Best release date for Raees

It’s no longer a secret that Excel Entertainment is hunting for a new date to release their upcoming film ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. But they still do not have a date, as all the major weekends this year are packed with film releases.

Before announcing a new date, the makers would do well to ensure the following:

  1. The new date shouldn’t end up in yet another clash, this is the last thing that they would want. When there were rumours doing the rounds that Raees is coming on July 29, Sajid Nadiadwala and Varun Dhawan organised a ‘pack-up press conference’ yesterday and said they were unwilling to move ‘Dishoom’ because Sajid considers the weekend to be lucky for his production house. Both Kick and Mujshe Shaadi Karogi released in the last week of July.
  2. Releasing Raees just 2-3 months after FAN could prove to be risky, because FAN has performed poorly. A gap of around 4-5 months would be ideal.

To find out the next best date, let’s look at the various weekends this year:

  • July 29: Dishoom is the big film in the last week of July. The producer has made it clear that they won’t move, even if any other film is announced for the same day.
  • August 12 (Independence Day): Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are scheduled to clash, so this date is not an option either.
  • August 25: Jamashtami weekend with plenty of holidays in Week 2 and Week 3. Could be a good date.
  • September 2: MS. Dhoni biopic is scheduled to release. The Ganesh Chaturthi holiday falls in this week.
  • September 9: Could be the best date for the film because Excel’s own ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is currently announced to release during the 4-day extended weekend – with Bakrid holiday falling on Monday.
  • September 30: Vishal Bharadwaj has booked his favourite weekend for ‘Rangoon’ but the Gandhi Jayanti holiday won’t carry any advantage this year as it falls on Sunday.
  • Diwali: There are rumours of Raees taking the Diwali weekend, but that would mean yet another clash. Ajay Devgn won’t move. Karan Johar might – but he himself needs a big weekend for his directorial venture.
  • November: The entire month of November is free with just one big film – Rock On 2 on November 11.
  • December: There is Aditya Chopra’s Befikre on December 9 and Aamir Khan’s Dangal during Christmas.

If we were Excel, we would lock either August 25 or September 9 (no major release for 2-3 weeks + 4-day extended weekend) for Raees



  • Why RAEES must release within 3 months of FAN?
    Why RAEES must release as early as JULY 3rd (SUNDAY)?

    RAEES is more hoshiyarpur, Pathankot incident prone! If one more major terror incident in few months, SRK and RAEES will be made scapegoat for casting a “paksitani” instead of Kareena, Bipasha, Katrina. #boycottpakistanisinbollywood will trend.

    RAEES must release when SRK is generating positive vibe in acting in FAN. Any anti-pakistan atmosphere in India, RAEES will suffer at BO big time.

    Excel Red chillies already made a huge mistake in not casting proper bollywood actress in Kareena, Anushka, Deepika, Priyanka. Mahira khan is a huge risk if any political india pakistan incident starts.

    Release it before Kashmir heats up again. Before terrorist incident. SRK has said everything correct with patriotism, supporting modi etc etc.


  • if the movie is good, then it does good at any date, if its bad then it wont do good at any time so release in eid weather it is clashing or not with another film
    After getting flop by fan by releasing in non festive period i dont think srk will postpone his movie to again non festive period

  • I would suggest releasing raess with Dangal.

    After all why should 3.7 billion-supported srk fear a fan-less Aamir.

  • I am die hard srk fan since deewana 1992…..but some facts are there…anyone may agree or not….
    #he need to work on his PR machinery
    now days it all depend upon PR
    its not always about content it . sometime its about mindset of people…agree srk has one of die hard set of fans…They will follow him always in any situation but sad but true he has strong haters also with no reason. ….he has to work on it…..
    content , genre , right time also matters but if this thing hasn’t work out then its difficult to get back…..
    jabra fan#ARK#

  • eid is the best release date of Raees…
    King khan is just come up with CE in Eid and broke all records….
    Raees was looking more interesting… Eagerly waiting For Raees…
    #Baniye ka Dimaag Aur MiyanBhai ki daring..
    #Fasal kerala

  • I love this line from article:-
    “1.The new date shouldn’t end up in yet another clash, this is the last thing that they would want”

    So the so called “King of Clash” is now running from a clash (Avoiding clash)

    Too Much Fun….

  • Nice article @indicine
    after FAN,Raees won’t stand a chance against SULTAN on Eid and the makers knows it,Salman’s record with Eid has been consitent releasing back to back BB.
    Srk fans should swallow there pride and hope Raees does not clash with SULTAN,coz his last 3 films have underperfomed adding another one will be disastrous to his stardom.

  • Between 25 aug and 9 september i would choose 9 september bcoz if md or rustom strike gold at bo then it will be bit difficult for raees however 9 september is superlucky

  • Hit Aditya Chopra where it hurts the most. Take revenge for Eid and announce Raees for December 9, same date as his Befikre. If Raees is a fantastic film and Dangal’s content is not upto the mark, Raees will get advantage of Christmas also!

  • So Raees is moving from Eid date..

    And just like selfish Star now his fans kept their hopes on ‘Randeep Hooda’s injury’..!

