Happy New Year Box Office Collections: Two days

Happy New Year has collected Rs 33 crore (approx) on its second day at the domestic box office, including collections from all versions. The film has sustained very well at multiplexes, the night shows in cities were packed to capacity. Single-screens especially in Central and North India dropped by 25-30%.

The 2-day business of Happy New Year is the highest ever, beating the previous record of Dhoom 3 which collected 69.58 crore. The collections of Happy New Year is significantly higher than Dhoom 3, but the opening day of the Shahrukh Khan starrer was a holiday in most parts of the country.

Saturday was also a holiday in some parts for Bhai Dhooj, which marks the end of the Diwali festivities. Sunday has already started on a high note, the film is expected to cross the 40 crore mark once again today.

Happy New Year will also cross the 100 crore mark today, in less than 3 days, making it the joint fastest to the century mark – tied with Dhoom 3.

Happy New Year Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 33 cr (approx 27% drop)*
  • Two-Day Total – 77.97 cr

Note: * Yash Raj Films or Red Chillies Entertainment haven’t released second day collections of Happy New Year. The all-India average drop in business is around 28% on Day 2. We will be updating the above figures once they are officially announced.



  • SRK fans abusing BOI for giving true reports.. Its a matter of time they will abuse public going on road for not watching HNY :P

  • it’s take too much time to manipulating this fig.
    according to trade fig movie not even cross 30 cr. lol
    trade fig – 29.5 cr all version
    huge difference 8 cr
    yesterday 5 cr.

  • My take on happy new year..
    First of all I must say it wasnt a gem of a movie but it stil managed to make us laugh n hav three entertaining hours.i wasnt bored… neva realised wen those hours passed away.
    As we knw farah isnt as good as a diector like raj kumar hirani so comparing it wid classics like 3 idiots wil b a waste of time.
    Story… its was a brainless madcap entertainer so xpect nothing like a christopher nolan movie.. I think the anupam kher part shd hav got some room n wud hav been more emotional like d3.. but farah kept it quite simple.
    There are several ocassions in the movie wer u wil laugh alot… like deepika speaking english.. especially dat dialogue “sleep” to ab jr.. nandu bhides vomiting streak..besides scenes which i liked alot are shahrukhs intro.. the robbery… shahrukh s dialogue in the climax
    1st half is good to ok.. half an hour of 2nd half is average..but the movie came into its own after dat…liked alot the patriotic angle…climax was xcellent.
    Songs are good wid manwa lage lovely n indiawale(in the climax) standing out.
    screenplay wud hav been better.. but the picturesque captured of dubai or shd I say hotel atlatis is fab. cinematography too isnt great but stil manages to get a thmbs up.editing is good but it couldnt hav been shorter by atleast 15 mins.
    star performance.. shahrukh as always at his charming best…his dialogue delievery is quite magnetic.i loved the last part wer he reaches the wdc n recites those magical lines. abhishek-thumbs upp foh him.. outstands everybody.
    boman vivan are okie… sonu is good. deepika hasnt got much to do ala chennai xpress but still has done her job well.
    overall I wud hav given it a 3 out of 5 bcoz of some loose moments.. but foh shahrukh n d patriotism angle I wil give an xtra star. ..so ma rating 4/5

    p.s. just loved narendra modi’s special guest appearance.lol

  • So 120 cr+ weekend on cards, king has smashed every record so far. Its sure all time blockbuster.

    SRK you r the best of All.

  • according to trade
    all version – 69.5 cr
    producer – 82.5 cr
    13 cr difference beat ett collection difference.
    ett – 186 cr, 198 cr. 12cr difference.lol


    SUN- 45+



  • 2nd day collection 37.54crs.Finally looks like Srk also used Papa roshan’s calculator as trade figure is less than 30 crores.

  • 3hours of absolute entertainment, u must be a foo if ur trying to find any logic in this film.just watch it for entertainment..srk at his best….collections are just mindblowing..records shattering everywhere…keep it up king…

  • If you did not get official numbers, Then how say its 37.64? Anyways its historical that hny has already crossed 100 cr. Nett India. Have to watch it tomorrow.

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