Dostana Movie Review

Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Dostana is directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who previously assisted Karan in all his previous directorials. Apart from Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty looking scorching hot in those Dostana promos, the one other reason for all the curiosity around the movie is two popular screen idols (Abhishek – John) pretend to be gays. Coming from Karan Johar, I was expecting it to be a stretched out version of those Saif – SRK – Kantaben scenes in Kal Ho Na Ho. Is it a decent tale on friendship? Lets find out

Kunal (John Abraham) and Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) on look out for an apartment in Miami, are turned down by the owner they approach, as she doesnt want two hot guys to corrupt her sexy young niece Neha (Priyanka Chopra). Desperate for a place to stay, the two hatch a plan to pretend to be gays.

All three become very close friends and soon both the guys fall madly in love with Neha. Just then Abhimanyu walks into Neha’s life… Who gets the girl, forms the rest of the tale.

Dostana Review

Problem No 1 – Way too many flaws in the storyline. Many scenes are illogical, insensitive and over the top. But Dostana isn’t a film that should be taken very seriously, to be frank its yet again one of those mindless comedies that would do well at the box-office.

Problem No 2 – Dostana isn’t a serious take on gays or homosexuals, no problem with that. But why are gays continued to be portrayed as over the top idiots always found in suggestive positions. Why can’t gays just be normal?

Problem No 3 – Dostana is about Dosti. A warm friendship shared between three friends (Priyanka – John – Abhishek) but therein lies the problem. The friendship didn’t connect, a experienced director probably would have handled it a lot better.

Problem No 4 – The length should have ideally been about 10 – 15 mins shorter. The whole auction sequence was unnecessary.

Apart from that, Dostana is extremely entertaining, has a few heart warming moments and some of the funny scenes would get the house down. The music is good, Jaane Kyun and Desi Girl stand out.

Finally the performances are top notch. Dostana belongs to Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. It is undoubtedly Abhishek’s best performance in a comic role. His body language and comic timing is brilliant. Priyanka is perfect for the role. Sweet, warm, naughty and great screen presence. While on screen, its super hard to take your eyes off this very talented actress, arguably one of the best actress in the industry today.

John Abraham is fine, lacks expressions at most times. But his chemistry with Abhishek is fantastic. Kiron Kher hams, ditto for Sushmita Mukherjee. Boman Irani is good.

Overall, Dostana is a good time-pass weekend watch with great performances by the lead actors. Its utterly insensitive, at times offensive… but what more can we expect from a mindless comedy?

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • I m waiting for chandi chowk to china first music promo .i have listen that it will be shown from 23 nov.hope it will be a great song and will be great movie .i m so exicted here…

    indicine team: can u put that song video in this site .hope i can see it ?

  • my friends in filmindustry inform me that the movie is a loser everywhere ..mature audiences have rejected the movie only some collegedropouts are praising the movie…it is running to zero capacity in all cinemas..abhisheks career as hero is over

  • yes ive also heard the same..actually the movie has everything going wrong for it …the excuse is lame …almost everyone in the movie speaks hindi including the yankees!!!..the humour is flat witty oneliners like golmaalseries here…no abject or cake thrown on your face comedy here infact there isnt anything to laugh about.. the movie remains simple..doesnt raise your eyebrow nor does it throw your heart in a flutter ..thaTS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MOVIE.A the hero abhishek keeps himself covered throughout the film where the essence is to show what ya got….
    only our missus wears thread bare clothes while all other women folk wear decent clothing ..even in the house the poor damesel wears beachwear..thats what is wrong with the movie
    the movie ends tamely thats whats wrong ..the songs are not required ..thats wrong with the movioe

    the movie lacks soul its a one sentence movie ..thats whats wrong…i spent money to see this wretched movie thats whats wrong ..i agree only fools can like this film those who have no idea of cinema!!

