Is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever?

The fact that Hrithik Roshan is unarguably the best dancer in the industry, is well known. But the Indian superstar is also getting recognised the world over for his good looks.

In an article featuring 10 ‘ridiculously good looking models’, CNN International has featured Hrithik at No 5 saying “If you’re into Bollywood, you’ll know this guy. Film actor, model and Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan has frequently been called the most attractive man in his country of nearly 1.3 billion people.”

He is the only Indian to feature in the Top 10 list.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik has been named ‘Asia’s sexiest man’ three times in four years. He has also been named as ‘India’s most desirable man’ by several health, fitness and fashion magazines.

So.. is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever? Vote and tell us what you think!

The best looking Indian actor ever?

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  • Guys its a fact and known,that Hrithik is the most goodlooking actor India has ever had,,if you deny this fact than I am pretty sure that you guys are being biased and jealous..

  • From which angle do Salman look better than Hrithik,,you fools,,I ll give you an idea how to find it,,first match the height,hairstyles,body,packs and hold on don’t forget the eyes,,now comment

  • Yes he is unbelievable..he is d only indian deserve hollywood.he has superb body Nd a superb dancer also.I m proudly say he s d best in India Nd also in world..

  • Hrithikroshan is the best he is the Greek God in Bollywood no one can match with hrithik he is the sexiest Asian in the world four times he has a sexy body and he is the only man deserves Hollywood he is most gud looking man ever

  • Hrithik is most truly God’s gift to mankind. What else can a woman ask for that Hrithik does not have? If any one does not appreciate Hrithik, they need to get their preferences examined. He is the only Indian who has the looks of a Hollywood Star. How can one not prefer him, I’m sure he is the envy of every man, but ofcourse men are too egoistic to admit it. Hrithik Roshan is my Greek God. He is one of Gods angels in bodily form.

  • John abraham is d most handsome. He dosnt take 2 much energy powders during gym n only follows strict healthy routine. Hrithik takes 2 much protein powder. No one can be like john abraham, the strongest n finest actor

  • Handsome actors in India
    Hrithik roshan
    Fawad khan
    Siddharth Malhotra
    Ranbir kapoor
    Varun dawn

  • Hritik Roshan is considered so good looking in India because he has light eyes, an oval and chiselled face, something 99 percent plus Indian Men will never have. But that does not mean he is best looking in Bollywood. By International stabdards someone like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan will be considered better looking. Hritik will not be considered very hot outside India. There is nothing wrong if Indians consider him so good looking, as beauty is subjective and people desire what is exotic.

    In foreign countries, people of his looks are commonplace. Hritik has a very toned body but naturally he has narrow shoulders, and light bone structure, not very masculine. Plus his face is not extraordinary, if you take out the exotic factor, though still quiet good looking. His eyes are not very strong and his face has a soft, lose flesh feel about it. Even though evidently he has put in alot of effort to achieve the chiselled effect. Also if you find his photos in more natural light and ordinary cloth he looks significantly less good looking. Trust me, he will not be considered anything more than a regular hot guy in west. He gets in such international lists because they are based on popularity in different countries, not opinion of editors or local population of these publications.
    btw Ranbir is ugly, he is only considered good looking in India because he is tall and fair.

    • And One More Thing To Add i.e. Being Fair Skinned Is Considered With Handsomeness In INDIA. Actors With Chiselled And Handsome Face Cutting But With Dark Skin Complexion Are Not Considered As Handsome As The Fair Ones.

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