Happy New Year vs Kick vs Bang Bang: Worldwide Total Collections

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide Collections

A section of the media has incorrectly quoted the worldwide collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year as Rs 380 crore. According to official sources, the film has collected around 360 crore in 3 weeks, making it the 2nd highest grossing film of 2014 behind Salman Khan’s Kick.

The Farah Khan entertainer will complete its run as the 2nd highest grosser in India this year and the highest grosser at almost every single overseas market. But the difference between the two films will be the domestic business, Happy New Year will fall Rs 39.2 crore (gross) short of Kick. Do note that the entertainment taxes in Rajasthan circuit came into effect from August 1st 2014, i.e a week after the release of Kick.

Bang Bang was outstanding in the overseas markets and did fairly well at the domestic box office too.

Detailed table with collection breakdown below.

Happy New YearKickBang Bang
India Net Collections201.6 crore233.4 crore180.3 crore
Entertainment Tax66.12 crore73.52 crore59.49 crore
Total India Gross incl Taxes267.72 crore306.92 crore239.79 crore
Overseas Gross93 crore (approx)69.4 crore80.1 crore
Worldwide Total Gross360.72 crore376.32 crore319.89 crore


  • @Nipun pukimah, so why did you say bang bang better holiday? Morons haven’t sense any about quality ice cream and quality movie.GO to watch again Holiday then you can found holiday better than bong bong. Stupid @nipun keep your nonsense opinion in your head and mind.

  • @Hrithik Roshan fans, In 2012 JTHJ had bigger clash with 85 crore commercial masala movie SOS who had a bigger lead/mass star Ajay, yet it still did collections in same range as agneepath(AP) (120 -122). However u all didnt even consider this clash and still maintain that AP is higher grosser than JTHJ (by 1-2 crore). So in the same way we DO NOT care about ur clash with Haider as this is a NON commerical, art house, smaller budget film (40 crore) with a smaller star Shahid who has far less box office pull than Ajay, and HNY is greater than BB by over 20 crore, so just like u all did in 2012, we are doing in 2014, we do not care about ur clash or even consider it and in our minds HNY is higher grosser than BB in domestic and oversees, quit crying like a baby now cuz in 2012 u didnt care than JTHJ cud have grossed 40+ without clash. Clashes happen, live with it, we had to in 2012 and even in 2013 for CE which had much competition from 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks.

  • dear srk many peoples are associated with you but no one is giving you right guidance I think that they are not your well wishers but we fans are always with you and Allah is always with you InshaAllah sir you have almost every thing biggest superstar richest superstar you have won number of awards and you have number of fans and well wishers but sir there are some points please follow these instructions I am a big fan of your
    1. you are a good actor please do good movies.
    2. choose good scripted movie.
    3. choose good directors and good writers and good music directors.
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    13. always try to make short run movie ie 2 hours or 2 hours and 15 minutes don’t make lengthy movies.
    14. peoples across the globe love you because you did movies like devdas cdi ddlj swades mnik baziger veer zara kkhh and rbdj.
    15. you are the only actor of bollywood who can win the oscar please do some oscar type movies.
    16. Please try to make dhoom 4 and don 3 as one of the best part and always remember you the best villan of dhoom and don.
    thanks a big well wisher and a big fan of Mr Shahrukh khan.

  • @Myanmar, Chill! Leave Poor Nipun alone! I know u r….nipun. Hahaha He has to prepare for his University Entrance Exam.
    After Obama & Modi visited your country, I think u have got some powers . lol!

  • @Anand Malaysia, Now ASEAN summit already give to Malaysia. No Anand that not true @nipun every time bash Akki movie and he every time expressed there shit opinion and critic rating so i’m also express my opinion but now poor nipun understand what is a opinion.

  • @suchit
    Srk won last filmfare in 2010 for MNIK ,didnt he deserve for that???then few years back for CDI……These are the main awards and cannot be won by just tearing your shirt or stretching your already stretched ears..For winning you have to act…Srk couldnot won in 2011,12,13 because RK,Farhan were brillant in their roles…..
    Remaining wasnt ghajni the most promoted movie of that time???who said it has average director,if he was average than amir is poor in acting yar ajeeb mazak ha A R Murugadoss ko average bol raha ha he is the man who manged 100cr even with Akshay who is in worst phase of career.
    If talking about stardom why not mentioning Talaash which had top herion of the time kareena….Script was also not too much bad…….Bhai agar credit lena ha tou har movie ka lo…Opening is always dependent on star power in which amir s behind SRK,SK and HR.He is a content driven person and I respect him for his selection of movies but plz dont call it his stardom…..I always accepts facts ,although I dont like Salman much but admire his powerful fan following in the masses ….In fan following salman>Srk>HR>Akki>Amir
    In overseas Srk>Amir>HR>Salman>Ranbir.
    In overseas he has good following as in Pakistan Talaash also got bumper opening because of Amir name……

