Best release date for Raees

It’s no longer a secret that Excel Entertainment is hunting for a new date to release their upcoming film ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. But they still do not have a date, as all the major weekends this year are packed with film releases.

Before announcing a new date, the makers would do well to ensure the following:

  1. The new date shouldn’t end up in yet another clash, this is the last thing that they would want. When there were rumours doing the rounds that Raees is coming on July 29, Sajid Nadiadwala and Varun Dhawan organised a ‘pack-up press conference’ yesterday and said they were unwilling to move ‘Dishoom’ because Sajid considers the weekend to be lucky for his production house. Both Kick and Mujshe Shaadi Karogi released in the last week of July.
  2. Releasing Raees just 2-3 months after FAN could prove to be risky, because FAN has performed poorly. A gap of around 4-5 months would be ideal.

To find out the next best date, let’s look at the various weekends this year:

  • July 29: Dishoom is the big film in the last week of July. The producer has made it clear that they won’t move, even if any other film is announced for the same day.
  • August 12 (Independence Day): Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are scheduled to clash, so this date is not an option either.
  • August 25: Jamashtami weekend with plenty of holidays in Week 2 and Week 3. Could be a good date.
  • September 2: MS. Dhoni biopic is scheduled to release. The Ganesh Chaturthi holiday falls in this week.
  • September 9: Could be the best date for the film because Excel’s own ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is currently announced to release during the 4-day extended weekend – with Bakrid holiday falling on Monday.
  • September 30: Vishal Bharadwaj has booked his favourite weekend for ‘Rangoon’ but the Gandhi Jayanti holiday won’t carry any advantage this year as it falls on Sunday.
  • Diwali: There are rumours of Raees taking the Diwali weekend, but that would mean yet another clash. Ajay Devgn won’t move. Karan Johar might – but he himself needs a big weekend for his directorial venture.
  • November: The entire month of November is free with just one big film – Rock On 2 on November 11.
  • December: There is Aditya Chopra’s Befikre on December 9 and Aamir Khan’s Dangal during Christmas.

If we were Excel, we would lock either August 25 or September 9 (no major release for 2-3 weeks + 4-day extended weekend) for Raees



  • I think the best would be September. They would also be able to stick to coming this Eid. lol Only a different Eid.

  • Raees can’t clash with sultan coz one more point be noted Raees distribute by EROS international, EROS international never mess up with sultan because Salman’s Own production next with Kabir distribute by EROS. If clash then Salman’s next never give to distribute to EROS. So EROS can’t miss opportunity that Salman and Kabir combo.
    Seeing all factors Raees never ever clash with Sultan.

  • Raees for Eid
    Why SRK moves to other date if Raees moved to other date then #BoycottSRK mode on for me

  • YRF booked 2000 single screens for Sultan.. most of them cuz of FAN.. they had deal with theatre owners that if u dont take Sultan on EID u wont get FAN. so maximum and good single screens are lost.. 1200 single screens left (approx) if Raees is coming on EID it will get around 1000 single screens.. that too if house booking starts early. otherwise less than 1000.. now lets talk about multiplex. they will give 60-70% shows to Sultan.. and Raees will get 30-40% shows. in multiplex.. this also cuz YRF had deal with multiplex also. about shows when they were booking screens for FAN.. so what i m trying to say is that its better to remove Raees. cuz Raees wont get gud release. YRF>Red Chilles .. Red Chilles hv just destributed one film..that also badly.. they just booked 2500 screens for Dilwale.. and Bajirao got around 2900 -3000 screens.. so its simple move Raees. to Sept 9. its also BakrEid plus Raees can get get 4000+ screens. its logical also.. its not about star power or X,Y is a big star but problm is RAEES has lost screens. which ia problm.. lets see what happens.. (THANKS TO ONE OF MY DESTRIBUTOR FRIEND FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SCREEN COUNTS OF FILMS MENTIONED ABOVE)…

  • @stark
    By looking at the teaser of Raees it’s clear that it needs good amount of single screens as it’s different from fan so it will work with the masses.
    But it will be difficult for it to get good amount of single screens when you have a Salman movie clashing with you.
    Apart from this, if he loses the clash with big margin then it will further increase the belief in people that he is losing his stardom.

