Dostana Movie Review

Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Dostana is directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who previously assisted Karan in all his previous directorials. Apart from Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty looking scorching hot in those Dostana promos, the one other reason for all the curiosity around the movie is two popular screen idols (Abhishek – John) pretend to be gays. Coming from Karan Johar, I was expecting it to be a stretched out version of those Saif – SRK – Kantaben scenes in Kal Ho Na Ho. Is it a decent tale on friendship? Lets find out

Kunal (John Abraham) and Sam (Abhishek Bachchan) on look out for an apartment in Miami, are turned down by the owner they approach, as she doesnt want two hot guys to corrupt her sexy young niece Neha (Priyanka Chopra). Desperate for a place to stay, the two hatch a plan to pretend to be gays.

All three become very close friends and soon both the guys fall madly in love with Neha. Just then Abhimanyu walks into Neha’s life… Who gets the girl, forms the rest of the tale.

Dostana Review

Problem No 1 – Way too many flaws in the storyline. Many scenes are illogical, insensitive and over the top. But Dostana isn’t a film that should be taken very seriously, to be frank its yet again one of those mindless comedies that would do well at the box-office.

Problem No 2 – Dostana isn’t a serious take on gays or homosexuals, no problem with that. But why are gays continued to be portrayed as over the top idiots always found in suggestive positions. Why can’t gays just be normal?

Problem No 3 – Dostana is about Dosti. A warm friendship shared between three friends (Priyanka – John – Abhishek) but therein lies the problem. The friendship didn’t connect, a experienced director probably would have handled it a lot better.

Problem No 4 – The length should have ideally been about 10 – 15 mins shorter. The whole auction sequence was unnecessary.

Apart from that, Dostana is extremely entertaining, has a few heart warming moments and some of the funny scenes would get the house down. The music is good, Jaane Kyun and Desi Girl stand out.

Finally the performances are top notch. Dostana belongs to Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. It is undoubtedly Abhishek’s best performance in a comic role. His body language and comic timing is brilliant. Priyanka is perfect for the role. Sweet, warm, naughty and great screen presence. While on screen, its super hard to take your eyes off this very talented actress, arguably one of the best actress in the industry today.

John Abraham is fine, lacks expressions at most times. But his chemistry with Abhishek is fantastic. Kiron Kher hams, ditto for Sushmita Mukherjee. Boman Irani is good.

Overall, Dostana is a good time-pass weekend watch with great performances by the lead actors. Its utterly insensitive, at times offensive… but what more can we expect from a mindless comedy?

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • Good Dostana Review. Pretty much what i expected from Bollywood on gays.

    I will be watching it later on today at 10 PM. Will submit my review here later. I am looking forward to the movie. Priyanka is really looking hot and i like entertaining movies.

  • Exclnt review there.

    I was very much looking forward for dostana to b a decent entertainer. The promos looked very promising. But now i m having second thoughts. I read quiet a few good reviews but more than often your reviews give me a clear view. So i better walk in the theatre without ne much expectations..

    Wil drop in my comments on the movie once i watch it.

  • …a film which is very ORIGINAL ( no way a copy-paste).
    … a film which is refreshingly ( or i should say shockingly) new… Thanks Karan for being bold.
    … a 100% pure nonsense comedy, but as it is from Dharma-mill, as usual, everything is done so neatly so artistically and with style… you will fall in love.
    and finally… get all your closest buddies together and set off for the theatre … you will have a fantastic time.

    and one more point… chhota-B has proven his class !

  • First half Movie is Good Especially Opening . At Interval bobby enters story starts going 2 drain . Second half totally sucks . it remember’s me nayi padosan movie which was a flop . In dat gay matter , xtra twist n glamour was nt der . In dostano v find less comedy . which ll make u bored . K-jo Can Only Produce n A Ppl lyk him only lyk dis movie . Performance wise 1) Priyanka , 2) Kiran kher 3) Abhi , john n bobby 4) Boman .

  • Coming songs Shutup n bounce picturised in maimi beach is superb , maa da laadla n desigal good . only 3 songs r good . In short its an average movie . My Rating 3/5 .

  • folks…this movie sucks…I am ashamed that our sense of humour has fallen to such level…karan johar wake up…please watch the golden classics like angoor, golmal etc thats what we call comedy and not such cheap stuff…the movie is sick…dont ever watch this movie with your parents…you will never be able to see them eye to eye if you take them to this movie….

  • This is the worst movie which i have seen till now !!!!.
    I watched this movie only because of Shahrukh’s amazing trailor!!!!!…Shahrukh rocks!!!!

    I really dont understand why this real gay (karan johar) want to prove in this movie!!!…..Are nt you ashamed of making this movie??? Is this the Indian culture???? Or Is this human nature???. Those who praise this movie in any way will go to HELL!!!.

    Why have we become like this in such a cheap way and naming it a comedy?????. Common Karan Johar, People come to watch your movies with families and keep it up your name just like what u done with kuch kuch hota hai….etc. Dont think that you made a BOLD movie and wanna people praise for making this shit…. Actually there is no story at all….. why you renamed the original meaning of “Friendship” in this movie??????. are nt u ashame with your acts. :(

    Movie really sucks…….I hope this movie will be banned in UAE which can create bad impressions on children and others….. I DONT KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING FROM NOW ON IN THIS BOLLYWOOD.

