Is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever?

The fact that Hrithik Roshan is unarguably the best dancer in the industry, is well known. But the Indian superstar is also getting recognised the world over for his good looks.

In an article featuring 10 ‘ridiculously good looking models’, CNN International has featured Hrithik at No 5 saying “If you’re into Bollywood, you’ll know this guy. Film actor, model and Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan has frequently been called the most attractive man in his country of nearly 1.3 billion people.”

He is the only Indianto feature in the Top 10 list.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik has been named ‘Asia’s sexiest man’ three times in four years. He has also been named as ‘India’s most desirable man’ by several health, fitness and fashion magazines.

So.. is Hrithik Roshan the most good looking Indian actor ever? Vote and tell us what you think!

The best looking Indian actor ever?

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  • Obviously he’s the Greek God!!!! No comparison..

    Most handsome in Bollywood:
    Sid Malhotra

  • but don’t forget akshay used to be most handsome bachelor in 90’s coz at that time khans used to be lean and thin.

  • due to akshay macho personality he dated almost every top actress at that time.
    today’s lots of product,gym etc makes youngsters make look good.
    apart from all I will consider hro the most handsome guy in Bollywood at this stage.

  • Over the last 25 yrs its a close call between Salman and Jaadoo Boy but in history of Bollywood then noone can argue against Rajesh Khannas claim as the Most Handsome Actor Ever- the man was seriously good looking…. If I were of nipun, kshitij’s or zeeshan sayed khan or trinimans ilk then hes the bloke I would mostly drool over 24/7…..

  • Why is indicine allowing the comments of Myamar bhojpuri which are not even related to this article?

    @Myamar Tapori:
    Hrithik’s bad point: Manipulation( which hasn’t been proved by any person in the world. And if I apply my Logic over boi’s collection, then Boi will be proved easily wrong. 15 crores on sunday and 31 crores on monday(more than 50% growth) lol)7

    Salman’s bad:
    1. Killed a person in accident (proved)
    2. Killed Animal(proved)
    3. Slapped his GF
    4. Widely regarded as an average actor
    5. Have given so many flops and disasters in his career
    6. His films’ content are average mostly
    7. Known as a fav star of most of the people having low IQ

    • Mahesh Babu is handsome than any one of the actor in India he is more than a Hollywood cultout he is mostly underrated for the sake he won’t get a huge pan India recognition like other bollywood actors

  • What a fabulous article for our very own Greek God . I think the answer is definitely Yes and i am glad that you have mentioned him the Most Good Looking Actor in India and not Bollywood . You can see there have been various Hollywood celebrities who have praised Hrithik for his Looks, Acting, Physique and his attitude . Kristen Stewart (Twilight Fame) once said if she has a son she wants his eyes to be like Hrithik . He is a Greek God in every possible term . If i remember only 2 people have got the tag of Greek God in Indian Cinema :
    1. The one and only He Man of Bollywood in 70’s – Dharmendra .
    2. The one and only the Superstar, the megastar and our Heartthrob Mr. Hrithik Roshan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many people will say SRK, Salman, Akshay, Ranbir, Aamir, John, Saif etc. But the fact is nobody is as good looking as Hrithik Roshan . Happy to see 55% people saying Yes . After seeing this article i will definitely see that list and i am anxiously waiting to see who has taken the Top Spot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ######### Cheers !!! Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • srk hrithik ranbir fav list..
    hrithik is extremely fit , good looking ,solid.
    acting skills are also excellent.

  • Surprise there is no comments from nipun kumar till now.
    Top 3 best looking actor of Indian cinema
    1. Salman
    2. Hritik
    3. Mahesh babu

  • haters deliberately avoiding salman’so name even though deep down they know he’s the most good looking may criticise him for his attitude and acting but when it comes to looks, you can’t argue with that. hrithik is damn good looking too but salman looks better. and hrithik has a bad nose.

  • @6:50pm comment by Krks apprentice n trying to be strict but not so smart manipulative critic…

    Jaadoo Boys Bad points:-

    1- Expert at Manipulation (Jaadoo 3s manipulation of 60cr is no mean feat- just ask Akki Sir who can only deliver 60cr hits…)
    2- Expert at Plagiarisation (Marvel are wasting their time in trying to get recognition from Roshans over X-Men inspiration)
    3- Expert at making originals look good (bong bong made Knight & Day look like a classic and Agony Path increased dvd sales of Amit Jis original Agneepath ten fold)
    4- Expert at abandoning his young (shamefully left his young wife to fend for herself and her two young kids)
    5- Highest Number of fans still in kindergarten (which means double /triple theatrical revenue coz most kids will need their parents to buy 2 or 3 tickets to accompany them to watch his crappy cartoonish movies so huge plus
    6- has support of critics (well Nipun Kumar who can influence all of his 97 followers on twitter so can make or break his movies)
    7- Epic Shivering Powers (whenever he forgets his lines he can instantly start shivering n convince his childish fans it was all part of the act)
    8- monopoly over Jaaduland (can bar all other actors movies being screened there and run countless re-runs of his classic cartoons like Jaadoo Mil Gaya, Jaadoo 2, Mosquito Warfare and Jaadoo 3…)

  • Excluding old actors,is I will consider ,then most handsome actor of all time considering body,physique,healthy year,romance,CHARMING,expression,smile with the conditions I mentioned excluding body,physique hr and salman doesn’t have other single criteria.for the reason why KING KHAN has MAXIMUM FEMALE FOLLOWINGS.MOST FEMALE across GLOBE claimed THEY want a perfect husband/boy friend like KING SRK.even HE beated actors like john,hr,salman many times in all India voted poles by a huge margin.are salman fans are so blind.come on amir is far good looking than salman.

    1.KING SRK

  • No surprises to see nipun has once again failed to grasp the tone of the article… No wonder Rajeev and Anupama rejected his apprenticeship on the grounds he does not understand much. Article was about Most Handsome Actor Ever but the fool missed that and gave another one of his pointless lists of current crop. Either hes an idiot or hes totally clueless about the 85yrs of Bollywoods existence prior to Jaadoo Boys arrival. I would think its both coz the fool still believes ET arrived after Jaadoo Mil Gaya and its Spielberg who took inspiration from Rakesh jis classic Jaadoo Mil Gaya…!

  • Agreed wid uncle and @saksham, Dharam paaji and Rajesh Khanna were also two of the most gud looking guys. I love Kabir Bedi’s looks too. Salman looks good, but not that great as many are commenting here! Although, we cann’t deny that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Among hollywood actors, my fav looks belong to Hugh Jackman!

  • @myanmar

    Thanks buddy

    Everyone knows I need no reason to mock nipun kumar but seeing how you got him to act like the brat he is made my day…. Cheers and now I can belittle the krk apprentice to my hearts extent

  • Good looking then first name come to my mind is the king “salman khan”
    hritik is taller than salman so his body looks better but hritk will not look as gud as salman in all get ups his face has limitations
    just imagine both hritk and salman in a ghajini style haircut u will get ur answer

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