  • Its not up to you to decide on the release of Raees that is the decision left to the producers etc. But as of now if SRK releases at Eid it will be a disaster for him no matter what you or anyone says because he is not very favourable in the sight of the indian movier goers and his popularity is also waning overseas in many areas. Wisdom is the key here in this decision and it has to be weighed very heavily as no one wants to see people fail. When Salman was doing a lot of films for his friends and the films did not do well, he had a lot of criticism but he woke up to the fact that one must listen to one’s heart and follow it, he did and now has 9 back to back hits. As for friends let me encourage you to pray every day that God help you to know your friends for your enemies will take care of themselves.
    Now in all of Bollywood no one is going to move their film for SRK and this is a result of his attitude and arrogance towards others including Salman, so he has to reap what he has sown, until he changes his heart and attitude towards others.

  • @Javed you are really one stupid idiotic fool to even make a comment that you will lose respect for SRK if he postpones the movie, that shows how fickle you are and also retarded to think that you have the right to dictate to others, for God sake go get a life and get to hell off this site, even though I don’t watch SRK films ever, it sickens me to read these so called comments coming from some of you who profess to be his fans, always talking about revenge etc and you all are directly involved in the failure of his films because you keep spreading hatred against others. Grow up and stop being a stupid moron.

  • Public has lost confidence in SRK …. Raees will come & go with few fans as usual crying hoarse how their aged superstar is back with his best performance ….. it will be another tight slap on their face …. Raees can come any date and it will not do more than 120 crs

  • My Fellow SRKians,

    I know the mood is somber after Fans box office performance. But sharing a video which will hopefully make u feel better and more proud of SRK and also the entire Fan team. YRF released this video today which shows the efforts the team had to put to create the role of a 25 year old FAN – Gaurav Chandana.

    I loved it and hoping u will enjoy it too:

    Dont think all these efforts will go in vain and hoping that 10 years down the road this will be remembered as a great SRK movie just like we today talk about Paheli and Swadesh, all which unfortunately didnt work at box office.

    Enjoy the video !!!!!!!!!

  • @khan the problem with Raees having an item song is family audience will definitely shy away from it because of that sunny Leone. Hurting it in big way. It might help in bringing younger audience but again clashing with salman khan who has a complete grip on the single screen audience and especially youth of there. So in totality it won’t help and net benefit would be in negative because of that song. The day that item along was decided sultan got an edge.

  • @Khan, no one has heard soundtrack of Raees so stop assuming it is chartbuster..Even if it is, every Salman Khan movie except for Jai Ho has chartbuster music so you can’t challenge this statement. Sultan shooting is also going to be complete in 20 days and Randeep injury hasn’t changed much..Besides, no one is going to watch it for content or editing or story but for SALMAN!
    Also, songs haave nothing to do with post production as they are always pre-recorded before movie is even completed…Also, there is ample time for editing and promotion so no problem of post-production…The track record of the director doesn’t matter too as every bad director can give a good film and every good director can give bad film…Even Maneesh Sharma record was bad but critics loved Fan…Item song is negative as it is coming on a religious holiday and many families will stay away from it…Sultan has everything going in favour of the movie..When Salman can make a ghissi-pitti family drama movie a 200 crore grosser, then Sultan has all the more chances…And many people are against the topic too and the dialogue could be using complex hindi-urdu words so mass may not understand and watch…Also as you mentioned, Mahira could prove to be negative for anti-paki people even without watching her acting so this could be a problem while Sultan has Anushka who has had a bad slate but pulled off NH10 all on her own so she should be adding around 20 crore to the table…

    You can’t change facts, Sultan has everything going in it’s favor while not may people are waiting to watch Raees

    And with Fan, it is proven that critics opinions don’t matter much to the people

  • Film making is a business. People associated with it spend lots of time and money to make a movie. So earning profit is the no. 1 reason for any person who make movies. Here producers have invested lots of money on both Sultan and Raees.

    If clashed Raees will suffer more – any one can tell. First n foremost it will not get enough screen and unless and until the film is highly appreciated by public – there is no chance to pick up after slow start.

    Now people are taking about Raees being content oriented movie – looking back last few Srk’s movies it does not look likely – Fan said to be content oriented movie is a big dud – all paid critics giving 3.5 to 4 stars – even indicine gave it 4 stars. So you never know until it is released.

