Best release date for Raees

It’s no longer a secret that Excel Entertainment is hunting for a new date to release their upcoming film ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. But they still do not have a date, as all the major weekends this year are packed with film releases.

Before announcing a new date, the makers would do well to ensure the following:

  1. The new date shouldn’t end up in yet another clash, this is the last thing that they would want. When there were rumours doing the rounds that Raees is coming on July 29, Sajid Nadiadwala and Varun Dhawan organised a ‘pack-up press conference’ yesterday and said they were unwilling to move ‘Dishoom’ because Sajid considers the weekend to be lucky for his production house. Both Kick and Mujshe Shaadi Karogi released in the last week of July.
  2. Releasing Raees just 2-3 months after FAN could prove to be risky, because FAN has performed poorly. A gap of around 4-5 months would be ideal.

To find out the next best date, let’s look at the various weekends this year:

  • July 29: Dishoom is the big film in the last week of July. The producer has made it clear that they won’t move, even if any other film is announced for the same day.
  • August 12 (Independence Day): Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are scheduled to clash, so this date is not an option either.
  • August 25: Jamashtami weekend with plenty of holidays in Week 2 and Week 3. Could be a good date.
  • September 2: MS. Dhoni biopic is scheduled to release. The Ganesh Chaturthi holiday falls in this week.
  • September 9: Could be the best date for the film because Excel’s own ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is currently announced to release during the 4-day extended weekend – with Bakrid holiday falling on Monday.
  • September 30: Vishal Bharadwaj has booked his favourite weekend for ‘Rangoon’ but the Gandhi Jayanti holiday won’t carry any advantage this year as it falls on Sunday.
  • Diwali: There are rumours of Raees taking the Diwali weekend, but that would mean yet another clash. Ajay Devgn won’t move. Karan Johar might – but he himself needs a big weekend for his directorial venture.
  • November: The entire month of November is free with just one big film – Rock On 2 on November 11.
  • December: There is Aditya Chopra’s Befikre on December 9 and Aamir Khan’s Dangal during Christmas.

If we were Excel, we would lock either August 25 or September 9 (no major release for 2-3 weeks + 4-day extended weekend) for Raees



  • I think for Raees 9th September is a good release date
    As a fan of Srk
    Sorry Srk but after Fan i am against clash with Sultan

  • I am pretty sure after Raees srk will certainly win back the trust of audience which he lost after starring in some mediocre movies off late.
    It would be good if the movie releases on EID.Unlike Fan Raees is more commercial so it could certainly perform well in mass circuits where Fan failed to perform.
    Difficult period for Srk and all his fans.It’s almost for the 1st time in his career he has faced such a slump.
    But I will continue supportin him even if his subsequent movies doesn’t do well.I will always be indebted to the superstar who inspires me to work hard and made my childhood so awesome with his terrific performance.
    Best of luck Sir from your Jabra Fan #Challa

  • A film like Raees need a festival release..
    Diwali will be better i guess..
    even if it clash with Shivaay..
    still both can do better..
    like Bang Bang and Haider..

  • Apologise to fans of every actor if I have hurt their feelings intentionally or unintentionally.
    Don’t want to have any negative feelings for any user and contemporaries of my favourite star anymore.

  • Indicine great pick, I was also with 9th Sept week, it will have a good run for atleast 3 weeks flat.
    Indicine hats off to ur team; bringing the best and accurate compilations everytime, following your site for almost 6-7 years, now I can confidently say, ur website is d best website PAN INDIA.

  • Best Release Date for RAEES…………………………JULY 3rd (SUNDAY)

    FAN restored faith in neutral cinegoers that SRK is still interested in “acting.”
    RAEES must release on JULY 3rd (SUNDAY) and must be available on EID day JULY 6th.

    RAEES is full-on masala shakaal flick, Drinking, bootlegging business with Sunny Leone (item) song, Nawaz, Zeeshan. This film will atleast be “good.” and will have postivie WOM.

    SULTAN is about wrestling & only wrestling. Lallu is not playing bajrangi but a muslim role. Zafar track record sucks. SULTAN might be postponed too (Randeep surgery). or at the very best, it will be rushed with not proper soundtrack, songs.

    RAEES is well in post-production. Good soundtrack, chartbusting songs, & “laila o laila” item is there. Before anti-mahira khan (pakistani) storm kicks in

    RAEES must release. EID is the best day for any film. as 50% of hindi cinegoers do not go to cinema deliberately for a month.

