Dostana Movie Review

Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Dostana is directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who previously assisted Karan in all his previous directorials. Apart from Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty looking scorching hot in those Dostana promos, the one other reason for all the curiosity around the movie is two popular screen idols (Abhishek – John) pretend to be gays. Coming from Karan Johar, I was expecting it to be a stretched out version of those Saif – SRK – Kantaben scenes in Kal Ho Na Ho. Is it a decent tale on friendship? Lets find out

Kunal (John Abraham) and Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) on look out for an apartment in Miami, are turned down by the owner they approach, as she doesnt want two hot guys to corrupt her sexy young niece Neha (Priyanka Chopra). Desperate for a place to stay, the two hatch a plan to pretend to be gays.

All three become very close friends and soon both the guys fall madly in love with Neha. Just then Abhimanyu walks into Neha’s life… Who gets the girl, forms the rest of the tale.

Dostana Review

Problem No 1 – Way too many flaws in the storyline. Many scenes are illogical, insensitive and over the top. But Dostana isn’t a film that should be taken very seriously, to be frank its yet again one of those mindless comedies that would do well at the box-office.

Problem No 2 – Dostana isn’t a serious take on gays or homosexuals, no problem with that. But why are gays continued to be portrayed as over the top idiots always found in suggestive positions. Why can’t gays just be normal?

Problem No 3 – Dostana is about Dosti. A warm friendship shared between three friends (Priyanka – John – Abhishek) but therein lies the problem. The friendship didn’t connect, a experienced director probably would have handled it a lot better.

Problem No 4 – The length should have ideally been about 10 – 15 mins shorter. The whole auction sequence was unnecessary.

Apart from that, Dostana is extremely entertaining, has a few heart warming moments and some of the funny scenes would get the house down. The music is good, Jaane Kyun and Desi Girl stand out.

Finally the performances are top notch. Dostana belongs to Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. It is undoubtedly Abhishek’s best performance in a comic role. His body language and comic timing is brilliant. Priyanka is perfect for the role. Sweet, warm, naughty and great screen presence. While on screen, its super hard to take your eyes off this very talented actress, arguably one of the best actress in the industry today.

John Abraham is fine, lacks expressions at most times. But his chemistry with Abhishek is fantastic. Kiron Kher hams, ditto for Sushmita Mukherjee. Boman Irani is good.

Overall, Dostana is a good time-pass weekend watch with great performances by the lead actors. Its utterly insensitive, at times offensive… but what more can we expect from a mindless comedy?

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • Mr. Unknow: Why r u so upset ’cause of “gay stuff” in the movie, if in your country there re millions of them?!!!! And.. the movie didn’t give a story about the real life of gay people but about 2 guys who “pretend” that they’re gay and in a comic way, a comedy for the audience to laugh and enjoy?!!

    Gays are a fact in every country and which we can’t deny, and I heard specially in India, there’re millions of them! And yes.. why your pple didn’t attack the movie which was a serious story about gay ppl “MY Brother Nickle” and it was a successful movie in India and a very good one?!!!

    You ppl never satsify, never like any good movies but some shitty crap ones. I will go today at 3.00show and see this movie and I’m sure it’s a good one, a good comedy and a great entertaining.

  • Here I am.. back from cinema, watched Dostana with some friends and family.. as I expected.. a great entertaining movie which we all enjoyed, the first 20minutes was a bit slow but then.. after the 20 minutes, the movie started to be interesting. Everything was good in the movie:

    Direction: 4/5

    Production: 5/5

    Story: 3/5 ( and this happened alot and everywhere.. people who share one flat, portraying relationships between gay and straight people ( although no one was gay in the movie except Boman Irani and some other supporting actors who didn’t play any leading roles in the movie)

    Costume & makeup: excellent specially Priyanka, she was just beautiful specially in the 2nd half, she’s like “barbie” dolls ( and why not as the producer is Karan Johar, and he’s a fashion designer who always try for his actors to showup in their best look in his movies as well as in his t.v. episodes Coffee with Karan)

