Best release date for Raees

It’s no longer a secret that Excel Entertainment is hunting for a new date to release their upcoming film ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. But they still do not have a date, as all the major weekends this year are packed with film releases.

Before announcing a new date, the makers would do well to ensure the following:

  1. The new date shouldn’t end up in yet another clash, this is the last thing that they would want. When there were rumours doing the rounds that Raees is coming on July 29, Sajid Nadiadwala and Varun Dhawan organised a ‘pack-up press conference’ yesterday and said they were unwilling to move ‘Dishoom’ because Sajid considers the weekend to be lucky for his production house. Both Kick and Mujshe Shaadi Karogi released in the last week of July.
  2. Releasing Raees just 2-3 months after FAN could prove to be risky, because FAN has performed poorly. A gap of around 4-5 months would be ideal.

To find out the next best date, let’s look at the various weekends this year:

  • July 29: Dishoom is the big film in the last week of July. The producer has made it clear that they won’t move, even if any other film is announced for the same day.
  • August 12 (Independence Day): Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are scheduled to clash, so this date is not an option either.
  • August 25: Jamashtami weekend with plenty of holidays in Week 2 and Week 3. Could be a good date.
  • September 2: MS. Dhoni biopic is scheduled to release. The Ganesh Chaturthi holiday falls in this week.
  • September 9: Could be the best date for the film because Excel’s own ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is currently announced to release during the 4-day extended weekend – with Bakrid holiday falling on Monday.
  • September 30: Vishal Bharadwaj has booked his favourite weekend for ‘Rangoon’ but the Gandhi Jayanti holiday won’t carry any advantage this year as it falls on Sunday.
  • Diwali: There are rumours of Raees taking the Diwali weekend, but that would mean yet another clash. Ajay Devgn won’t move. Karan Johar might – but he himself needs a big weekend for his directorial venture.
  • November: The entire month of November is free with just one big film – Rock On 2 on November 11.
  • December: There is Aditya Chopra’s Befikre on December 9 and Aamir Khan’s Dangal during Christmas.

If we were Excel, we would lock either August 25 or September 9 (no major release for 2-3 weeks + 4-day extended weekend) for Raees



  • If we were Excel, we would lock either August 25 or September 9 (no major release for 2-3 weeks + 4-day extended weekend) for Raees

    Yeah Indicine.

  • @Challa, I know bro why r u saying that, u want to get away from TROLLS after bad box office performance of FAN. In Past u hav made fun of many Including salman khan fans on Jai Ho and PRDP so how can we let u go empty hands ?… we want justice…
    and successfully we (all actor’s fans) r trolling u after release of Dilwale…. Sorry but u will hav to bear it….

    @indicine post this comment yaar, usually u don’t posts my comments but don’t remove this comment.

  • We srk fans want raees to release only on eid or don’t release it at all. We srk fans want to teach these dumb bhai fans a lesson that a injured tiger = dangerous. So lets ruin sultana on eid. Thank you :)

  • Raees will not pick Eid… But I will still want SRK to clash with Ajay… Why why ?

    Ajay will surely not move and will take him heads on… And we all know what happened to Jab tak he jaan

    Else he should go ahead clash wit Ranveer… We all know what happened to dilwale

    SRK getting trashed will officially end his career

  • What a time…srk is not even getting dates to release…producer..director n srk himself r scared of other actors

  • To be candid I will not use ego just to falsely console myself and other Shah Rukh khan fans. This is not about hyping Srk when I know he really deserve a huge box office number now at this stage of his career. Personally I wanted the clash on Eid but Salman current level in box office is very grande. Eid is known to be his festive release date just like Aamir for Xmas and Ajay Devgn for Diwali. Both can produce big numbers Salman is for sure while despite Ajay inconsistencies sometimes he is the next most wanting to be avoided star for anything clash in the industry. Shivaay has all ingredients to be massive the name, Hindu festival factor too,the suspense and some quite exciting stills released is being considered. If Ajay can postpone His release that would have been excellent because kjo gambling may end up being insane so Raees upperhand against Adhm. Aamir no way for Xmas. If someone had told me that this dilemma of Srk would happen just so quick I will have laughed over it. My kind request to all Srkians please remove ego and let’s be wise in hoping for a better date. Eid release no I don’t want. Diwali release thank you very much but no thanks. I hope everything will be sorted out soon and all movies that deserve to earn more should do so. Am disappointed but I shall always remain his loyal fan and wish him a safer release date. Through ego away and let’s look at it as his next test to prove critics wrong. So as of now out of all dates indicine stated my only worry is Salman Sultan and Ajay Shivaay. The rest I believe Srk can tackle them especially with a very good content. Jai hind God bless our Desi cinema and their wonderful actors especially those from Srk era.