  • @@Triniman bro all India collection not even like yjhd afterfinish the run…..koimoi, bocasule,b hungama these 3 site compete with each other to give hny more more manipulation collection figure. …specifically bocapsule need to slap their face ..HNY IS NOT A 200 CR film even adi chopra ,srk know it…..so for me boi iz genuine bo site….KEEP CALM SALMANIAC **crap** hny is below yjhd

  • @sweet heart

    Fans think he deserved film fare award 2010. Yup, since karan Johar/ YRF funds most of these award ceremonies our superstar shall always win a nomination no matter what he does. May be he deserved in 2010, but what about the 2013 nomination for scorpio express?

    He was chosen ahead of Irfan khan, whose lunchbox won international acclaim. And if you think Srk is better than Irfan, God bless you!

  • @sweet heart

    So can you justify the box office opening of 3 idiots? And Talaash was a non holiday release with a niche appeal. Still it collected 50 crores in first 3 days. And do you know, our superstar had rejected Talaash because he thought, it ‘wasn’t mainsteam movie’

    And can you justify the 106 crores Don 2 which some fans call, “multiplex movie” With a star director like Farhan Akhtar, Christmas release, it should have recieved rave reviews and bumper opening.

    Sadly all the top critics panned the movie. Whereas Talaash, made by a unknown director collected 93.5 crores on a non holiday, nearly close to a mainstream multiplex Don 2. Enough said.

  • Yes he deserved for 2010…For 2013 he wasnt deserving so he didnt win..And about nominations every big star these days is nominated to keep fans in touch with these award functions….Salman has nominated several times for several awards shows but apart from tere naam there wasnt a single movies of his in last 10 years where he deserved to be nominated..So we can debate on nomination but at the end the award goes to deserved one.(Talking about only filmfare as I only follow it,otherwise there are so awards functions that you cant count ,today every channel has its own award functions)

  • @babuji
    I am not denying the fact that Amir has public following ,I am saying that he hasnt that pull which makes a film a hit even in worst scenario…People trust on him more than SRK/Salman but If he fails 1,2 times in content you will see he will be out of race as he doesnt have hardcore fan following ….Salman/srk are delivering average to poor movies in terms of contents for few years but there fans are still intact…thats my point simple

  • @sumon ok well then according to BOI, Bang Bang only made a paltry 140 core and Krrish 3 only made 175 crore. Dude that site is outdated and gives lower figures for all movies. E.g. KIck (boi) = 212/213 cores, Producer = 233/234 crores, difference is 19-21 cores just like HNY and CE.

  • @sweetheart what do u mean aamir has no hardcore fanfollowing?????????If u don’t know Aamir has more likes in fb than shahrukh and he has same no of followers as salman in twitter.

  • hny is the best movie of srk than salman khan kick .if srk released his film during eid or on christmas it will definrtly reach min. rs.300 crore in india ,hny is combination of action + drama+masala and have a gud story while kick dont have comedy +drama and boring story .

  • @Razutmg143
    Yes I know these fb and twitter facts but they are not the measures of hardcore fan following ,even deepika has great following on social media,but she cant exceed Salman,Srk,HR fan following….Social Media is something else

  • HNY is in the same worst movie category of the year. yes it is little better than Chennai express cz entire movie is in dubai and in the best hotel, orelse it is same as CE. i dont know y SRK is only stick to worst movies of the year.

  • Happy new year is the highest grosser of the year worldwide. In your face you haters of SRK. Indicine and all you salman fans keep the hate and fake figures coming while the whole world knows what the real worldwode collection was.

  • salman khan is not a great actor but he is great man among all the bollybood actor in real life. he has great humanity, actually salman khan ia a real life hero and all the bollybood actor is ril life hero except aamir khan.
    salman khan is most better than …………all the bollybood actors……

  • I thinsk shadukhkhan most jealousy person of film industries. I remmbered that he accounced of 1st flim if he could not get award, so I purchaed by rupees. Till date he is done.


  • happy new year was nt sooo gud!!
    instead bang bang was more entertaining nd gud movie n evn kick also!!!?
    yeah n the most hit movie YJHD!!
    Juzz liv it

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