 TVM
  • Sony TV – 247 TVM
  • &TV – 91 TVM


  • Srk : Pata nai Mera show Hit Kab hoga :'( ?

    Altaf Raja : Thode Intezaar ka Maza Lijiye …

    HaHa jokes apart This was Bound to Happen :D ..Tried to watch its 1 Episode but God swear couldn’t complete it.. SRK is too Irritating and Plastic..He thinks that his same old Liners and same old humour coudl make it work but he Dosen’t have The Charm and Charisma of Amitabh Bachhan or Salman Khan..
    Returned to single screen after a gap of 7 years and 0.9 TVR .. Just Blunder..
    SRK Tumse na Ho Payega ….

  • who cares abt TRPs wen SRK is d host??? v loved d show….n watch it jst for him…nobody gvs a damn abt TRPs…

  • So sad..
    I think they should have done away the casting with legendary Arjun Kapoor instead of SRK but the show title then should have been replaced by ‘Sabse Gadha Kon ‘! Rofl

  • Very bakwaas, contestants now seems genuine at all. Contestants behavior like they are big celebrities than SRK. Toxic show.
    Why does SRK do shows like Sabse Shaana Kaun. Stupid concept n content is hopeless.
    Fifth back-to-back flop reality show by SRK. Sorry! You deserve better man.

  • Wont spread hatred or rant about him. It was a gutsy call by srk to work with a newly launched channel. Sadly it failed. Doesnt matter. I applaud him for trying his level best to make a strong comeback on TV.

    Success and failure is momentary. Keep trying shahrukh. I am sure you’ll beat your own awesome ‘fauji’ act.

    i had an awesome opportunity to rant about him but bashing someone during tough times is not an healthy attitude. Its a sad thing for him as he has worked very hard for the show, but he is a fighter. He will surely rise again!

    – Sincerely from an Aamir khan fan.

  • srk is only made for movies. He is not a great TV host. so ,it’ll be better for him if he focusses on good script movies li MNIK and keep us entertained with his unmatchable acting skills

  • Reason behind low TRP is and pictures is not a very big channel … Plus show was not that gud..

  • Channel is not available in 70% houses.. and &TV have successful opening week! First time ever in the history that a GEC channel has opened at 90612 GVTs! which ia s huge record.. through just a show SRK made hit the whole channel..

    non actor would dear to do show on new channel but SRK did.. still got fine TRP.. and it will increase in upcoming weeks.

  • Only srk can do this…king rocks!!!
    @indicine, &tv expected that srk would tell his 3.7 billion fans to watch his show but unfortunately srk fans are so busy in winning every polls on social sites they have forgotten to watch srk show…srk fans ne naak kaat di srk

  • srk may b a legend in Indian cinema but he is a complete disaster in reality shows.he is a brilliant host no doubt but content of his reality shows r absolutely horrible And very kiddish.

    but he does a gd job in hosting award shows

    I request srk with my folded hands to continue doing his brilliant work in films and hosting award shows bjt plz stop doing reality shows.v can’t see u in such b-grade reality shows year after year

    plz srk.quit reality shows

  • For all Salman Khan Fans and Aamir khan Fans

    – SRK’s Opening Episode record rating of KBC is still unbroken… Both Salman, Aamir are yet to break this record, they failed several times…

    – Once SRK’s KBC 1 hour episode was watched by more people than a India Australia Champions trophy match over 8 hours… Salman and Aamir are yet to break this record of SRK.. they failed many times, and will always be failed to compete with him..

    – Shahrukh Khan’s KBC – 9.3 TRP (Huge Record) (Salman, Aamir can’t break and they failed to break it..

    Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum – 3.35 TRP . ( average,even through show was on big,famous and old channel unlike SSK on new channel &TV.. still failed to break SRK’s KBC record…

    Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate – 4.27 TRP . ( average, even the show was on India’s big,, famous and old channel unlike SSK on &TV still both Aamir and Salman Failed to break SRK’s Record… now you can guess how poor, flop these both are and will always be failed to break SRK’s KBC record.. both Aamir and Salman Can’t chase SRK after trying for more than 20 years..

