Happy New Year vs Kick vs Bang Bang: Worldwide Total Collections

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide Collections

A section of the media has incorrectly quoted the worldwide collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year as Rs 380 crore. According to official sources, the film has collected around 360 crore in 3 weeks, making it the 2nd highest grossing film of 2014 behind Salman Khan’s Kick.

The Farah Khan entertainer†will complete its run as the 2nd highest grosser in India this year†and†the highest grosser at almost every single overseas market. But the difference between the two films will be the domestic business, Happy New Year will fall Rs 39.2 crore (gross) short of Kick. Do note that the entertainment taxes in Rajasthan circuit came into effect from August 1st 2014, i.e a week after the release of Kick.

Bang Bang was outstanding in the overseas markets and did fairly well at the domestic box office too.

Detailed table with collection breakdown below.

Happy New YearKickBang Bang
India Net Collections201.6 crore233.4 crore180.3 crore
Entertainment Tax66.12 crore73.52 crore59.49 crore
Total India Gross incl Taxes267.72 crore306.92 crore239.79 crore
Overseas Gross93 crore (approx)69.4 crore80.1 crore
Worldwide Total Gross360.72 crore376.32 crore319.89 crore


  • HNY donít deserve 200 crore. I think we must consider every aspects of a movie not only business. HNY is the crappiest movie of the decade. Jaya Bachchan Madam also said that Happy New Year is the most nonsensical film of the year. About box-office BOI says Forget Kick. HNY won’t be able to beat even YJHD.

  • Now, I want to congratulate HNY team for a successful venture! I don’t call it a failure. It is a very good success though SRK wanted to break the records of D3, but end up failing even to beat Kick. Whatever it is a profitable venture.

    My mission to spread negativities around HNY (it deserved the negativities up to 90%) is over. I did here, on twitter and other sites.
    I have just done to revenge SRK fans that out of malice, spread serious negativities around good films like Jai Ho & Kick.

    Having said that, though @Indicine prioritize SRK over others, it has not become a puppet media. Congrats, indicine!

  • BO no.s are not important. I hope Hro never does an average film like BangBang again. And, I’m glad that since 2003(after MPKDH), Hro hasn’t done any film which comes under average to below average catagory expect Bang Bang. Salman has many such films while SRK has also some.

  • @Indicine, kick has been released in Poland & done a super hit business for its release size.

    Is it possible for u to track the collections?

  • If Shahrukh, Aamir, Hritick, and Salman works together in a Dhoom brand movie directed by Raju Hirani and Produced by YRF, That movie can beat the business of the greatest Holiwood movie “Avatar” !!!! 100% sure

  • gd comparison.waiting fro fan and prdp.in d mean time kill dil is receiving rave reviews from general public.too much fun

  • List of movies of Hro since 2010(based on content/quality):
    1. Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara
    2. Agneepath
    3. Guzaarish
    4. Krissh 3
    5. Kites
    6. Bang Bang

    that of SRK:
    1. My Name is Khan
    2. Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    3. Raone
    4. Chennai Express
    5. Happy New Year
    haven’t seen Don 2 “completely”.
    Salman’s all films since 2010 come in catagory of above average to below average to bad catagories.

  • @Nipun, Same here. I too feel the same about many of Hro’s films. No amateur arguments plz! It is my right to say the way it is your right to call Salman films.

    @Kundan, no bro! Too many chefs spoil a dish!

  • Lets not forget that HNY handle made on Dec 2013, Poster 1st January 2014. Promoting since then, and it still fails!

  • That Doob Marne Wala Moment when HNY after Overpromotion+5K screens & Hiked ticket price+Free Ticket Scheme couldn’t Touch KICK.

  • Great collections for both kick nd hny. Some people do nothing except to spread negativity about srk. But srk is greatly blessed by god.

