Happy New Year Box Office Collections: Two days

Happy New Year has collected Rs 33 crore (approx) on its second day at the domestic box office, including collections from all versions. The film has sustained very well at multiplexes, the night shows in cities were packed to capacity. Single-screens especially in Central and North India dropped by 25-30%.

The 2-day business of Happy New Year is the highest ever, beating the previous record of Dhoom 3 which collected 69.58 crore. The collections of Happy New Year is significantly higher than Dhoom 3, but the opening day of the Shahrukh Khan starrer was a holiday in most parts of the country.

Saturday was also a holiday in some parts for Bhai Dhooj, which marks the end of the Diwali festivities. Sunday has already started on a high note, the film is expected to cross the 40 crore mark once again today.

Happy New Year will also cross the 100 crore mark today, in less than 3 days, making it the joint fastest to the century mark – tied with Dhoom 3.

Happy New Year Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 33 cr (approx 27% drop)*
  • Two-Day Total – 77.97 cr

Note: * Yash Raj Films or Red Chillies Entertainment haven’t released second day collections of Happy New Year. The all-India average drop in business is around 28% on Day 2. We will be updating the above figures once they are officially announced.



  • this is vfx and not manipulation……7 cr on second day it too much….after 2 day it’s 15cr…and bang bang life time diff is 30 cr…22cr with regional collection.

  • Almost 20% drop, WOM coming into play and it will spoil HNY team party from monday onwards.
    PK will rise above all in december, may be first 50Cr .

  • the indicine figure is exaggerated. the BOI figure is 28.50 cr which is less than what dhoom 3 had collected on day 2 which was 30 cr plus. i am a sharukh ardent fan but i do not agree with the indicine figures. i would rather trust BOI figure.

  • So as many are saying BOI fig. are 28.5crs and producers’ 37.54crs

    At the time of K3 and Bang Bang they say Hrithik is a manipulator,papa roshan’s calculator bla bla..

    Now what SRK fans????

  • The film has started to show the cracks. I have always said the opening day would be huge due to aggressive promotions!!
    On Monday, it will crash badly.
    Saturday Figure Trade: 28 Crores (BOI)
    Producers Figures: 82 Crores!
    Trade Figures: 68 Crores!
    14 Crores difference in just two days!! OMG, yeh toh manipulation ki baap nikala re!!

  • what i said they nead 100 crore rs. manipulation. not its needed to beat dhoom3 cuz trade figure will not be more than 185 crore.

  • Dhoom3 — 284.87 Cr Official Figures , BOI ( 261.34) All Languages… Difference : 23 .53 Cr yash raj

    Kick : BOI ( 215.07) , Official Figures 236 Cr : Difference 21 Crore.

    Chennai express BOI ( 208 Cr) Official Figures : 227 Crore. Difference 19 Crore…..

    HNY BOI ( 68 ) Only Hindi , Official Figures ( 82.5 ) All Languages Including Tamil and Telugu

    Note: BOI is reporting Only Hindi. not Telugu and Tamil ..

  • watched it last night…….first half bad…..but second half more than makes up for it……overall nice movie….i wonder why they didnt cut some stupid scenes etc……including interval and trailers movies is 3 hrs 40 mins which is too long…..

    had they made it shorter it’d have been much better………but still second half has thrill, action, romance, drama, patriotism so its worth it…….3-3.5 stars for me

    has good chance of entering the 250 cr club and maybe even breaking d3 record……lets see!!

    srk abhishek deepika all are lovely…….

  • These are inflated figures . Visit any good Authentic sites . Actual figures are as follows.

    Day 1 Collection:
    40.02 Crores nett India all versions

    Day 2 Collection:
    28.53 Crore Hindi + 1.04 crore other versions

    Total Collection for two days 69.59

    Trust me guys this Movie will crash like Besharm on Monday and will reach on 180 Crores that due to Festivals only.

  • Fudged figures…indicin is neck deep in this scam..print 4.0 reviews ..post fake figures which aremerely estimates and try to Iinduce positive wom over a negative one

  • One thing is sure—SRK fans’ success party is definitely going to spoil due to this manipulation accusations..like we could never enjoy K3’s success bcoz of manipulation charges..

  • as far as figures are concerned…..u cannot follow indicine figures for one movie and boi for another…..compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges……

    yes some films like 3 idiots gave exactly same figures but that was long back……even d3 didnt have a lot of variation…..small films too dont have much variation……

    so for example u wanna compare d3 vs hny……compare producer fig with producer fig and boi with boi fig……..ofcourse if by the end of lifetime, producer fig is around 10% more than boi fig then thats the usual scenario…..anything more raises eye brows…….

    boi fig for CE was 208 cr, producer fig 226 cr…..difference less than 10%….so kinda okay…..same for d 3….

    this is my own formula…..to judge if there is any major fudging of figures….overall it should be very transparent….

  • salman hater follow boi
    srk hater follow boi
    amir hater follow boi
    its normal
    but truth is only producer can real income..when a flim release huge screen..boi cann’t make real figure..so every flim make difference 20-30 cr…when indicine,koimoi,bollywood hungama,box office capsule,addatoday,ibt,taran is actual true…boi office in usa..how can calculate collection for big release…boi is not a certified website….so k3,d3,ce,kick make difference 25-35 cr…

  • #HNY is a silly movie, but SRK fans like silly movies, so it will be a Shit. Abhishek is a cartoon as usual. Deepika is a saving grace

  • if producer can maintain everything,no one flim can flop in bollywood…all flim get minimum hit status..
    lol who believe boi figure..

  • I think #HNY will enter in imdb’s bottom 100 :D

    after Humshakals this will be 2nd film of 2014 to enter there..

  • 2 minutes silence for all those SRK fans who were saying HNY will earn 200 cr in Overseas. Where are 3.6 billion fans??

  • @anandi duplicate. Thu to double standard ka dukan nikla re.
    First of all hthe production house has not yet published their figures.
    And if u want to take boi. Take for d3 also. According to boi d3 has never crossed 35 CRORES.
    And kick hasn’t crossed 210.
    Huge collections of hny has got all the parts burning. He he he he
    Get well soon

  • @Sayali memsaab Just making 2 records does not make any movie succesfull.Don’t hurry just wait for weekend record,1st week record,2nd weekend,2nd weekend,lifetime collection etc.Hope Srk make these records and also these records stays for long time not like CE records which was crushed by Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 in 3 months.lol

  • Have anyone of the people who are crying about trade figures beard of entertainment tax and income tax.
    First of all they pay the entertainment tax from the gross figures and after that the distributors and producers all will pay income tax from their respective shares.
    If they will manipulate this much of collections then they will need to pay more tax than their whole shares I.e. movie will go in complete loss.
    They are not fools who will give such a high figure whether it be any producer or any banner or any one.
    Whether it be roshans, red chillies, yashraj, Aamir or even arbaz.

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