Dostana Box Office Collections

A movie produced by one of India’s top most production house, Dharma Productions and starring three very popular actors (Priyanka – John – Abhishek) from the Bollywood Industry, add to it the hype around the gay theme and hot bikinis, one would have expected Dostana to go off to a blazing start at the Indian Box office.

Sadly though, the opening wasn’t great. Friday morning and afternoon shows were at about 65%. The collections did pick up during the later part of the day. At most multiplexes the evening shows were House full. The single screen remained poor.

Collections are best at the Mumbai and Mysore territory. The word-of-mouth is mixed some have loved it for the entertainment, while some have rejected it as utterly disappointing.

The verdict should be clear in about 2 -3 days. We will keep you updated. More shortly.

Update : On Saturday, Dostana has performed slightly better than it did on Friday, which was very much expected. Sunday will probably be good but once again, Monday is very crucial for the movie’s box office fate. Lets wait and watch.

2nd Update: The figures for the first weekend for Dostana both in India and Overseas is out. (First 3 days i.e Friday, Saturday, Sunday figures)

India – 16 crores nett gross
United Kingdom – Almost 3 crores
North America – 3 crores+

Overall the business for the weekend around the world is about 27 crores.



  • I’don’l like movie. Starting was good but ending was very bad & poor . I think this film’s driction wasn’t good .

  • Dis movie suckz . bull shit d usp of movie is i think its john puting undies lyk low vest jeans , priyanka’s swimsuit n glamrous dress , sexy figure dats all . who lyk 2 watch dis type of movie . den dnt miss it . if u ppl lyk good movie’s with moral n full comedy . plz dnt watch dis crap .

  • Dostana is mindblowing movie of the year. Abhishek bachchan is excellent he’s comic time is superb.

    super duper hit ?????????????????????????????????????????

  • the movie will fall and flop it doesnt do its job o making people laff. the flop king abhis score is intact for this year too…all flops

  • dostana was not that good …Karan Johar bhaiyaa .. Love movies ka zamana gaya …. kuch different karo..sab bachey nahi rahey ..Make a difference in the country … we are already a nation of Love and the whole world knows it. Give something that is worth the money …

  • Sorry Abhishek, you were excellent in Yuva, Bunty aur Babli, Kabhi Alvidha… – but somehow something is lacking in the way you emote – or is it that Rani just brought out the best in you.

  • all those who are saying the movie is bad…. jst fuck off frm here… movie rakes up 17 crores in jst 3 days….. hahahahha alll you loosers out there… thats a slap on your facing… jst go and watch singg is kingg or wait for that dorky’s new movie rab ne bana di baap beti ki jodi hahahha!

  • i dunno what reviews go on here…this is the worst movie of the season..nay alltime it has nothing to laugh about ..there is no comedy ..abishek has given his umpteenth flop .the flop man looks nervous and has no sense of dressing ..hollow film with flat jokes .the scene of abhishek where he quips about gabbar goes on and on as if begging for laughter ???? crude movie vies with drona and dasvadaniya for the worst movie of the year tag…just leave the movie and watch it next weeek on t.v yes thats how early i think this film will land on tv folks

  • It s so boring movie. Director had the gay concept. That’s it no other thing he considered, and he made the movie. It is worthless watching the movie. My sincere advice is dont watch the movie. Commedy also so boring.

  • hey all u people out dere d onezzzz who r sayin dat dis is not a gud movie r rong………… itzz am awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the producer karan johar had a script in waiting for long long time…yup about gays. Isn’t it so obvious that karan johar being a gay himself found this medium to tell the world what he is. Brilliant Idea!. but the movie is a tosser. i guess he must be fantasising right now of casting all his fav actors like SRK, saif ali khan, AB, himesh reshamiya, hrithik roshan and more ina multistarrer gay movie. Possible the tittle to this movie – Gay Ho Na Ho. Mindless orgy.

  • dostana super hit film wow great work of karan.super film .john is super .priyanka super actress award for her this year. plz watch that films.super hit

  • I enjoyed it and everyone accompanied me to watch it, and we’re planning to go and watch it again in cinema, at least it’s a comedy which is worth it and deserves a 2nd watch.

    I’m sure that lots of audience r stupid and never understand the purpose of some scenes while watching any movie, some found the ending is disgusting although it wasn’t for the audience to watch and enjoy! Bobby forced Abhishek and John to kiss each other and they (both) found it hard to do as they were not gay, what he asked them to do was a punishment for their wrong behaviour and the mistake they did with Priyanka ( can straight people imagine that they’d able to do it with the same sex? So hard and a cruel punishment!)

  • @ Fathiya

    You have no right to call audience as ‘stupid’. every audience is entitled to his view & the movie waz an utter disgust. full of crap & cheap jokes. the body language of abhishek was just so awful…

    u think the whole world is stupid because they dont agree with your view……..but every one in this web site are well aware u r the biggest stupid, blind fan of shahrukh……..

    so chill out & have a drink…………..

  • Bishan: Idiot people never admit that they r idots.. and .. who said that I disagree with the whole world?!! 50% of the audience loved Dostana – and u have some positive comments in this page too about Dostana – visit You Tube and some other websites and u will find that 50% loved it and considered it a very funny movie and didn’t take the gay stuff as serious as some of u did!! Some ppl here said that the direction of the movie was poor!! Haha..Then consider movies like “Hello” or”Heroes” or Karzzz were so good in direction?!! Or that stupid boring JTYJN movie was so good in direction or was a hillarious one?!!

    If for u consider this movie full of crap and cheap jokes, so what to say then about Golmal, Golmaal Returns, Welcome, Heros, etc.. these movies which aren’t worth to spend 5 minutes watching them!!

    And if I admire Shahrukh doesn’t make me stupid because no one can beat him.. and I admire who’s the best in everyway.. so r u jealous man!!! there’re thousands of teens, ladies, middle age & old women who love shahrukh so dearly and I’m not the only one.. but I might be the only one who’s expressing her opinion about him in this website


  • this movie is a complete waste of time & money, just trying to bank on the gay humor which was also not funny….if anything ..he could have made a remake of : I now pronounce you chuck & larry….even that cud have been better than this piece of Junk….

  • karan johar seems to be making perverse and sick movies nowadays. what happened to the great director he once was, making blockbuster family orientated movies that all can watch, that have good traditional moral values – like kabhi khushi kabhi ghum, and kuch kuch hota hai ??

    karan johar is showing us what he is really like as a person and what goes on inside his mind – he has a sick and perverse mind. he showed us that with kabhi alvida na kehna, and now with dostana.

    disgusting man.

    and john abraham ? he truly is a faggot without a doubt. dressing in a very revealing way which actually is meant to tempt men rather than women.

  • shit film, shit actors, director and that poof producer (karan fritinity Johar), he probably wanted to act in the film with his gay partner dickhead shah rukh khan…. amitabh bachan shud av been in the movie wiv nana patekar, wud av been a blockbuster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahmed, i agree with you mate. karan johar is probably the most gay producer in the business. he is secretly gay. he has bombarded us with his filth in the past two or so films, and made us impure. the perverse sick idiot. needs to stop making such films and spare everyone the embarrassment. even hollywood x rated films are not that disgusting.

  • He the movie rocked!loved the first part the most!!priyanka looked just wow!keep up the good work karan!!u always make the best movies

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