  • @India
    The best way to know feedback for a movie is to see its television consistency (how many times the movie is aired on television). Films like Singham Returns, Housefull 2, Golmaal 3, Khatta Meetha, Singham, Ra.One, Ready, Holiday, Chennai Express, Taarzan: The Wonder Car, Kick, Jai Ho, Krrish 3, Rowdy Rathore along with other movies, are regularly aired on television which shows that the audiences have loved those movies and these movies have high repeat value. If you see the list carefully then most of the films in the list are critical failure. This means that critic’s reviews are of no use its the audience feedback that leads to commercial success. The reason of Ready’s success was positive audience feedback and Salman’s rising stardom. If you are saying that the reason behind Ready success was only the power of Salman then you are wrong. Comedy films usually or always get negative reviews but still are commercial success because of positive audience feedback for example: Housefull, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, Ready, Housefull 2, Son of Sardaar, Bol Bachchan. There is a big difference between the choice of critics and normal audience, even Humshakals has a good consistency on television.

  • To all reader friends you see sometimes fan war could be hilarious entertaining sometimes very heartbreaking especially if the victim is your big fan. No day I don’t visit this site I just observed Shah Rukh has been bashed by many readers. I won’t stop you people but atimes we Srkians just the love we have for him go beyond limits if he is abused. I know it’s like pay back time but honestly not all of the comments of his fans you see are really his fans. Many importers exist here too from Srk camp. Don’t take their comments serious. I watch almost all movies of the big stars too. I respect them be it Akshay Salman Ajay Aamir Hrithik. Srk is a brand name just like Salman too his expectations are always high. Before the release he said it don’t expect these box office numbers or blockbuster he knew it won’t go down to everyone but Ofcourse who does not want profit? Don’t be so harsh with him in this phase. Bashing him is normal but can it bring back his expected collection? In the past he had issues with Aamir but resolved their friends. Had issues with Salman but observe of recent they are always wishing each other the best through social media or you see them hugging each other in public. Even his cold war with Ajay has settled they even have dinner together. They are human too with emotions and respect. If any of our fans annoyed you people let it go it can’t can’t change what is destined for each other. Every one have highs and lows Srk is not an exception. thank you once again for allowing me express my feeling. I wish all your fans too very best.

  • The reason behind Fan’s under performance is that people expected an excellent movie but it could have been much better and it is an offbeat film. So it has not been liked so much by normal audience because it is not that high on entertainment unlike Housefull 2, Chennai Express, Ready, etc.

  • Most irritating comment by – Romance xxxxx , “Mark my words”. Not in a single instance his words have come true.

  • Only films that are high on entertainment is consistently aired on television, examples I have already given in my first comment of this page. Film that are critically acclaimed are very rarely aired on television because it has low entertainment value, for example when was the last time My Name Is Khan aired? Same is with the case of Fan it has been critically acclaimed but is not that high on entertainment unlike masala films like Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Jai Ho, Golmaal 3, etc. While critical failures are commercial success because they are high on entertainment like Golmaal 3, Housefull 2, etc. Even 3 Idiots’ consistency on television is not as high as compared to Humshakals, Housefull 2, Jai Ho, Kick, Chennai Express.

  • Ek Tha Tiger is not consistently aired on television because it has low entertainment value while Jai Ho is regularly aired of television because it is high on entertainment. Ek Tha Tiger was a success due to its promos. People got attracted to it and watched it in theatres but it was only one time watch while Jai Ho’s trailer looked regular and boring and so it became an under performer but its consistency prove that it is high on entertainment.

  • SULTAN will last for two week but will earn 200 crore….Raes may last longer but will be shy of 100 crore….Still people will think Srk has more STAR power than Salman Bhai!!!! The logic of @indicine and all those rich stupid people!!!!!

  • @indicine….You are amazing!!!!
    Always praises SRK ….haha!!! Never gives up!!!!! But THE TIME has started!!!! Pasa Palat!!! SALMAN is the SULTAN now!!!! And BOXOFFICE is the proof!!!!How much you try SALMAN will always be one step ahead of SRK!!!!In terms of fans and BOXOFFICE!!!!Check your DATABASE and it will show the results !!! If you don’t know how to query than just ask !!!!