    Music & songs: Nice and some good songs

    Performance by the actors:
    Abhishek: 5/5 – proved that he’s a very good actor and he’s so good in the acomic role
    John: 5/5 – ( he did the funniest scene in the movie, when he tried to act like a gay in one scene, just hillarious!)
    Priyanka 10/5 ( she’s just amazing, excellent.. did her best in this movie. I consider her as number one after watching Dostana and Fashion, better than Karina & Katrina)
    Bobby: Performed well in his role but he lost weight and cut his hair so short, he didn’t look nice at all in this movie and in Chamku, bobby looks nice in a long and a curly hair)
    Boman Irani: 5/5 excellent in playing a gay role!
    Kron Khere: Good and funny

    And.. whoever didn’t watch this movie yet, go ahead and watch it, you will enjoy it as nothing serious in this movie, if u want to have a good time, so this is the one, don’t miss it, it’s realy funny and in a good direction and production.

  • i dont understand how people can like this movie i liked a wednesday and so did everyone else so when i say this is crap why do people find it entertaining? there is not an iota of entertainment in this movie ..the performances are bad the story is bad the direction is poor.. abhishek looks like a begger in his beard ..he is the ultimate flop maestro ..whichever film he works flops…the cast is bad ..there are no laughing moments ..its a total garbage..your comments in the review are all for karan johaR TO RECOVER HIS MONEY WHEREAS WITH THIS MOVIE HE SHOULD HAVE GONE BANKRUPT ..

  • Sowi , A Crap Movie Den Love story 2050 . I Lyk 2 write my own review here cuz many had written i would lyk 2 say abt dis movie . Expectation was very much abt dis movie but an hopeless effort 4m dostana cast n crew . yuck ! totally sucks

  • Movie Name Is Dostana but V Cant Find Ne Dostana In Dis Movie Instead Of Dat Only Lovestana v can find very much .This Movie Suckz Alot .

  • It is nice one but not so must nice ..Abi and kiran kher is best …John need to have a actor class…He donot know man…Karan making film of his own role gay one ha ha ha

  • A word to all the commentators who wrote negative comments about this movie: I THINK U WATCH MOVIES UPSIDE DOWN!! U SEE THE COLOUR “BLACK” WHITE AND VICE VERSA!!

  • A good movie after such a long time…. Mind blowing acting by Abhishek Bachhan (for the first time in his career). He is the show stealer of the movie…. Great twists (especially the we 3 like bobby deol stuff!!!) hehe…. quite funny….
    Better than the other stupid movies released during the year especially SINGH IS KING..

  • this film will go down as the worst movie and a parody of comedy for there is no laughter here ..abhishek is the ultimate in bad looks and vocals and his looks and body structure is atrocious ..wonder what aish seees in him…even his clothing attire is aweful.. why doesnt he just jump in the caspian sea and drown himself after this slipshod of a a so called word to indicine could u give positive reviews to this film? as a mature audience it is your duty to assess the movie with maturuty and a seasoned observer..your views for this film were totally out of sync this time..we must all join together and send this movie to the sewage plant where it rightfully belongs…i dont how priyanka is shown wearing all the revealing clothes while none of her coworkers or any other woman reveals in the movie?

  • hey fathiya….
    u really sucked …Who r u to tell all abt it ..I donot like the movie then who the hell u r to tell bla bla bla …..It is real that john is gay and his partner is SRK

  • Sudeep: because u Indian ppl are really strange!!!! this happened many times.. u love the crappiest kachra movies and find them so good and so funny.. silly movies which we, other nationalities, would spit on and would never pay a rupee to watch!

    And.. haha.. now John also has been accused that he’s gay although he got a beautiful girlfriend which is Bipasha!! U people just accuse anyone u wish just because u didn’t like them!! So bad!

    Thank God that we’re muslim people because muslim people would (never) accuse anyone this way coz it’s so bad to do it and we’ve no right to ruin anyone’s reputation as God will punish us, and if we’d do, so it has to be by some evidence, if someone admitted that he’s a true gay!

