Dostana Movie Review

Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Dostana is directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who previously assisted Karan in all his previous directorials. Apart from Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty looking scorching hot in those Dostana promos, the one other reason for all the curiosity around the movie is two popular screen idols (Abhishek – John) pretend to be gays. Coming from Karan Johar, I was expecting it to be a stretched out version of those Saif – SRK – Kantaben scenes in Kal Ho Na Ho. Is it a decent tale on friendship? Lets find out

Kunal (John Abraham) and Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) on look out for an apartment in Miami, are turned down by the owner they approach, as she doesnt want two hot guys to corrupt her sexy young niece Neha (Priyanka Chopra). Desperate for a place to stay, the two hatch a plan to pretend to be gays.

All three become very close friends and soon both the guys fall madly in love with Neha. Just then Abhimanyu walks into Neha’s life… Who gets the girl, forms the rest of the tale.

Dostana Review

Problem No 1 – Way too many flaws in the storyline. Many scenes are illogical, insensitive and over the top. But Dostana isn’t a film that should be taken very seriously, to be frank its yet again one of those mindless comedies that would do well at the box-office.

Problem No 2 – Dostana isn’t a serious take on gays or homosexuals, no problem with that. But why are gays continued to be portrayed as over the top idiots always found in suggestive positions. Why can’t gays just be normal?

Problem No 3 – Dostana is about Dosti. A warm friendship shared between three friends (Priyanka – John – Abhishek) but therein lies the problem. The friendship didn’t connect, a experienced director probably would have handled it a lot better.

Problem No 4 – The length should have ideally been about 10 – 15 mins shorter. The whole auction sequence was unnecessary.

Apart from that, Dostana is extremely entertaining, has a few heart warming moments and some of the funny scenes would get the house down. The music is good, Jaane Kyun and Desi Girl stand out.

Finally the performances are top notch. Dostana belongs to Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. It is undoubtedly Abhishek’s best performance in a comic role. His body language and comic timing is brilliant. Priyanka is perfect for the role. Sweet, warm, naughty and great screen presence. While on screen, its super hard to take your eyes off this very talented actress, arguably one of the best actress in the industry today.

John Abraham is fine, lacks expressions at most times. But his chemistry with Abhishek is fantastic. Kiron Kher hams, ditto for Sushmita Mukherjee. Boman Irani is good.

Overall, Dostana is a good time-pass weekend watch with great performances by the lead actors. Its utterly insensitive, at times offensive… but what more can we expect from a mindless comedy?

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • just for your info an average film means that te distributers just passed the test but not all in toto it only suggests above fair ..but resoundingly it means that the film is s aflop.. with such a star cast and dear faathiyas bravado the film is average ..just goes to show how right 90% of people have been over their comments of this being the worst movie ever.. silly guys who managed a few guffaws a nd appreciated the flop king abhisheks over act…..why this lady keeps saying you people we people i dont understand ..probably its her lack of study of english language..

    in india we dont go on hearsay nowadays . we judge the product thoroughly and only then invest our 500 bucks on a movie ..abroad it may be a question of being starved of hindi cinema so just go and see any shit ..dostana is a casre in point where people have universally l”leave side ffaathiya and the likes have disliked te movie immensely

  • absolutely right ..this was a dastardly attack on our sensibilities by the makers of this movie ..they should be punished .for scofing at our intelligencia ..0.1/5

  • i admit wholly that i was taken for a ride in this movie .it was a dumb whmper and resoundingly been rejected by all brothers and sisters of the world

  • the film lacked the soul of a comedy .loud and boorish at times the actors didnt have the panache to make you laugh ..the film gets out of hand in the second half ..another flop for mr abhishek..he looks aweful .fat and loud mouthed

  • finally i think the movie has washed away from our shores and if it is boring the overseas people good for them they deserve this torture ..thankfully this mess is out of our country forever we hav e been successful in chasing it away… if only more of our people had helped we would have got rid if this titanic much faster but sadly there are some star struck and 25 p kinds who let this movie work for those 2 weeks that it did

  • 3 cheers for Karan Johar. He again proved it . He is the best. Loved the movie. Loved Miami. Beautiful picturization. Gorgeous dressing. Everything was superb. Hilarious comedy. Karan you are my man.

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