  • Some ppl said :Loafer people only loved Dostana?!!! U guys r really weared… most of u defened nudity by saying: hey.. be cool.. don’t be old fashion… be a modern when some trashy actresses showup almost naked on some magazine’s cover and when we (muslim ppl) attack them as we find them so vulgar.. most of u raise yr voice and try to defend wrong ppl for their wrong behaviour!! most of u girls always find nudity (hot) and nothing wrong with it, when an actress whom u loved exposed for some scenes in a movie or a photoshoot! but if some of us loved a comedy movie which was really funny with a new different subject and which wasn’t serious about gay ppl.. so that would make us a lower class?!!haha!

    When Aishwariya did some hot scenes in some movies .e.g. Shabd & The Mistress of Spices, wearing a red sexy bra and a man was touching her waist and kissing her neck.. and in a sex scene with Sanjay Dutt ( and that was happening on the screen.. men touched her, kissed her, enjoyed getting very close to her body.. when I criticised her, indian ppl attacked me and said that I’m a fanatic woman!!! found that she was (only) acting and nothing was wrong with whatever she did!! but enjoying a movie like “Dostana” which is also “acting” and nothing serious about gay ppl.. that was so bad Karan Johar!!.. so bad.. as some conservative and (really) fanatic ppl disagreed with what u did Karan and took it very seriously!!

    When I criticised Minisha Lamba for her photo shoot for men’s magazine.. most of u ppl said nothing wrong with that.. nudity for u all is something modern and everyone has to accept it.. so if u people do accept these kind of photo shoots, nudity, hot scenes in your movies.. if u do accept some bad scenes which is nothing but ( sex) a hero and a heroine r having sex while they’re wearing their clothes in some of your songs, dirty body languages, for the sake of money and u should’ve accepted also the script of Dostana as gay people r true and living among us everywhere.. in every country ( although no one in the leading role in Dostana was gay!)

    Some conservative ppl visited this page to show that they’re high class ppl and never agree with these kind of scripts.. gay stuff?! noway, actually we don’t need to analyze a comedy movie by saying: The boys could tell his mother that he’s not gay.. was that flat the only one in miami?! ( I said this to myself too while watching it, but as the movie is a pure comedy and not a serious one, and I enjoyed it and had a good time, so these minors would never affect a good movie.. which is good in direction and production.. exactly like listening to a joke.. r jokes based on some true events or it’s only a creation of our imaginery?)

    A question for the high class ppl.. for the conservative people here: Why didn’t u all attack a serious gay movie (My Brother Nickhel) which we saw a few years ago and I heard it was appreciated by the audience?!!

  • whoa whoa..hey hey ..this one seems ready to take it up for karan joahr and company on any account!!!!
    this movie is not about gays ..agreed .is it comedy at least?? show me where is the comedy??!!!

    is it all about looking hot??.sense be outwitted!!!
    how can anyone enjoy the movie which is not even upto padosan(sunil dutts)standards and this is 2008..why shoud we attack my nikhil whatever becos u say so…??
    i think this dostana lacked in every dept ..looking hot doesnt translate into good acting if the script doesnt back you up with witty oneliners..the situations arent witty here …its only lie which has been stretched just like in golmaal part waznew??
    i agree some films are appreciated by the rickshaw and the cheap type people and this one is one of them .one of those who clap and whistle at theentry of heroine or even at a pj. this film was only full of pjs and the way abhishek went on after the gabbar joke was the pits…he was trying to create laughter u could sense it..and if the makers feel that they have entertained us ..well sorry 1920 was better atleast there was suspense!!
    so i too feel this movie was a big nono and only absurd dim/half witted people can enjoy this one …ala the front benchers or the nonclassy people for me .. i would see golmaal /no entry anytime and lol …