  • this movie will only be liked by a certain set of people namely chhichore type. it was difficult to sit through the movie nobody is saying deshdrohi is good nobody is saying drona is good..but i donno how indicine missed this time ..this is a blot in the name of comedy and wonder it has flopped

  • Fathiya:First,i m not an indian .I m nepali .I donot want to fight with u.U like SRK very much .Like that i Hate SRK very much.It is my though to it.Dostana never really make us laugh.The same topic like Giving some Gay comdey scene.We already have that seen in other film also.

    Only i like in this film was Abi,kiron kher as always she deliver best always and bobby deol.I donot like John (he become more over hero .I just hate him..I wish Salman just punch him)Karan Johar Is a comedy man..If he play film he would be hit not because of his acting But for his gay like personality.ha ha ha …….. I know it will be superhit(dostana) .I m waiting for rabne banadi jodi to be big big crap.and to be super flop.If this happen then i will give a party to my friend .I m his biggest enemy.If i met him i will slap him in his face…

  • indicine:Sorry for my upper comment .I was trying to say how badly i hate SRK and John.Just forgive it.I want to know which is the biggest hit of 2008 upto.Can u tell me that.

    Fathiya:i never go to religion discrimination.U just tell that we muslim…..”.Y to bring religion in front.So plz donot go it.Every religion is nice..I m hindu but i have great respect for all the religion.Since God is same

  • hey u a-hole sudeep u can’t comment on srk n jon just lyk dat…….
    d movie(dostana) just rocks………go 2 hell(sudeep)…….
    u don’t lyk dem…..just don’t c dere movies…….
    keep up wid the gud work fathiya!!!!!!!!

  • Sudeep: So u r from Nepal and a hindu?!! U r asking why bringing the religion into this subject.. do u know why dear Sudeep?!! Because Islam taught us not to say lies about people specially when we aren’t sure about what we say or what we write and hv no evidence.. and the punishment would be great. In Islam if u talk about someone behind his back.. so u r considered as a sinner.. just to talk about him or behind him that he did this or he did that.. so imagine how great your sin is when u accuse some ppl that they’re gay and they ARE NOT, if we do so we will burn in hell and how much we pray, fast, read quran.. that won’t help us or would let God forgive us.. this restriction made people very careful and to train themselves not to talk bad about people or say lies.

    U got just a black heart man.. a heart which is full of hate.. u hate some actors and they didn’t cause u any harm!! R u ugly or a failure in your profession or in yr love life that u feel so happy for some succesful people to fall and lose their stardom?!!

    Well I sometimes dislike some actresses and never respect them because they don’t respect themselves and show nudity, expose for everyone to talk about them.. but I never hated any actress or actor in a way that I wish them die or slap them or celebrate if they fail!!

    U r sick man and need a doctor to treat your brain!!

  • hahaha , ya allah , yeh kya ho raha hai , yaha phar review dene aate hai . phar har bhar yeh ladki fathiya kisi na kisi visitor’s se lafda karti hai . bahut he bura website hai yeh . lagta hai yeh usi ka website . isliye uski pasand r na pasand hum phar thopna chahti hai yeh ladki . islam main hume yeh nahi sikhaya jata hai k hum dusre mazhab k bhare main kuch galat kahe . mujhe yeh movie pasand nahi aaya . yeh movie belw averge r averge hit hogi

  • ajmal bhai…… was not fathiya….it was sudeep who used foul language
    4 her n started all dis…..wat if i sed u suck n all such non-sense….won’t u reply me
    back….we r here 2 just comment n not abuse each other……aur kisine yaha kisi
    bhi mazhab ko bura-bhala nhi kaha….thanx bro

  • Ajmal: Sorry if I bothered u.. and I’m not forcing anyone to agree with me or to like the movies which I liked or force 50% of pple who didn’t like to love it.. no.. the purpose of discussing here is to find out (why) some ppl didn’t like a movie which was good in every aspects!! Some movies never encourage u to watch, and after 10 or 15 minutes u just want to stop running because u sense the bad direction, but Karan Johar (always) make good movies therefore he’s been considered as one of the biggest directors in bollywood. I don’t remember that Karan did so far any stupid or silly movie which failed at the box office, and this movie is doing well so far and not a failure. ( It’s failure for some ppl who didn’t like it)

    When someone come and try to humiliate u by saying: u r a crap, u r idiot ( I’m idiot because I admire Shahrukh!!) so do u want me to accept it and keep quiet?!!

