Happy New Year Box Office Collections: Two days

Happy New Year has collected Rs 33 crore (approx) on its second day at the domestic box office, including collections from all versions. The film has sustained very well at multiplexes, the night shows in cities were packed to capacity. Single-screens especially in Central and North India dropped by 25-30%.

The 2-day business of Happy New Year is the highest ever, beating the previous record of Dhoom 3 which collected 69.58 crore. The collections of Happy New Year is significantly higher than Dhoom 3, but the opening day of the Shahrukh Khan starrer was a holiday in most parts of the country.

Saturday was also a holiday in some parts for Bhai Dhooj, which marks the end of the Diwali festivities. Sunday has already started on a high note, the film is expected to cross the 40 crore mark once again today.

Happy New Year will also cross the 100 crore mark today, in less than 3 days, making it the joint fastest to the century mark – tied with Dhoom 3.

Happy New Year Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 33 cr (approx 27% drop)*
  • Two-Day Total – 77.97 cr

Note: * Yash Raj Films or Red Chillies Entertainment haven’t released second day collections of Happy New Year. The all-India average drop in business is around 28% on Day 2. We will be updating the above figures once they are officially announced.



  • @haters. And according to boi no movie has grossed 100 CRORES in 3days.
    Haters burning. Good for u all.
    burnol cream out of supply

  • I will give u a simple example. A person is getting a salary of 3 lac u say. And suppose he needs to pay 30 thousand of tax on it but he mentions that his income is 5 lac then he will need to pay 50000 to the government. It depends on what he declares of his income not on what the source is telling about it. Ya they can lower their declarations but to increase would be a complete illogical thing. Even an illiterate man with common sense will understand this.

  • @Babaji ka thullu rofl at 3:45 comment.Never thought that any Hrithik fan will ask such question to Srk fans.But u have every right to ask them.lol

  • SRKians who were barking abt manipulation of Bang Bang & Krrish 3.. Abb kya bolte ho…

    Fact is BOI is a fake, Stupid, non sense site…

    Just look at this sentence from an Article (HNY has extraordinary first day) —
    “Mumbai record was 12.10 crore nett of Singham Returns and Chennai Express is looking at a figure of 13.50 crore nett. ”

    Didn’t knew that Chennai Express is still running in Mumbai…

    Another example from article Kick has outstanding first weekend..

    ” Kick grossed a huge 82 crore nett in its THIRD WEEKEND as the business on Sunday went toaround 30 crore nett approx as per early estimates. The collections are simply outstanding for pre Eid as they came with some territories performing below expectations.”

    82 Cr in 3rd weekend & 30 Cr on 3rd sunday.. OMG

    There are many more examples..
    So Haters/Lovers stop quoting figures from that site. Its nly for Kids…

  • Ace to boxoffice capsule
    Below are the collection for the film –
    Domestic Collection
    1st Week
    Friday 44.97 cr
    Saturday 37.64 cr
    Total Domestic Collection 82.61 cr
    Total Overseas Collection 17.50 cr
    Total Worldwide Collection 100.11 cr

  • I saw two sites one gave 2nd day collection is 48cr and One gave 28cr .which is by mistake and all the sites produce real 38cr that is true numbers because india is not the poor country which produce only 28 Cr in diwali sesson..

  • to those Srkians who barked K3 collections r fake when it
    destroyed CE, congo, I hope your own medicine tastes good to you
    even if its bitter. 14 crs difference already. I’ve always loved Srk, I do even now, but some srkians really deserve a kiss on their neck from luis suarez.

  • i can tell tht its will not cross dhoom 3
    as film has not tht much but yes tactice was gr8 as they relae after diwali

  • we srkian love hny and neutral public love hny…history on the way..we don’t need srk hater…because they don’t see the movie in theater…
    so srk hater cry,cry,cry,cry

  • Hny 2nd ay collections…

    Trade- 28.5cr

    Lal mirch- 37.5cr

    Hrithik fans, bad news for u srk gonna take the crown king of manipulatiopur…lol.

  • acc to BOI 2 days collection 68cr and indicine 82.51cr.. difference of 14.51 cr in 2 days. srk is king of manipulation. shame on srk and his fans

  • well good going HNY and team hope it will the first 300 cr in india look at all the hatters they r crying good job congo for you my king!!!

  • Shaggy——> If you only take BOI Collection than Dhoom 3 which actually create History of making 280crores at India Box Office, and as per BOI is concerned the film just earned 250 crores…….

  • Dhoom3 as per BOI : 250crores
    Producers:280 crores
    Difference: 30crores
    who is manipulating……. only just bcaz srk earned now you will take BOI record.

  • @indicine, you should clarify what you say. People are bashing producers for your figure. I think BOI couldnt collect the whole figure as they dont know on how many screens HNY is playing. they didnt reveal it. you can check.

  • @ Legnd, even aamir will feel irritated to have a fan like u.

    u r comparing with a film that was released when full length of 2 to 3 week holiday period in most part of the overseas? gone crazy…..

    With no big brand name, risk associating with an extremely criticized director, no big expectations from trailers and music, he just pulled it on his own. That is his stardom.

    Same q 2 u. Where is aamir if no big brand (YRF) is there or great directors(RH) are not involved in his movie? Remember Talash

    Gajini – Watch Surya in Tamil movie.. Aamir will look like a joker if compared to Surya.

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