  • @000

    So, Let RAEES release a 5 days ahead.

    Many people are ignoring how JUNGLE BOOK won the BO battle!
    It was Pre-ponded NOT post-ponded.

    Right after India lost semi finals to WI, FAN should’ve been Pre-ponded to April 1st before IPL started. There would’ve been massive rush. FAN Jabra video got very old, FAN trailer got OLD.

    They all released 1.5 months in advance. I can easily imagine cinegoers flocking to nearest cinema to see FAN on April 1st to vent their anger as India lost in semis.

    Public needs an outlet. JUNGLE BOOK saw this. They have a very good product. They saw how KAPOOR & SONS, NEERJA, AIRLIFT performing by being calculative and smart.

    Best decision ever made by JUNGLE BOOK was releasing 1 week ahead of FAN!.

    Now FAN struggling to get to 100 cr because of exremely ‘niche’ film.

    If RAEES wants to get to 200 cr before SULTAN, release it 1 week ahead with tons of promotion during Ramzan and SRK over-promote the film like he did RA-1.

    Call it celebrate EID 1 week before EID from SUNDAY itself.

    Believe me, by the time Sultan arrives on THURSDAY. 4 days of RAEES will give it a 80 crore ahead start. If SULTAN reviews are mixed to negative with words like “this is no Bajrangi B” or “dull, sand show, boring.” RAEES will eat into SULTANs BO numbers easily.

    SRK, FARHAN, RITESH need to learn a huge lession from JUNGLE BOOK pre-poned pre-release.

    If your product is ready to go, be ready to move it up 1-2 weeks to take full advantage of open BO.

  • Can u make article …ya update your article about teaser …jis mai like / dislike ratio..thay ..sultan teaser like 100k ..can u make article..!!

  • Another clash would prove fatal for srk..
    My choice would be 9th september release with bakra-eid falling on monday. Content of raees also supports muslim feativity.. so if no eid then bakra-eid.. Raees is do or die for him.. if raees doesn’t work then he is finished as per my opinion..

  • Sorry to say but how the people reacted specially Indicine and SRK fans with one small teaser of RAEES like it SHOLAY or MUGHAL E AZAM come on you guys are the one who said FAN is very good it will do this and that now what??? struggling to get average status, let the trailer release then decide, although with teaser RAEES story is very much clear but YRF is very clear SULTAN is a wrestler but what is the story?? they are hiding it so people are very much interested in it.

  • If not Eid, then September 09 will be an ideal release date for Raees.
    Though it will be really unfortunate that SRK will be having two non-holiday releases in same year, but producers should have sorted out this mess much before, instead of settling it down at the end moment.

  • If they release Raees on 25.August.2016 then they will have to face Mohenjo Daro, Rustom (such content oriented films when accepted by the audience, they run for a long time) and A Flying Jatt (releasing on the same day, starring Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez) or if Raees moves to September.9 then I hope that Anurag Basu does not announce his Jagga Jasoos on the same day.

  • With SLB and Hirani claiming Xmas 2017 , it’s quite evident that due to lack of lucrative release spots in a given year, soon, these famous directors will start claiming the festive release dates (with movies without Khans/Akki/Ajay/Hrithik as lead) . Xmas 2015 and 2017 are just the beginning. Soon, Diwali and Eid too will be there on their target.

    With Dilwale and BM clash, even I feel that if a director is confident about his product, he should not be afraid releasing his movie against any A-listed star. Yes, they will loose the opening day and weekend battle for sure, but in long run, they will definitely provide a significant dent to the collections of those movies starring the A-listed stars as lead.

  • Of the dates mentioned by you, only September 9 looks likely, because of Bakri Eid……..since they have put the tag of the film as “miyaan bhai ki daring”…….now that is targeting a section of public or say a particular religion……..and you cannot pitch it up with something completely contrasting, like a Diwali, Janmashtami or Ganesh Chaturthi weekend……it just doesn’t go well together.

    Other dates have young actors like Varun and Tiger who are currently hot properties with the youngsters and multiplex audiences……while clashing with Hro, Akshay and Ajay are out of question and too risky………so, the best date looks like only Sept 9.

  • Two mistakes SRK made where Raees is concerned. To have a porn star doing an item no in order to attract the youth who he knows is obsessed with porn, bad move for families won’t like this. Secondly Pakistani actress when he also knows that right now tensions is very anti Pakistani.
    Change your date all you want I feel the movie is already a loser. Sad but true.

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