    Sometimes I say ( some idiots) or idiot ppl but in general, but I never said it to anyone personally, if I did then this guy who attacked me had the right to do it.

  • i think the film has already floppedb big time so heres where indicine went wrong in its assessment.. the film has been universally disliked by sane people for it being void of humour and entertainment ..abhishek with his pathetic looks and no biceps has been poohpoohed by everyone and as someone rightly said its only those chchichchore types meaning lower middle, class .run faway rom school watch movies types in other words loafer kinds who are admiring the movie ..since its a flop and with meagre collections lets just say bye to kjo

  • i feel just as there is no justification for loving or loving someone similarly there is no justification for disliking someone or saying something bad about the product..yes we are discussing a product here and by all means i agree with those who have disliked the movie that its a bad product..and whatever has gone in making it.. yes there isnt substantial humour ..the situations are forced ….that is not the only apartment available in the whole of miami…sam coulld have told his predicament to his mom and saved from unnecessary over the top loud acting by kiron kher ..these guys could have confessed anytime early when they took priyanka out for their dates!!!..the scenes where the child id doctored isnt humorous at all but looks conniving on the part of two educated characters to stoop to such levels where ultimately they do confess.. where on earth do u see the heroine scantily clad and the other females properly dressed.. abhishek has started to look podgy with all the tires around his belly and face.. what he does is not actinfg… that much even i can do,,nothing great about it …all in all it is a bad movie and deservedly so it has let it rest in peace

  • I’ve visited the website chakpak, where ppl left 395 comments about Dostana. 75% positive comments praising the movie by saying: awsome, brilliant, funny, hilarious, none stop laughing, great, and only 25% didn’t like it.

    So what are you going to say about these comments?!! The movie will be a hit, and if not, I never change my mind about a movie which I found excellent with a new subject, a new comedy and a very funny one.

    I will watch it again in cinema today as it’s worth watching more than one time.

  • as i said earlierthis movie can only be appreciated by lower category types read loafer vela insane people i agree with one of the reader who says that 75% people liked it ..inidia has its fair share of uneducated chchichore types who will like this kinda crap..heavens ….when will our people grow up?

  • Fathiya:ha ha…thats cool . I just want to ask u that…Y muslim or islamic people think that the the good work here will give them a heaven after death..Remember that What people did today…They will get result in same life not in heaven or hell.If u do nice work u will get reward in this same life not the life after death.Be modern.todays world is scentific world..

    i have every right whomm to hate or whom to love..I respect the SRK and other actors but i donot like them..that;s it.Donot bring maddness to me…first look at the urs self and comment on other ok….and donot feel bad about it….It is just a comment..I donot wanna be enemy with u..I respect all the people who wrote comment so..just chill out…

    kabir:i donot want to comment on it.Be happy and enjoy life friend….

  • fathiya:Ha ha ha ..listen u..I wanna ask u that y muslim or islamic people think that they will get their reward of their work in heaven and punishment in the hell..We must understand that what we do we will get it in same life not after death…i am not trying to be anti of muslim or islam but today we are in sciencific world first plz again donot bring religion ……i simply wanna say that…

    Every one has right to say .i m not saying anyone gay..i m just saying i donot like donot make a argue it again and again.I m just commenting in dostana..I donot like then what can other do ?
    so just chill out…and keep rocking in ur life…

    kabir:hey friend…just be relax yaar..i donot have any prb with u.i m happy that u reply my comment .just have smile and be happy…..if u wanna comment me u r most welcome yaar….

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