    Waiting for Shahrukh’s movie…cant wait ;). Shahrukh…you are the real king of bollywood and will remain as such in our hearts….
    God bless you……The trailor is really great!!!! You rock in every scene… no….I MEAN EVERY FRAME!!!!!!!. Masha Allah!!!

  • I Lyk 2 Say One Word Abt Dis Gr8 Movie . Its not a comedy , its not a gay movie nor its a good movie . In short n sweet words its crap crap crap & sucks .

  • dostana is the best movie i ever saw and this movie is my favorite movie

    you rock priyanka!!!!!!!!!!!
    u look cool in dostana i luv uuu

  • what a movie excellant. complete entertainer … could have been best but as tarun director of this movie is debutant so, we can not expect that lavel, but he has really good job. this is completely abhishek’s movie. he has outperformed………i will give 4/5. go and watch in cinema hall………

  • gr8… for the youngsters…….n in no way a hollywood copy……must mention
    1 of abhi’s best performance…..piggy chops looks quite hot…..john has also done a gud job

  • I don’t believe in the negative reviews which I read just now about the movie.. well some cheap kachra comedy movies r considered by some ppl ( a decent or a rich comedy!!) and they meant “Golmaal”!!!!! I couldn’t stand the trailer of this stupid Golmaal, Tushar sucks in his role, acting as a mute which is not funny at all! and some other junior actors who did some pathetic scenes.. do u all really loved this crap?!!!!

    I didn’t see Dostana yet, but I will tomorrow and will get back to you with my review, but my niece confirmed, as she watched it yesterday, and sent me sms in the interval saying it’s a great movie and that she laughed in a way that she never did in her life! I do believe her and the trailer says it.. it’s a good comedy and not a cheap one as 2 guys in the movie (pretned) that they’re gay, but they’re not in fact!

  • K-jo produced movie means i thought it would b sum how lyk k.k.h.h r k.a.n.k . but dis type ea in dis movie . it has rectangular love story which many director’s have done it n many producer’s had produced it . but special in dis movie is priyanka’s golden colour swimsuit , sexy figure . john’s wearing undies lyk low vest jeans n showing his new body . above maimi beach who had neva watched maimi beach 4 dem .

  • coming 2 comedy which dis type of movie’s need . v doesnt feel 2 laugh afta interval . movie feels boring . coming 2 performance abhi’s acting is awwsum , kiron kher n priyanka good job . john was ok . overall my rating 2/5 . its nt family entertainer . plz dnt go 2 watch movie with ur family. ” dis movie sucks ” v give pay money 2 get entertainment r atleast good moral 4 movie’s . dis movie doesnt satisfy u by both . Paisa waste .

  • I Lyk 2 Say One thing abt dis Movie ” Totally a Crap with only one best performance its small b ” Abhi has done good job after drona . keep it abhi . i dnt lyk 2 rate dis movie . i didnt lyk d script/story only . ”sowi”

  • Zohan – Ur Absolutely Right Buddy . Only Abhishek Bachan Acting is awwsum & Jane Kyun , Desi gal song is good . My Rating 2/5 .

  • flop champion abhishek has done his drona act here too…proved that you only need him to make film will go down the gutter like before..dont go by the promos..its not comedy its a farce

  • I Was Expected Very Much 4m Dis Movie but it was not good at all atleast in golmaal returns there was fultoo comedy . Here in dis movie less comedy , common script , just few good songs . wen a flop king actor & king of gay’s produce d movie wat can v xpect 4m dis type of movie . Only Waste 4 Time n Money . last week ek vivah aisa bhi is only best den dis movie its an complete family entertainer .

  • i dont know…but….abhishek seems to be slight low in his acting….
    He has a long way to go..
    i think he should learn something from his father…
    all the best abhishek..try to learn from ur mistakes…..
    Dostana is a crap….bakwas

  • Super crap HOLY SHIT. I wasted all my money :(

    What were Abhishek trying to do??? Its not gripping and not entertaining. Bad bad bad movie
    it is Awful movie

  • i think everybody out here praising the movie has had an aweful experience as i did and is wanting the other to experience hell ki main to mara hi tha aap bhi maro they are praising the movie but the fact is that this is an all time pathetic movie the ..flop king abhishek must give up movies now he looks fat his clothing sense is weird. his neck looks like that of elephant ..podgy .badlooker i donno what asih saw in him..?? queer..his hair style is bad and beard and mouche is anono for a northie..he is the one sore point in the movie besides acting which is over the top for all leave aside is tuesday and we must all pledge to keep our brothers away from the cinema haals and make this film flop what it truly desreves

  • Mindblowing review has given in dis website but wen v sit n watch dis movie 4 2.30mins den how v feel is y d hell i came ea 2 watch dis crap . evergreen love plot in rectangular way . priyanka loves bobby , john n abhi love’s priyanka only . wat they ll do to woo her is d movie . dis movie is not hit its a shit n totally crap . alwayzz same formula nowadyz dis gay thing was showed in kal ho na ho n hello too . nw in dis movie again .

  • I Was Sleeping theater . A Bad Xeperience 450rs Waste . Which i Paid 2 By d Tickets Of Dis Movie . its a piece of shit 4m k-jo which stincks totally .

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