  • Dostana is the most dumbest and most bakwas movie from K-jo or KGay. I hope Karan and his movie making hopefully have hit the bottom of the barrel. As said they only learn when they burn. This movie could have be made into a real good comedy if Karan wasn’t so hung up on “Well Hung” jokes and agenda he was trying to sell for a family movie. Total waste of time and money. Everyone send him one email each to drum some sense into this purple shirted and purple tie SRK tailor/designer as he likes to refer to himself.
    Go take your family and enjoy Golmal total laugh and fun, you want good music and fantastic filmography and real stunning good looking actors who know a thing or two about acting unlike the ugly shapless Abishiek and talentless wonder John Ab [the only guy who could build so much muscle and yet look totally gay] keep trying hard to look like and Hindustan’s one and only handsome Man Salman Khan and his girlfriend that looks like a million bucks, go see Yuuvraj you will not be sorry. If nothing else you will have a tear in your eye Anil’s acting is fantastic, the music you will keep humming all the way home.
    Karan Chichore watch Yuuvraj and learn how to make a decent family movie from the master himself Subash Ghai the Super Showman.

  • bakwas movie…..priyanka was hot…….abhi luked like 4 months pregnent……..john ws gud bt as always expressionless..xcept for his cute smile….waste of money….unnescessary hype for d movie!!!!!!

  • For ppl who value any movie according to the box office collection:

    Dostana is doing weekly 26,48,00,000
    Golmaal is doing ” 2,38,00,000
    Yuvraaj – for sure – will be a flop movie

    According to, and Dostana is a hit movie overseas, but the rating in India is not finalized yet, might be a hit or a super hit, no ones knows yet.

  • the figures at the site are mostly concocted to suit the distributers .. this movie hasnt captured our hearts…this is the pits of cinema and someone rightly said that people with low IQ can like this movie..i saw it again online for a friend who aske d how i managed to sit it out ina theatre!!!! he was aghast and he is a movie fan and watches all movies good /bad ..he said that if there was shit hole for a movie this was it!!!

  • dats rite inspec.dats a shit movie and oneliners were absolutely pathetic……..hw cud such experienced director make such a movie……

  • The figures aren’t wrong.. I read in Masala website today that Dostana did so far 500million rupees.. it’s a successful movie and a great fun…

    Let me tell to ppl who didn’t watch this movie yet and believed some negative reviews.. it’s one of the best movies which I saw in 2008.. and it’s the best romantic/comedy and also much better than No Entry & Masti..
    A great job which deserves 5/5 not even 4/5.

    When u watch it for second time.. u love it more.

  • it sure is adumb film without any comedy and is national disaster my dads is a distributer and we have lost heavily in rajasthan sector..

  • the movie has flopped overseas and vidarbha circuit and has dropped badly in delhi and navi mumbai ..all ovver india collections stand near 19.0 crores for a 50 crore movie thats pathetic.. what went wrong with the movie was its humour… it was absent … you cant stretch a simple tale for very long.. abhishek looks ri=otund and dark circles show he hasnt slept well..all in all a kachra product

  • the verdict is out at the site ..dostana is average and when they call it average belive me it is 2 notches below it can be an above average flop or average loser but nowhere near semi hit….this calls for caution and indicine team must now be more cautios in their reporting ,,for this movie their reviews went horribly wrong ..its only those viewers who didnt like the movie who got it right you must be fair and call the movie aflop now safely…

  • we didnt enjoy the movie one bit…abhishek must decide now when he wants to quit…im happy that this film flopped it was destined to

  • this film certainly didnt work for me..i could not make myself laugh so left midway on online watching ..what must have been the fate of people who paid and went to theatres to watch

  • ddostana dvd release slated for 25 dec you can seee for youself how bad the movie has done that it is being released on dvd so quickly

  • Dostana still working very good in our country at cinemas in 2 malls and running successfully. Lots of Bahraini ppl r surprised that why Indian ppl didn’t find the movie funny and didn’t appreciate this quality work of Karan Johar which got all the masala in it.. great cinema & production.. good direction.. great and rocking songs.. funny scenes.. funny script and that’s the best thing.. the script which make u laugh and laugh while just remembering it?! Lot’s of ppl saw it twice and thrice in our country. Some ppl said that they never laughed this way since a while only after watching Dostana, and they didn’t watch Golmaal as they knew it’s a crap and good only for yr ppl to watch. ( so u guys enjoy watching Golmaal and we enjoy movies like Dostana as we’re different ppl.. what u find it funny.. we find it a crap!)

