Happy New Year vs Kick vs Bang Bang: Worldwide Total Collections

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide Collections

A section of the media has incorrectly quoted the worldwide collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year as Rs 380 crore. According to official sources, the film has collected around 360 crore in 3 weeks, making it the 2nd highest grossing film of 2014 behind Salman Khan’s Kick.

The Farah Khan entertainer will complete its run as the 2nd highest grosser in India this year and the highest grosser at almost every single overseas market. But the difference between the two films will be the domestic business, Happy New Year will fall Rs 39.2 crore (gross) short of Kick. Do note that the entertainment taxes in Rajasthan circuit came into effect from August 1st 2014, i.e a week after the release of Kick.

Bang Bang was outstanding in the overseas markets and did fairly well at the domestic box office too.

Detailed table with collection breakdown below.

Happy New YearKickBang Bang
India Net Collections201.6 crore233.4 crore180.3 crore
Entertainment Tax66.12 crore73.52 crore59.49 crore
Total India Gross incl Taxes267.72 crore306.92 crore239.79 crore
Overseas Gross93 crore (approx)69.4 crore80.1 crore
Worldwide Total Gross360.72 crore376.32 crore319.89 crore


  • Oh no! Our king’s magnum opus Grand Heist movie, hny, with all the advantages in its favor could not beat Bhai’s ordinary heist film, kick. We have no where to go. I am running in my lungi to our paglapur. But yet some of our king’s fans will remain here and continue dancing like chammiya style! And they will find excuses to compare the film with Bhai’s normal release with low ticket price and ordinary heroine, jai ho. I apologize to bhai fans on behalf of my mates! Plz do not bash our king.
    Our King Coming with 300 Crore Fan Storm!!!!!

  • @arjun kapoor Gunday is the lowest rated film of all time worldwide on imdb and you have zero knowledge bout films. Youngistaan is a flop league, especially Arjun kapoor who has zero charisma and noone cares bout him.

  • Happy New Year was the year’s most anticipated film. With an ensemble star cast and of course beingShah Rukh Khan’s Diwali release, there were high expectations from it. In terms of business, even though the film has made it to the 200 crore club domestically, the performance has been much lower than expected. A Koimoi reader tells us what worked for Happy New Year in terms of marketing but why the film could not perform that well.It was a new way of promoting the movie by going every corners of the country and almost covering the globe. It was the producer who played the lead role who took the initiative andthe strategy was a novel one to make sure the audience irrespective of his fans or not were made aware of the release of a big budgeted movie in terms of production as well as promotion costs. The trick worked very well onthe first release day by collecting a mammoth total around 44 crores that not even any Bollywood movie had ever thought about.Now, the movie on its 20th day after the release is standing at a total domestic collection of 200.50 crores. If we are deducting the first day, it could only gather around 156 crores in 18 days. Movies like3 Idiots,Kick,Chennai Express,Krrish 3and the reigning topperDhoom 3were able to collect much better collections, among which only3 Idiotscan only claim a well-crafted script and story.So it clearly says that the movie was disappointing to the viewers and also to the distributor (YRF) which they have to compensate with the movies likeKill Dilwhich

  • HNY is nice movie but not applicable to break record of dhoom3. Aamir is the best actor in bollywood . So aamir next movie pk is breaks all record of release in 2014 year movies. Love you aamir sir…..

  • Santaram bhai u don’t know any thing about srk, if u will see the success percentage till now of three khans then u get the result…srk is more higher than both..infact iske race me bahut dur h dono ya obviously akshay is better then salman and amir because he has given more no. Of hits movie than Salman and amir but little lower than srk…that’s why comparison happen between both actor….

  • Although HNY isnt a failure but expected more than it….300cr was a nonsensical prediction by many members here but was expecting 250cr domestic and 440cr worldwide…..This all happened because of stretched story line.. 3hrs is very difficult for a person to sit in cinema hall unless he is fan of the particular star but movie is always dependent on the general audience rather than fans…Few scenes were unnecessary like manwa lage song was misfit…Only 7-8 minutes after lovely song with very few moments of srk-deepika together romantic song was unnecessary.. ..I will watch every movie of srk regardless of its content in the future but I want srk in intense roles…Last day I watched KANK and what a movie it is ….Although I watched it many many times(Cant count it is my fav Srk movie) but I enjoy it always..If SRK would have done only KANK in his career I would have his fan….Love you Srk,dont know why I couldnot love any other movie star like I love you..

  • Its a very sad that srk films since 2008 only rnbdj n ce trending good n rest of others become successful becuse of opening weekned, before 2008 every srk films trending good. Bad trending indicates lossing fans n the fact is srk lost his fans by doing films like ra1 n hny. Hope srk will be back with a bang with fan n raees.

  • watching intersteller and till interval it is experience of life i can,t believe i m seeing the best movie of my life its just so awesome that words can,t describe this movie

  • @indicine.. then a/c to u other sites r posting fake collections??? if 1site did dat then it wz ok bt majority of d sites r posting d same.. then how cud u alone cn say dt hny collected less than kick in wrldwide… even d news channels r also saying dt hny hs collected 379-80 cr, more than kick…

  • @Ranbeer Kapoor,, I appreciate u. May be you are the only one Salman Fan who admits the truth, that SRK is better than Salman in Acting….Hats off..