  • srkians I am a die hard salman khan fan but I accept the truth. ..
    srk acting is better than salman. ..
    srk is bigger star than salman in overseas. .
    in india salman is bigger star than shahrukh. ..
    I also accept the truth jai ho underperformed. ..
    I also accept the truth grom 2000 to 2007 srk was ruling the bollywood one handedly king khan…
    but now past 7 years salman is ahead of srk that’s not a big deal. ..next year srk can top the list…its a boxoffice numbers anything can happen. ..srk beats salman or salman beat srk or aamir beat srk or srk beats aamir. ..so keep on breaking records khans…
    and seriously I loved happy new year great movie this movie deserve 250 crore more than chennai express. ..
    great collection by the way and for those who are saying hny underperformed go to well..
    eagerly waiting for fan and bajrangi bhaijaan. …

  • @Vi Shantaram… LOL at your comment.. promotional only begins with tv promos not before that. And what fail? It has collected more than Bang Bang and as much as HNY. If HNY failed.. how is BB and kick a success?

    Try to pull SRK down as much as you can.. he will still achieve more in a day.. than you in your lifetime.

  • @Indicine, why are there more Entertainment Tax charged for Kick than Bang Bang & HNY if the new tax rule in Rajasthan was imposed a week after the release of Kick????

    Was it because Kick did more business?

    How many more Crores did HNY and BB have to pay as Ent Tax than Kick??

    How many Crores did Kick enjoy in Rajasthan under the old tax rule in its first week?

    How much is the total impact on a film due to the new tax rule in Rajasthan?

  • Last time SRK delivered biggest hit of the year was in 2007. Since then few flops & just one big hit. Now Pressure mounting on SRK.

  • dis fellow v ghantaram is totalky sick…
    i think he has watched lallu films for 6 hrs continuously dts y his maansik santulan has gone down lol

  • SRK is king of social media only coz he has very strong PR team. So, he win all the polls & can trend anything easily. but his films falls at B.O.

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR: I haven’t commented anything about kill Dil. How can I call a film crap even without watching it?
    Yes, I have watched both Gunday and YJHD ,but must say Kites is better than both of them!
    BTW, you cann’t reply me like that.
    ARJUN KAPOOR’s rating for youngistaan films:
    2 states: 9/10 means 4.5/5
    YJHD: 9/10 means 4.5/5
    Ashiqui 2: 8.5/10 means 4.25/5
    Kill Dil: 7/5 means 3.5/5
    Dawaat-E-Ishq: 6.5/10 means 3.25/5

    but for MaryKom, he had rated 2/10 means 1/5 ?

  • @Ranbir Kapoor…. what nonsense?? Hrithik was ruling in 2000, 2003 and 2006. He has KHPH, KMG, Krrish and Dhoom 2 releasing in those years.

    Krrish and DHoom 2 collected 2 times more than KANK and Don in 2006. Then there was Akshay also.

  • @nipun, your views as usual are always biased towards Hro.

    I would take @babaji’s view more appropriate than yours anyday.

    You mean Kites is better than Dabangg? Lol.

    What’s the use of a film when no one is bothered to see it, for eg., Guzaarish.

    Films that are good should also appeal to the people, like what Raju Hirani makes. Thats what you call films.

    You have conveniently said 2010, so that you don’t have to add 3idiots to that list.

    Also, Agneepath was simply an average film with an avg acting by HRo.

    You would now say it is my bias. No, just read all the reviewers who said how Hro was unable to create the anger that Amitji did so simply with his eyes.

    K3 was another avg movie that did good business.

    You included K3 because it did good business. Good business doesn’t mean good movie.

    If that is the case I would include Ready, which according to me is the worst movie of Salman.

    K3 only ran because of being a franchise film.

    ZNMD is again just a good film, and nothing great about it, and it was not an HRo film to take credit for. In fact it was Farhan who kept it alive with his comic timings and natural acting.

    In short, you are still living in your biased world.

    Now, on to Srk movies that you listed, only CE was worth the money.

    MNIK was forrest gump badly copied, JTHJ was snoozefest, Ra.One was totally pointless (though they did put a point between Ra and One). Don2 and HNY i haven’t seen.

  • @ARjun kapoor
    Gunday:1.8 on IMDB leading the worst movies list..
    Basically it is the worst film ever on the planet.
    Now a crap like kill dil is a classic for,critics have thrashed it..
    U called Entertainment a “Crap” but it got better reviews than ur kill dil,check on indicine scale.
    U gave bang bang a disappointment,but still it got better reviews than KD..
    But for u it is a cult classic,thats why u r called a chameleon!

    Kill dil won’t collect 50cr forget 100cr you were dreaming..

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