    For me now it’s normal that some goods movies r not appreciated by Indian audience, I’m not surprised anymore coz while discussing with u all since a while, I’ve been aware of this fact that overseas ppl r different in their taste and in their judgement about movies.. that’s the truth and that’s the result.. what’s only average rating in India.. it’s a hit overseas.. Mujse Dosti Karogi was average in India years ago, and it was a hit or a super hit for none indian ppl outside India.

    And while watching any movie which we, Bahraini, find funny at theatre.. I find Indian ppl only simile or (asleep!) and they wakeup suddenly when they hear ppl’s laughter and they look around, to find out (why) ppl r laughing as they don’t know what’s going on!!!

    So we’ve to accept this fact.. that we’re all different in everything, therefore we never agree with each other in evaluating any movie.

    Rabne for Shahrukh is coming ( and I’m going to watch it on 1st day and 1st show on Thrusday.. Ghajini is coming too.. and will be the debate again.. for sure!

    So.. be ready everyone!

  • i believe overseas people are too starstruck and so admire every indian dish put in front of them here in india we are much more mature audience and only appreciate quality stuff.. we need something substantially cerebral to make us laff golmaal series is a case in point slap stick and funny with funny dialogues but this dostana was no starter..also movies which are copies of hollywood in comedy genre dont evoke laughter cos the setting doesnt equalise in hindi movies ..mujhse dosti karoge wasnt liked by indian audiences as well..a good film like chak de india will be universally overseas friends will have to think maturedly and reject inane stuff from bollywood so our producers can give better stuff not shit stuff like dostana it is the movie has left our cinema halls and if people abroad find it entertaining well i oray for better sense to prevail over them…amen

  • Chetan: you must thank your God that we – overseas ppl – are different coz if our taste was like indian ppl.. no one would’ve watched any indian movies except yr ppl.. indians!
    Other nationalities started to watch indian movies coz of Karan Johar’s, Yash Raj’s, SLB’s quality films, but not because of Paresh Rawal, Tushar, or Akshay Kumar’s movies!

    If you were, as u described yourself, then you’d never admired these kachra movies.. Golmaal, Hangama, Maine Pyaar Ku Kiya, Welcome.. what?! R u going to tell me that the foreigners (loved) these crap or these movies were loved by indian nationality only?!!!

    Growup dear.. you need to enhance your taste for movies.. yes.. some good movies u loved e.g. Chakde, A Wednesday, but u also love this kind of cinema.. Akshay’s and Paresh Rawal’s movies!

    So don’t think that your taste is a very high class.. no.. coz u people never concentrate on 80% of what’s good in any movie but (always) concentrale on some minor stuff which make any good movie flop!!
    It’s not a bad thing to take the idea from any western movie and do a better film, more interesting one, and funny one, even hollywood r doing the same, not taking only the idea but do the whole movie (a remake from a-z and exactly the same!)

    U all loved Om Shanti Om although was taken from a Japanese movie, Reincarnation and it was a blockbuster in India!

    visit and see almost 500 or more positive comments left by indian ppl about Dostana and found it hilarious and a good movie ( if millions of your ppl who go to cinema in India were these ppl, ppl who appreciate a good cinema, the movie would’ve been now a block buster, unfortunately not!

    And please don’t watch any big movie online.. I did while watching Singh is Kinng and it was a mistake, and when I watched it in cinema, I knew then difference! watch online only small movies with small production.