    So it is useless to say let the clash happen – you will not loose any money – here we are not talking about lakhs or even 1-2 crores. lots of money on the line and no producers want to loose the opportunity earn more money. They have done their math and if their math shows they will loose money if clashed – they will avoid the clash and move their movie to different date.

    So it is stupid to ask to clash 2 big movies – just to fulfill fan’e ego.

  • @ indicine – Once in one of the Q&A sessions a reader had asked you howcome Komal Nahta had posted that RAEES was getting postponed and Ritesh Sidwani had denied it while both Nahta & Sidwani were believed to be on good terms and good friends. In reply to this question, you had said that you probably knew the reason for such posts but didn’t want to say it on a public platform.

    Can you share now what transpired then?

  • 9 Sep is a great date that will help overseas collections in the Gulf countries because of Eid ul Adha or bakrid. It’s a national holiday in India and a week holiday in the Gulf . I hope they choose it and they choose whats good for business. Dilwale got HUGE collections from there and Raees should do the same. Also 4 days weekend will get the first 100 cr in the bag early on before the risky weekdays.

  • An update on another eagerly awaited SRK movie :

    Anand L Rai is one talented director. He is famous for his ‘hatke’ films like Tanu Weds Manu and Raanjhanaa. But it is his upcoming movie with superstar Shahrukh Khan that the filmmaker calls his biggest project till date.

    “Film with Khan saab is my most ambitious project because he is the main casting of the film. I don’t think there is anyone who can play the character better than him. I am fortunate I got Shah Rukh Khan for this film,” Rai told PTI in an interview.

    After meeting him, I realised he is such a large-hearted man. For me, as a director, that actor becomes very important who can understand other human beings and Shah Rukh has great understanding of people.”

    Rai is currently working on the script and hopes to start the film by the end of the year. “Right now the work is going on the story. I am totally in sync with Khaan saab, we are in touch. I am writing a story which we all should be proud of. We hope to start the film by the end of the year.”

    Shah Rukh will be seen playing a dwarf in the movie, but the filmmaker says there’s more to his character than being a short man. “I am taking my time on the story… Of course, there is something… (The news of Shah Rukh playing a dwarf). It is there but this aspect also has a lot of details which I don’t want to reveal right now.

    “People are thinking it is a film about a short man but I will say it has a very tall story. It is a challenging, entertaining story. As an actor, it is a challenging role for him. As a maker, it is an important film for me. It will be fun raising the bar and when you finally get Shah Rukh Khan, you wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity.”

  • @Myanmar Yagon, it doesn’t matter..Even if Raees clashes with Sultan, Kabir Khan SAlman Khan next will most definitely still be distributed by them as both Salman and Kabir know that Eros is the best distributor currently and they always choose films which have potential to be major grossers..So if they choose another distributor, then they will be at a loss too as it will not get enough screens and might underperform..

  • you are right indicine. it will be a really bad idea for Raees to clash with any other movie specially with sultan. i think they should go with 9 september..but you said that no major film will be releasing after that date but tell us that which film is going to release on 2nd september

  • A lot of people would have already watched MohenjoDaro and Ruston in August, and some of them may not afford to watch 2-3 movies in span of a month, also Tiger Shroff’s ‘A Flying Jatt’ is scheduled for August 25th(?), so September 9th seems best possible release date, they will get 3 open weeks if Eros postpone their own Baar Baar Dekho.

  • Indicine u don’t know about bakra eid . it comes after 2 months 10 days of eid. So if eid is on 7th or 8th July.. How could be bakra eid would be on 9th September… Plz work well before making article.. Kindly publish… It would be between 12-15th sept. So releasing on Thursday 12th September would be better idea.

  • Isn’t he “duniya ka Sabse bada superstar”??? Then what is the need of looking for a new release date??? If he doesn’t release it on Eid then he will be considered a BHAGODA!!

  • @indicine:
    Bachchon ke jaan love kya??? Ek fan Disaster hua Upar se Raees ke postpone hone ka news!!!

  • Their disaster giving global king is looking for a new release date for Raees and they are making comments like Raees will thrash Sultan, Raees will be the winner and blah blah blah!!!
    #idiotgiri ke bhi koi Hadd hoti hai!!

  • @indicine:
    Bachchon ke jaan loge kya??? Ek toh fan Disaster hua hain Upar se Raees ka postpone hone ka news!!!

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