    Talking about 2007 onwards…U r right He didnt ruled Box office . Is box office collection is the only factor to decide a movies good or bad?

    He didnt gave any Box office records, but he acted in good movies like Chak de India, Rab ne banadi joodi, My name is Khan, Jab thak hey jaan.. His focused on artistic value more than its commercial value.

    I agree CE and HNY have not cult films, purely commercial..I dont like these movies than his class movies like KANK, KHNH,…etc..

    He is not too much excited to make Box office Records. He acted simple movies like paheli, Swades which is purely a social dramma..He always wanted to be part of good films..

    Salman’s all big hits are revolving with his actions..His films can be considered as a good entertainer, but never will be a classic hit…

  • @MYANMAR: your comment doesn’t make any sense. I haven’t watched Humsakals. So I didn’t include it in my worst films. This is what I can reply. I don’t care if you found Besharam better than BangBang or Boss better than Agneepath. You proved yourself as a brainless fan of salman.

  • @NVS CDI blockbuster with out comercial touch, RNBDJ blockbuster romantic touch srk is the only actor who gave blockbuster in every genere n make any average to bad film super hit or hit. I strongly feel if Fan made with great content like CDI, then d3 record will be broken.

  • @Nipun, your opinion also doesn’t make any sense. Your crap kite (non fly kites) better than Dabangg lol hats of your opinion. You also proof you are brainless and senseless fan of jodoo hr. Previous article your comments proof you are akki hater. Lol bang bang better than Holiday. Holiday far better than bong bong.
    @Nipun, you can express your opinion on indicine.
    I also can express my opinion on indicine. You can write against Salman and Akki. I also can write against your jadoo hr and srk. So keep your opinion in your mind and brain.

  • seems like salman fans are unnecessarily targetting nipun .. Come On ! guys its his point of view .. let it be .. even I thought Kites & Guzaarish were good movies, but Hro was unlucky that they bombed at the BO.

  • Anyone who thinks the pathetic Kites was better than Dabangg lacks a brain. Dabangg was better in almost every way. HR fans are kids who have no idea how to judge films.

  • “MYANMAR YANGON: (November 15, 2014 at 12:54 am)
    Akki’s Holiday movie better than all hr movie.
    Ranbir’s Besharam movie better than Bang Bang.
    Ranbir’s Barfi movie better than all Hr movie.
    Akki’s Boss movie better than Angrypath.
    @Nipun, yes kites film is cult classic and k3 best film of decade.”

    can you explain the sense behind these comments? I said that Kites was a bit better than Dabbang not far better . Dabbang was better than BangBang.
    The thing is that these people have become moronic. What’s wrong if I prefer kites over Dabbang? Everyone has an opinion. But, calling Besharam better than bangBang and Boss better than agneepath is moronic. Dabbang is better than Salman’s other films like ready,BG,ETT,D2,JAI HO,kick,veer etc. But it doesn’t mean it was that great as people are claiming.
    Kites and Dabbang both are watchable and I prefer kites. That’s it. If someone loves dabbang more,then it’s his view. I have no problem.

  • @indicine

    Can any actor Except SRK collects 90 crore in overseas market with no holiday release ? no Eid or xmas

    How many over 200cr World wide SRK have ? Is there a competitor in this context ?

  • @all salman fans. we people who are fan of shahrukh if we also go with u that hny, ra.one and ce are the worst movie shah rukh then salmaan is the boss of shahrukh in this section. the list is more longer than the great wall of china.. ready, Dabaang, Dabaang2, bodyguard, kick, god tussi great ho, phir milenge, yuvraaj… uff filling tired.. pls give me a break.. after the break i will be back to complete the list

  • @Nipun morons, Yes, i found in Holiday movie better than all hr movie. Have any problem with my comments? If you have problem go and watch again guzarish and YLJK.LOL.
    Yes, Barfi also better than all hr movie.
    Yes, Besharam better than bong bong but your Non Fly Kites (all time cult classic) better than Sholay. lol.Jadoo hr’s Angry path better than Big B Agnipath because Big B Agnipath is National award winner.

  • Boxoffice India declare HNY as super hit thats all…nd 3wks total 176cr india only…..so sad///srk promote his film like selling viaggra on the local market….FOR KICK SALMAN DID VRY LIMITED PROMOTION …..HNY ND SRK SO LUCKY DTS THEY RELEASE HNY IN DIWALI FEST/////%#)

  • @syed dude, first of all aamir and salman are not beggars who beg for awards. Their box office collections are enough to prove their real awards from the audience.

    Those who are underestimating PK are really insane. They are forgetting that ghajini had no big director, no big producer, no bi heroine, no cameo of any big star even for a movement, released in the same month with the king’s movie and still ghajini became ATBB and first 100 cr grosser. That’s the stardom. Wait for PK. It will smash all records.

  • KNPH better than DDLJ..
    K3G better than Jackpot..
    Bang Bang better than Dabangg…
    Ha ha ha good opinion…. lol Jadu fan pukimah nipun.

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