Happy New Year vs Kick vs Bang Bang: Worldwide Total Collections

Happy New Year Worldwide

Happy New Year Worldwide Collections

A section of the media has incorrectly quoted the worldwide collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year as Rs 380 crore. According to official sources, the film has collected around 360 crore in 3 weeks, making it the 2nd highest grossing film of 2014 behind Salman Khan’s Kick.

The Farah Khan entertainer will complete its run as the 2nd highest grosser in India this year and the highest grosser at almost every single overseas market. But the difference between the two films will be the domestic business, Happy New Year will fall Rs 39.2 crore (gross) short of Kick. Do note that the entertainment taxes in Rajasthan circuit came into effect from August 1st 2014, i.e a week after the release of Kick.

Bang Bang was outstanding in the overseas markets and did fairly well at the domestic box office too.

Detailed table with collection breakdown below.

Happy New YearKickBang Bang
India Net Collections201.6 crore233.4 crore180.3 crore
Entertainment Tax66.12 crore73.52 crore59.49 crore
Total India Gross incl Taxes267.72 crore306.92 crore239.79 crore
Overseas Gross93 crore (approx)69.4 crore80.1 crore
Worldwide Total Gross360.72 crore376.32 crore319.89 crore


  • @JC,
    Kites isn’t better than Dabbang coz it doesn’t make any sense to compare two diff films..

    Guzaarish collected 30cr nett & still u say no one bothered to see it….. Quality of a film cannot be based on no of people who has seen it….

    Abt Agneepath it was very gud movie with very intense acting by HR… There is no topic of comparision with Big B coz HR reinvented the character completely…..

    K3 was a gud film… Script, direction, acting all gud…. Avg music, Controversies abt plagiarism & manipulation has made it an average film…

    ZNMD is Just a gud film? No comment on that… Abt Farhan Akhtar’s comic timing, u probably forgot that most of those comic scenes included Arjun vs Kabir scenes…. It is this film that created the magic of Hr-kat pair…. So everyone deserves equal credit for the film…..

  • @neeraj ..i am telling about consistent hits and blockbuster. ..
    hrithik had 4 major success. ..Kaho na pyaar hai. krrish, koi mil gaya n dhoom 2…
    where srk has kank, devdas, kal ho naa ho, veer zaara, chak de india, om shanti om, main hoon naa, don, etc n lot more…no doubt he was ruling one handedly followed by aamir, akshay , hrithik then salman. ..
    salman was facing bad phase of their almost his film carrier is totally over…after wanted dabang he makes dream come back

  • @indicine you are the only site which is quoting HNY worldwide collections as 360 cr.
    all sites .. I repeat all sites have touted HNY’s ww collections as 380 cr.
    Official figures for WW Collections haven’t yet been given out .. so what are your ‘sources’ for these figures ? like really !!

    • @Zeeshan, there are two sources. One, common sense and calculator. How can the gross collections of HNY be more than Kick when the India business is more than 30 crore (net, not gross) lesser? Overseas the difference is about 23 crore gross.

      Two, Red Chillies released the official poster and also sent a press release with collections saying Happy New Year is “one of the” highest grossers of the year. If the film was indeed the biggest grosser of 2014, they would be the first to announce it.

      This is a simple case of one site publishing wrong figures for headlines and all other sites copying the same.

  • @ indicine

    Please reply

    You are showing Gross figure of Bang Bang & Happy new year after the new tax effect in Rajasthan but the gross figure is like the same as before that is 33%- 34% of net figure which should be more than that.

    Please clarify I am waiting for your answer.

  • @JC firstly Forest Gump is a pretty old movie, & MNIK is a 2010 movie based on the back-drop of 9/11. Common Sense commits suicide from your point of view.
    & MNIK remains one of the best movie ever in Bollywood, that particular year it literally swept away all the awards (including SRK for the best actor), international recognition, & ended up grossing about 120 cr. in the overseas.
    So watch your words before you utter crap just like your bhai’s crap movies.

  • @v shantiram yeah .. salman and aamir are in their own league .. thats why salman was struggling to deliver a 200 cr. movie untill Kick despite all of his previous 7-8 movies being of the Masala genre.
    & Talaash despite having a solo release, ample screens, no competition, top actresses etc. etc. still struggled to even cross the 90 cr. mark ! LOL !
    we know the fate of Dhobi Ghat too.
    & Of Course Jai Ho !!
    League of their own !!! Lmfao.

  • @jc,RA.one is better than all sallu films.non of you sallu films worth money.sallu worst expressionless actor of earth stealing money of thousands of illiterate peoples like you in tthi still developing country India.bg,dabang,ready,ett,jai ho,kick all are worst movie of earth,I want to spit on those movies when those movies name came into my mind.2rs south copy paste actor’s 2rs fans.remain with your limit.

    @nipun,wow you deserve Oscar for not watching DON2(best action movue till yet) still yet though watched almost of sallu movies,salute you boy.