    Now they are praying that Randeep should go for sergery(no speedy recovery for him) which delays Sultan schedule….

    oh my god…what a low level thinking guys…!

    But we Salman fans prays are with you Randeep…get well soon & don’t worry about Sultan’s completion…nothing is important than your health.

  • Raaz – 4 is releasing on 25th August. Get ur facts right @indicine . Joginder Tuteja confirmed it on twitter.

    U have been ignoring Raaz-4 . Donno the reason why? Plz reply @indicine ?

    Raaz-4 will open huge and can survive Raees if it releases on 25 august.

  • Dear indicine now this is seriously a completely ridiculous article ..
    What r u trying to prove ????
    Who would Raees postpone when the makers have made a well written movie ???
    Do not post such a stupid article ever again.

  • I want the clash to take place for 100%
    Raees should and must come only and only on Eid AL fetr ….!!!
    Dear indicine go inform ali zafar to move away because he has made a shitty movie.

  • Sir just asking a question why film fan is not doing a good business in india . I just watch the movie and its an awesome movie pakistan like it running successfully and overseas also like but india not like

  • Plz Srk sir!! You are the king but you still cant handel another failure!! Salman is ruling Eid since Wanted release!! Plz no clash because Sultan might German supplex you!!

  • If srk postpones Raees then he will lose all of our respect that we have to him !!!
    Srk don’t postpone it if u have made a really good movie !!!!!!

  • Get ready for another dhamakedar performance that others cant do… especially remake king..south bhojpuri Khan..and same expression Khan.

    … for boxoffice… tallent of director also needed.
    And in Raees… no doubt about performance. .. but doubt about director.

  • Eid or Diwali. Salman or Ajay still will be exciting.

    clashing with the other smaller boys in the main Tinsel town clash game will not suit his status. So ignore clash with Dishoom or Rustam.

    Eid /Diwali if not sept 9 as solo.

  • Its tough to find another better date for raees if not then it has to be a clash. I m srkian for life. Love u srk.

  • What a pathetic time has come for haklu… Searching dates for his film release…
    He is now out of top 5 stars…
    There is no come back for this so called global queen… It was romantic genre that made successful this haklu now he can’t romance half of his girls… He doesn’t even fit into Action, Comedy genre as well and we have seen the fate of masala films from this queen…

    I think he will be best suitable for Mayamemsaab kinda films… Bcoz those characters bought this haklu to fame in early stage of his career… 😛

  • Why not eid, thats the best relise date for raees, clash and festivel boost the publisity
    if clash happen raees be the clear winner, if they relise in normal weekend never cross 100 crore.
    sultan will be flop,that gener didnt work in india.apne, brothers are example.

  • Raeess should release selected country like Afghanistan, Plotopurian, MYANMAR, Malaysia, Maya-pur and Mannat. It’s my suggestion. :-D :-P

  • Blame Ritesh Sidhwani for Raees and Sultan’s Eid

    One particular phone call between Ritesh Sidhwani and Aditya Chopra led to the entire mess.

    Mumbai: Often it is the actor who faces the wrath of any controversy around a film whereas producers, who are not known faces, sit back and enjoy the show. Being the face of the film, actors have to go around defending or talking about clashes or any controversy around the film. Which was the case of this year’s big EID clash Raees and Sultan.

    While promoting his last release Dilwale, Shah Rukh Khan had to clarify on the big clash with Salman Khan many times. Ditto for Salman who also had his share of versions about the unfortunate clash. But hold on… Who really got the two actors in this mess? Producer Ritesh Sidhwani from Excel Entertainment.

    Yes, so here’s what happened. Rumours that have been doing the rounds in the industry reveal that Ritesh was aware about Sultan’s release date but he still decided to bring Raees out on the same day. A source told us, “Last year, when reports had started doing the rounds of Salman Khan in Yash Raj Film’s next, producer Ritesh Sidhwani made a call to YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra. Yash Raj Films hadn’t made an official announcement yet due to Salman’s ongoing case.”

    So what happened during the phone call? The source added, “Ritesh Sidhwani started sniffing around asking Aditya about the developments on Sultan. He also asked Adi when he intends to release it. Anyone who knows Aditya Chopra is aware that he is the most straightforward guy in the industry. He doesn’t mince words and is always to the point. He heard Ritesh out and told him he wants to release the film on EID 2016 but is waiting for the verdict on Salman’s case. That marked the end of the phone.”

    Few days later Ritesh took to his social media page and announced that Raees is coming on Eid. When this news reached Aditya Chopra he was shocked. He felt cheated that a friend sneaked in only to extract some information.

    Anyways, when it was clear that Salman wasn’t going to jail and he got a clean chit in his case, YRF went ahead and announced Sultan’s release date as planned. The clash of both the films shocked everyone in the industry.

    Ritesh claimed to everyone around him that he was the first one to announce his release date so he hasn’t done anything wrong. However it has now come to surface that drill of clarifications SRK and Salman had to give about the EID clash, Ritesh is rumoured to be the root cause of it.

  • Raees on choti eid…Sultan on bri eid ( Bakr Eid) bcoz if salman tried to hurry the things for sultan it could end up like dilwale ( which was made in a Hurry)

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