    AndTV had a most successful opening week ever! First time that a GEC channel has opened at 90612 GVTs as i said before… if Aamir, And Salman will try for 20 more years still they will be failed to hit one new channel ( unlike SRK who made whole channel hit )

  • @IamAkn Don’t worry dude… The losses made by this TV show are nothing … Remember my useless son’s film named something Tevar released , it made double losses than this show ….!! ..

  • Loved The Show as a SRK fan! But & Tv Needs To Change Game Play! Coz Its Too Long To Reach Koti Ki Choti! Should Start From 20k To 1Lakh!

  • @IamAkn Don’t worry dude… The losses made by this TV show are nothing … Remember my useless son’s film named something Tevar released , it made double losses than this show ….!! ….

  • No matters what, SSK is much better than Crap big Boss (Where Salman Abuses people, and people do sex and kiss scenes and Fake SJ, where Aamir cries for taking 4cr for one episode and showing fake tears to fool people & targeting people… and no need to talking about hosting as everyone knows SRK is way better host than both Aamir and Salman…

  • I said it the first day,SSK was looking a sub standard show..Compare it with opulent and glossy shows like Bigg Boss,KBC with magnificent sets,you will get to know why it underperformed!!!
    Plus the questions asked were childish and don’t why but I found the participants in this looking like trained actors,the way they behaved!!

  • If &tv choose to continue with srk show..soon they will have to change their channel name”&tv” to “END TV”..

  • HaHa @IamAkn u r an Amazing Self-Troller :D :D …
    9.3 TRP ..Bwaha may be thats why That season of KBC was Shut halfway down and They again Got Mr. Bacchan back..
    Get a life frustated SRKians :D Ur Kingu is struggling to give Highest Grooser from last 10 yrs and a Hit TV show from Last 10 years.. Speaks a volume about his so called “STARDOM;”
    Even Gangaa got better TRP than him .. If people would have loved the way they love Salman,They would hace Flocked to see his Return on Small Screen and TRP wud have been atleast at Respectable Level..
    Talking abt DKD,it was this show that Brought Back Sont Tv to TOP.. Bigg BOSS cant be Imagined without Salman Khan ..
    only pathetic cncpets like ZKJ ,SSK,KAPSTH are given to SRK..

  • it’s fun show, i have missed just 1 episode till now. all the episode which i have seen, i love it and have enjoyed it, no doubt SRK is a brilliant host and to be honest way better host than Salman bhai and Aamir. Show’s trp will increase with time as it is on new channel. even i missed the first episode because the channel was not available in our area.

  • Our king should concentrate on movies…
    He still not gives us one single atbb since kkhh….
    Srk concentrate on fan, dilwale, raees not in tv shows

  • Only Salman can do this…
    we want Salman host kbc..And I guarantee it he will host kbc…
    Plz bring back das ka dum

  • @Rangil – tell your Favorite ideal (Flop,Remaku Salman Khan) to give at least one highest Grosser in overseas.. Salman has not give one highest Grosser since 1995 till 2015.. and tell your ideal Salman and Aamir to break SRK’s back to back 11 hits record in India and give more hits, BBs than SRK in India… and tell your favorite ideal Salman,Aamir to break SRK’s 21 back to back hits, 16 highest Grosser , 20 BBS (more than whole B’wood), 10 ATBBs overseas record of SRK…

    break Kar sakte hai? Nahi na, 20 + saal mein nahi kaar paaye, ab khaq kar paayege… when they break it that day you can talk to SRKian.. otherwise aukaat walo se baaat kiya kar like Ranbir, Imran Khan, Ajay Devgan, Arjun Kapoor Fans..

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