    @v santabai,Abe bhojpuri thik se kapde dhona,also appoint your bhai in MANNAT,so that he can earn double than what he incomes now,LOL.KING KHAN has 2nd biggest movie CE(422CR) and your bhojpuri bhai is struggling to beat 3i’s record till now,LOL,chullu bhar pain mein dub mar.

    HNY already beat kick WW.I don’t why @indicine trying to protect sallu movies WW.

  • Rofl at some lallu fans.
    oops because of some balika vadhu spreading negativity on this site and other sites HNY collects less. lolz
    and more absurd is the question why is entertainment tax amt more on kick??? thats u r referred to as bhaitards..
    and some srkains expecting it to collect more than d3. obvio we ll expect that. and as though didnt expext kick to collect more than d3. and ya how can we forget lallu was chasing 3 idiots from 5 years and now he would be chasing d3. lolz rofl.
    @v ghantaram. dude srk is promoting HNY from 2005 and not 2013. but really sorry about salmans dubai debacle.

  • @Ranbir kapoor, who did you say srk ruling 2000-2007? Bro ranbir i’m also die hard fans of Salman. Let see @ranbir below;
    2000 is HR…Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
    2001 is Sunny but 2nd highest grosser K3G HR and srk movie so remove that movie.
    2002 is srk
    2003 is HR…KMG
    2004 is srk
    2005 is Salman No Entry
    2006 is HR…Dhoom2
    2007 is srk so @ranbir where srk ruling? You can say randomly ruling but not consistent.

    @Nipun, earlier article you describe Entertainment movie is worst movie of 2014. I think you gonna sick lol. Worst movie of 2014 is Humshakals and Gunday.

    @Nipun, your view is for your jadoo hr movie only not for Salman coz you are blind fan of hr.
    Guzarish is so boring movie can’t watch directly whole movie coz want to take energy drink for watching guzarish film.
    Bang Bang is bad movie expect action stunts. When i see bang bang film i’m very disappointed but i see bang bang for HR.
    Kites movie made for urban people coz there is only English and Spanish both language mixed. If kites film Hindi and English language mix that movie sure above average. I only one time see kites coz it is Spanish film.
    Coming topic on nipun point;
    Is Dabangg average movie?
    Is ETT below average movie?
    Is Jai Ho bad movie?
    Is Kick average movie?
    Are Ready, DG and D2 bad movie? @Nipun don’t be selfish and don’t bash Akki movie coz you are fan of hr fan cum srk fan zada lagte ho.

  • @jc. bro if u are actually claiming SRK s movies to have been copied. could u plz tell me which bollywood movie is completely original. yes i completely agree that some points would have been picked up or would have been incorporated into that movie, but u cant say the entire movie to be ditto of the one u have mentioned. And u got to agree to that fact that SRKs act in MNIK was commendable. So if any movie has some worth to be mentioned u need to even admire that as well
    @Nipun. ur comments as usual biased towards Hro. Expecting and calling kites to be a good movie. lol. Even though i am ardent Srk fan even for me Dabbang was a cult movie and Salmans best in his recent run of blockbusters. All others just earned just on his name and not acting neither story line

  • srk’s movie can be the highest grossing movie of the year & highest Bollywood grosser ever only & only :
    1. when salman, aamir & hrithik don’t have a single release in that entire year
    2. when the srk’s movie gets atleast 10000 screens worldwide with hiked ticket prices, atleast 15 holidays with 5 open weeks, 3 years of movie promotion, top actress & top production house & most importantly the support of non-srk fans .

    till then the dream of srk’s fans will still remain as dreams, even his upcoming movies ‘ceiling FAN’ & RA.1ees (or raees) will not even do more than 180 crores in India (that too if they are holiday releases but if the dates get changed & if they release on non-festival & non-holiday then they will not even collect more than 110 crores pukka) , remember his biggest BBs since the last 9 years have been all masala movies like oso, ce & hny & since ‘ceiling FAN’ & ‘RA.1ees’ are not typical masala movies they will hardly do good business, its just that easy to predict the future of these 2 movies, srk is perhaps the only actor in bollywood now who’s movies outcome can be predicted almost to perfection irrespective of all the other factors taken into consideration. poor srk!

    srk is like Ricky ponting of Australia, both are classy & talented but arrogant, both follow the ‘win-at-any-cost’ policy even if it means being moral less, unethical,unfair & playing dirty to win, both don’t really respect the opponents (or competitors), srk has many hit movies & ponting many centuries but rarely have they single-handedly won movies or matches on their own, they both depended on their respective team members for their victories but luckily got more credit than they actually deserved but nevertheless still considered as greats in their respective fields.

    salman is like virender sehwag, both are unique & special, totally unorthodox, spontaneous & uncomplicated, fun loving, both love what they do & always do what they love, both are great entertainers, treat for eyes & darling of masses, may not be the most consistent but on their day they simply create magic & create history, when they are in form no one can withstand them, may have faced many personal & team failures but single handedly have teared their rivals apart and their respective teams success depended on their own success, true & real greats and match winners!

    aamir is like Rahul Dravid, both are technically masters in their respective fields, both are synonyms for quality & trust, ever dependable & well-adaptable, well behaved & well mannered, knowledgeable, gentlemanly & soft spoken, give their best every single time, though got less credit than they actually deserved they are really admired & respected everywhere.

