Happy New Year Box Office Collections: Two days

Happy New Year has collected Rs 33 crore (approx) on its second day at the domestic box office, including collections from all versions. The film has sustained very well at multiplexes, the night shows in cities were packed to capacity. Single-screens especially in Central and North India dropped by 25-30%.

The 2-day business of Happy New Year is the highest ever, beating the previous record of Dhoom 3 which collected 69.58 crore. The collections of Happy New Year is significantly higher than Dhoom 3, but the opening day of the Shahrukh Khan starrer was a holiday in most parts of the country.

Saturday was also a holiday in some parts for Bhai Dhooj, which marks the end of the Diwali festivities. Sunday has already started on a high note, the film is expected to cross the 40 crore mark once again today.

Happy New Year will also cross the 100 crore mark today, in less than 3 days, making it the joint fastest to the century mark – tied with Dhoom 3.

Happy New Year Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 33 cr (approx 27% drop)*
  • Two-Day Total – 77.97 cr

Note: * Yash Raj Films or Red Chillies Entertainment haven’t released second day collections of Happy New Year. The all-India average drop in business is around 28% on Day 2. We will be updating the above figures once they are officially announced.



  • @ mkm – your philosophy of paying high taxes by declaring higher income is correct but remember these r media figures, not for purposes of taxation…..im sure a lot of tax plaiing/evasion happens there as in most businesses

    @kegshuk – D3 Producer fig was 272 + 12 from regional lang = 284 cr and Trade 262 + 11 = 273. i.e. difference of just 11 cr which is around just 4% which is extraordinary in today’s times….

  • boi and producers figure always vary. Remember boi does includes only hindi versions…It’s up 2 individual 2 follow whatever they want. But using boi for 1 film and different source for rest is what is irritating and looks dumb when comparing.

    SRK fans- Please be realistic when stating that HNY will break dhoom 3 Life time. it is not a big holiday season starting Monday and so it has 2 be a miracle if it has 2 do it. Why inviting and allowing haters 2 degrade the fabulous job that HNY has done or is yet 2 do.

  • those who r talking about difference between producer figure and trade figure…….. they should know that producer figure is actual collection…..because trade may not include all the circuits but its only producer and distributor who has record for all the circuits…..
    trade figure for krish 3 was 190 crore …
    producer figure was 245 crore…there was huge difference…but everybody refers and accept producer figure….

  • Boi is working as a catalyst for srk fans as it is converting hny into bad new year for srk fans
    All the joy of srk fans going to be burned by boi

  • Watched 3 shows of HNY today,so much fun,was laughing with tears,just remembering the jokes in it makes me wanna pee coz it’s so hilarious LOL!!! The performance of the cast ranges from good to excellent,I swear I could watch deepika and the boys dancing Chammiya all day and that MJ gravity nonsense lean had me ROFL!! Nonsense ki night is so mad hilarious,there’s so much moments of the movie I loved if I were to list dem all the length of the text would be equal to the movie but in all the ice on the cake was SRK speech at the climax,made me want to change my nationality to Indian.Guys in India you should be proud of him.Just one advice for those who haven’t seen the movie yet go watch it,it’s madness entertainment through and through. I’ll 2 shows again tomorrow first with friends and the evening with Gf,so glad to be an SRK fan,tears of joy keep running my cheeks. Hope King will come again to Dubai soon maybe for new year eve

  • Bollywood can create 100 salman and aamir,

    but god create only one shahrukh khan..

    Shahrukh is best. film industry king khan

    I love srk

  • I give 3 out of 5 ….plz don’t get shocked wen u will see d collections …its becoz of holidays …nt fr d movie story ….its a very simple story …

  • Today i watched it for the third time nd i enjoyed a lot. I m going to watch it again in week days. Fastest to 100 crore in 2.5 days one word amazing numbers.

  • how funny..all hater(srk,aamir,salman,hk)believe boi figure…if boi true then every indian newspaper publish boi figure…no one journalist publish boi figure….and journalist know better from us…so not barking…boi is fake..boi not represent bollywood…

  • In overseas hny only 5cr behind then
    D3. when D3 has Xmas holidays benefit
    but no diwali holidays in overseas. after 2 days in overseas dhoom 3 39cr hny 34cr+ territory not reported yet..

  • Still second day collections not confirmed but the drop is significant instead of holiday. The film will have huge drop from Monday onwards due to negative public response.

  • I have never seen anyone yet in on screen who can bring so much of intensity/life in dialogue delivery and facial expressions like SRK. Though he excels in HNY, it had less scope.

    So happy that he is not bothered about these box-office collections and decided to act in offbeat films like Fan and raees .

  • Baap of Bollywood king Khan he is ruling the box office since baazigar! His box office numbers are going up film by film Rnbdj MNIK raone DON2 jthj CE and now HNY will break all the records! Salman ett 198 dabang2 155 jai ho 120 kick 232 !Amir 3 idiots 202 dhobi ghat 15 talash 90 dhoom3 brand 260!where is the consistency and quality???? No one is like srk he is the only actor who gave superhit movies back to back worldwide since 2005 without a single flop or average!!!!

  • Atbb movie grand heist done by SRK! No movie showing complete robbery like HNY and Don2 ! Dhoom3 or kick doesn’t show the robbery parts properly with sense but also HNY have comedy revenge action music dance story and patriotism! What u can say about SRK dialogues 8 packs abs deepika dance beauty and acting what u can say the power pact performance by Abhisek booman Sonu and vivan ? U can’t say about anything just u can

  • what a film yaar one of the bollywood`s best jodi is sharukh khan and deepika i am a huge fan of this jodi i hope that this film crosses 300cr

  • @Indicine : was this article edited later ???? I checked around 3:30 pm it was showing 88 crs for 2 days collection now it shows as 77 + crs ???? Please clarify !!!!!!!!

  • Here in Bangalore..there were drops post afternoon..i had checked out at the Inox multiplex outside my house..tickets were available for shows after 5.30pm..also when I checked later in the evening..not much tickets were getting sold for HNY..people preferred to watch KATTHI instead..as they were getting tickets for 220rs as opposed to 400 for HNY!!! This clearly is an indication of the epic crash which will be visible in the coming days!!!

  • Happy new year is a crap film. it will not sustain from Monday. It will never cross life time business more than 220 crores for sure. He will get only average to HIT status forget about. Blockbuster.

  • @indian: ha ha .. MNIK, Ra1, Don2 were hit? check out buddy.. After RNBD & JTHJ SRK himself said that 100 cr. was just a nmber. (khatte angoor ….samje). All opened huge then got fused. The only Blockbuster in terms of bussiness in your BIG list was CE.

  • I wasted my time watching this movie waste of spending money despite i would’ve ordered some real nice pizza n French fries

  • What do you mean by haters?Gushinng over someones proclaimed success of which there is great doubt one should not. Make false propaganda

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