Vikram Bhatt to direct Dhadkan 2

Remember Dharmesh Darshan’s Dhadkan 2 starring Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Suniel Shetty? The musical love story with one of the best music albums, will now have a sequel to be directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Ratan Jain of Venus Films, who have produced films like Main Hoon Na, Dhadkan, Hungama, Humraaz, Garam Masala and many others, has signed Vikram Bhatt to direct the sequel.

The film will go on floors in March 2015.

Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt



  • Are suniel n akshay going to act together again??
    hope they reprise their roles.. doesnt matter if shilpa shetty wil b dere.. who cares abt her

  • #HNYBestFilmEver is trending on twitter. Yes, HNY is the best movie ever and lagaan,CDI,Mother India,Jodha akbar,Taare zameen par etc are craps. SRKfans are trolling themselves

  • @indicine, you must be kidding me, i have’nt looked to the above article. Updates on HNY collections saturday and overseas.

  • My take on happy new year..
    First of all I must say it wasnt a gem of a movie but it stil managed to make us laugh n hav three entertaining hours.i wasnt bored… neva realised wen those hours passed away.
    As we knw farah isnt as good as a diector like raj kumar hirani so comparing it wid classics like 3 idiots wil b a waste of time.
    Story… its was a brainless madcap entertainer so xpect nothing like a christopher nolan movie.. I think the anupam kher part shd hav got some room n wud hav been more emotional like d3.. but farah kept it quite simple.
    There are several ocassions in the movie wer u wil laugh alot… like deepika speaking english.. especially dat dialogue “sleep” to ab jr.. nandu bhides vomiting streak..besides scenes which i liked alot are shahrukhs intro.. the robbery… shahrukh s dialogue in the climax
    1st half is good to ok.. half an hour of 2nd half is average..but the movie came into its own after dat…liked alot the patriotic angle…climax was xcellent.
    Songs are good wid manwa lage lovely n indiawale(in the climax) standing out.
    screenplay wud hav been better.. but the picturesque captured of dubai or shd I say hotel atlatis is fab. cinematography too isnt great but stil manages to get a thmbs up.editing is good but it couldnt hav been shorter by atleast 15 mins.
    star performance.. shahrukh as always at his charming best…his dialogue delievery is quite magnetic.i loved the last part wer he reaches the wdc n recites those magical lines. abhishek-thumbs upp foh him.. outstands everybody.
    boman vivan are okie… sonu is good. deepika hasnt got much to do ala chennai xpress but still has done her job well.
    overall I wud hav given it a 3 out of 5 bcoz of some loose moments.. but foh shahrukh n d patriotism angle I wil give an xtra star. ma rating 4/5

    p.s. just loved narendra modi’s special guest

  • We Want Akshay Kumar In Dhadkan 2 Without Him Movie Will not create the magic as Dhadkan Created
    Love you Khiladi Kumar

  • Bollywood should stop making sequels to every film… Did they run out of names & Ideas for movies…
    Dhadkan is one of the best music albums no doubt but sequel for every single movie is annoying…

    They are classics n should remain as such… Remakes & sequels usually dont do justice to their originals n thus effect the value of Originals too…

    Best example is Aashiqui 2, It is one of the best albums in recent times but no where near to Aashiqui.. It had 12 songs n all were so awesomely.. U cant compare Aashiqui 2 songs with Aashiqui which was selected as the 4th greatest Musical album of bollywood….

  • Im more anti Ram Lakhan remake than this news…! Wouldnt watch the movie just bcoz its a sequel as I will judge Vikrams efforts by his promos n teasers- but too big a gap between the films to entice me back to the theatre as the nostalgia / curiosity factor has weakened over the yrs…! For me I will want to see the film as a one off n see who is cast in it n how it looks.

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