  • gawd ..i can either read fathiyaas comments or watch dostana both will put me to sleep…these star struck people ..i tell you sense of movie watch.. they probably are cut out to see the amitabh bachchan flop lal badshah which was aflop in india but must have been liked by our bahrain friends and overseas brothers…as mentioned by the folksie here we indians have no sense of liking movies

  • Phool: No. dear.. we didn’t like Badshah or whatever- we didn’t like Don & Agnipath.. all these commercial ones which were hit movies.. we loved Amitab’s Sharabi & Khuda Gawah.. and I think these 2 movies were average and not a hit movies!

  • where is the question of liking or disliking this particular movie when the rsult is out in the open ..that the movie is a flop and i must say the indicine team must reply why it thought that the movie was entertaining cos if you look at it now its the scum of the earth…
    there is nothing wrong in seeing such movies on line cos you save your money which these oil rich people have in plenty to throw around
    i didnt know that people have only eyes for kjo and yash raj cinema and dont look forward to other people who are doing better work…this dame here fattiya claims she ihas seen it all done it all and openly calls us “you indian people”…i think these type of comments are not needed.from someone who is so appreciative of indian work…i think its downright rude un beckoming of a forigner and the website must avoid posting her comments

  • For most of u who posted their comments on this web page the movie is a bore.. a scum of the earth.. for many other ppl is a great one.. as I said.. we’re different ppl.. how many ppl posted their comments on this page? 40 or 50 at maximum? and the movie isn’t a (flop) it’s average in India.. so who makes it a flop or a hit?! You people and not the critics! When u watch any interview on the t.v. about movies, the interviewers ask the actors: Do u care about the box office collection or the critical acclaim? and that means that these ratings ( flop, average, semi hit, hit, superhit, blockbuster) all these ratings never indicate that a movie was good or bad, only what the critics would say about any movie. The way ppl evaluate it is a way different than the box office. We hear sometimes ppl say: Oh.. the movie was so good but it didn’t work at the box office for some reasons.. the box office collection is a question of what majority in the country would love to watch.. which type of movies do they like and then the ratings would follow, box office collection never indicates that the movie was good or bad, .. but what ppl really need to watch.. what’s rated as an average movie in India it has a different rating overseas, even in some other parts of your country ( and I mentioned all this already) u will see different ratings for any movie in different cities.. so u can never (prove) that a movie was good or bad according to the rating in Mumbai only.. what’s bad for u would be good for some other ppl, not only movies, everything in this life e.g. if u like sushi and find it delicious.. there’re ppl who can’t even see or touch it, would spit on it.. that’s how we are.. different..

    The box office collections proves that a movie was really bad sometimes only.. and that when the director was so bad in his profession with the producer and did the worst movie in every possible way, when u see a movie flopped in every part of this world, the distributers couldn’t sell it as they wished and no one loved it, neither in India nor abroad, had a bad script, bad performance, bad songs, bad bad bad.. everything was just bad.
    Now India is under attack.. thousands of ppl r sad for their families, Shahrukh’s & Aamir’s movies will be released this month, numbers of ppl won’t go to cinema to watch any movie.. so does this prove that the movies in cinema are bad movies?!

    And all overseas ppl don’t like Indian movies, there’re ppl who never watch any bollywood but hollywood only, some of us only do, and some of us love indian dishes ( but not all the dishes!!) coz they’re similar to our Gulf Arabian food, we like the movies which r quality in direction, production, etc. but when it comes to comedy movies, we like 1 out of 10.. but yr ppl love 9 out of 10 of your comedy movies which most of them r “crap” That’s the way we’re.. u ppl laugh at some meaningless movies.. now some would (laugh) at Akshay fighting with some potatos’ in CC2C but we find it a cheap comedy!

    Yes.. I’m rude sometimes.. and I do this only when some ppl disrespect or say some bad stuff.. so I’ve to be rude.

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