    I did not compare anyone to Sachin because Sachin is just incomparable & unmatched.

  • @JC: Opinion varies from person to person. Yes,I found kites better than Dabbang just like you found Dabbang better than kites. I am not saying Dabbang was a bad film and kites is much better. But it had nothing to like except the performances by salman,sonu sood and music.it is a regular masala entertainer. Kites was ambitious. It had awesome cinematography, great performance by Hro and Barbara and their great chemistry and good music. So, over all I found kites a bit higher than dabbang if not much higher. Dabbang was better than BangBang,i admit!

    How can you say film like Guzaarish shouldn’t be made? There should be movies of all genre in bollywood. Otherwise, Bollywood won’t improve.

    ZNMD was loved both by critics and audience.

    Lol. .you are saying about Agneepath reviews. Even I have seen its reviews and it’s over all critics rating is higher than all movies of Salman including the topper among them i.e dabbang. I have read some reviews over Agneepath. @indicine had mentioned that HR did that role in his own way. He didn’t copy Amitji. Anupama chopra and Rajeev Masand both had admired Hro’s performance. Ofcourse,HR did that in his own style. Remember the climax? I am laughing imagining any other star in that place.

    And finally Krrish 3! You seriously feel I included it becoz of its BO? Lol. .then I would have ranked it over ZNMD as it’s a much bigger hit than ZNMD. I am talking about the films since 2010. So those are the ranks of Hro’s six films.

    You found CE better than MNIK! ! ! ! Lol. Your reviews are even more surprising than my reviews.

    And, you seriously feel I took the movies since 2010 so that I won’t have to add 3 idiots? ? This line of yours was really useless. I am talking about the films of Hro,Srk and Salman. 3idiots has nothing to do with my list.

  • @babaji that worst movies list even features your 60 cr. actor’s epic Classic ‘Tees Maar Khaa’ ??
    atleast Gunday din’t bomb at the box office.
    @v shantiram you sick person .. have you been tortured by bhai movies for hours ? last 11 of SRK’s movies have either beeb Hits or better of which CE & RNBDJ have been ATBB .. OSO & Chak De ! have been Blockbusters .. HNY, JTHJ have been Super-Hits.
    Ra. One, Don, Don 2, KANK, MNIK have been Hits.
    too many flops had sallu mounting under pressure before he turned to masala/remakes for survival.

  • Lol sorry for my mistake, in my above comment I called Hny as a BB sorry srk fans please forgive me for this mistake, I will never repeat this mistake again and I will never forget the fact that hny is a SUPERHIT!

  • a 3 hr 5 mins HNY made a BO history with 45 cr opening day collection.

    a 1hr 50 mins HNY could’ve made a BO history with 50 cr opening day collection.

    HNYs biggest drawback is its length. Audiences are not interested in movies running around 3 hrs.

    HNY was wildly entertaning unlike DHOOM-3.

    If HNY was 2 hrs long. It was a guaranteed 250 crore movie despite being poorly directed and written and acted.

  • People say about srk last 2 and one is raha one crappiest movie…then salman have made whole life crappiest movies except mpk and hahk….it’s true…and salgay fan will have to accept it..

  • My all time fav movie of Ranbir Kapoor as below;
    1.. Wake Up Sid
    2.. YJHD
    ONLY fav movie is as below;
    @Nipun, YJHD far better than Kites. And Besharam better than bang bang.lol

  • Kick remains highest grosser of 2014 because pk isn’t same as 3I but pk is best of raju and amir.
    Highest grosser of 2014
    1.. KICK / PK
    2..KICK / PK
    5..SR or AJ.

  • Our insane friend SSS khan kept saying ‘charlie is coming 300 cr storm coming’ etc etc n guess what the fool was right- 300 cr plus worldwide… Well done sss khan. :-P

  • @jc 6:42pm great reply to nipun kumar

    I guess the loser thinks movies are only good if he, rajeev masand and anupama chopra only watch it inside an empty theatre like lootera or his precious nasha or jackpot…

  • Akki’s Holiday movie better than all hr movie.
    Ranbir’s Besharam movie better than Bang Bang.
    Ranbir’s Barfi movie better than all Hr movie.
    Akki’s Boss movie better than Angrypath.
    @Nipun, yes kites film is cult classic and k3 best film of decade.

  • @nipun, if box office collections are not important then why ur star releasing his movies in theatres? Tell him to release them only on tv nd internet…

  • Sum people are saying box office numbers are not important…..my question to them then why ur stars shows higher BO numbers instead of actuals?

  • The section of media who said hny collected more than kick got money from srk……afterall king is the 2nd richest actor of world.

  • @sundaru, if hny released on eid then it would collected more than avatar, if it released on christmas then would collected more than avengers….lol.

  • Many back to back hits in India since KANK in 2006 is unmatchable and back to back blockbusters overseas is simply outstanding!

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