    RAEES – SHIVAAY clash. SHIVAAY wins. Ajay playing hindu god. Perfect subject for DIWALI festival. RAEES subject more EID related. will suffer.

    RAEES – SULTAN clash. RAEES collects 200+ cr. easily.
    RAEES solo EID release. RAEES cross 250 cr easily. If SULTAN postponed.

    SULTAN alone..collects 225 Cr.
    SULTAN with clash..will not cross 170 Cr. RAEES better songs. RAEES item number. RAEES – Nawaz chemsitry. SULTAN will be sand, dust, wrestling show directed by very poor track record director.

    Best release date for RAEES…SUNDAY….JULY 3rd

    Worst release date for RAEES…DILWALI followed by AUG 12th followed by DIWALI. All packed!

  • Sept 9 is the best date according to me because releasing Raees in August 25 after two weeks of Mohenjodaro and Rustom release can trouble Raees because both these movies can have positive WOM . But I still think Raees should come in Diwali clashing with Shivaay as Ajay isnt a big star as Srk . Raees can also come Christmas clashing with Dangal because is a much bigger holiday . Remember that Fan didnt work because of releasing in non holiday .

  • Film should never clash with Dishoom because the latter is a massy film , and Raees (unlike FAN) as well deserves a good single-screen count as Raees is commercial .

  • Raees will be another underperformer……
    Indicine,B positive…simply agree with fact that Fan was not upto the mark not even in India but all over the world as regional films are performing better than overseas…publish an article to highlight the Mighty Khans not to disgrace them like this just because Fan failed…tell me how Ready became a Big Blockbuster in non-holiday period and broke many records…at today’s time it’s collection will b 200 cr nett for sure in India…that also with mixed reviews….Reply Cowards….not posting my comment and reply coward srk fans

  • First Fan flop nd now no good release date for raaes .

    SRK is feeling Sad with Angel priya,Meena Boy and 75 Others

  • SRK Said in his interview : I Don’t want festival dates,I want whenever my film release, it should be like a festival.

    Nd Now searching for good release date ?

  • @Challa don’t worry. Raees will do very well at the bo. And if it clashes with sultan it will destroy it. Mark my words

  • September 9 looks to be a good option if it is a 4 day extended weekend.

    Expecting this movie to be a great watch. I am a huge huge fan of 2 great performers clashing and taking on each other one on one (with Amitabh and Dilip Kumars Shakti being my most favorite movie in that area).

    So SRKs tustle and face off scenes with Nawazuddin must be something to relish. Two very powerful performers. As a cinema lover, nothing better than watching them take on each other. Hoping it will be worth the wait.

  • @challa…it’s ok bro…from my side sorry too to all srkians
    Lets b lik brothers
    best of luck for Raees

  • very interesting article…..

    it is not just about box office or analysis or news…..

    sometimes its also about speculation/prediction……great to read @ indicine!!

    I’d pick september 9 weekend as thats already booked by Raees plus Raees would still be releasing on Eid!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine agree with your say of 9 September because they say their movie have content requiring eid so bakri id is something they should look for. and secondary baar baar dekho is also excel’s production. THANK YOU people are doing some great stuff.Keep rocking.

  • ideally , raees should come on eid 2016
    but agar srk ko dar hai toh woh phir kabhi bhi aye , aur phir raees kitni bhi badi blockbuster ban jaye
    salman fans will say and even srkiians like me will accept that srk for the first time acted like coward and that too becoz of under performance of his 2 flicks and of-course taking on against the might of yash raj and one and only salman khan

    so plzz dnt change release date , dekha jayega but be courageous , yes if u loose many will say that u r over but they hav been saying so frm some last 8 years
    but what if raees beats sultan , srk will restore what he has lost

    on the other hand salman has been a true friend , otherwise after making a classic like bajrangi , why will he release a movie with one of the most stupid directors of the industry in which he himself is looking like a godzilla ,
    I’m dam sure , sultan won’t be a gr8 movie like bajrangi and I’m even more sure that raees will be one of the best movies of recent times. It will be perfect blend of commercial cinema as well as art house movie.

    Go for it srk , salman ko uski territory mein agar hara diya toh salman ka pata nahi but srk ke liye sabh cheez badl jayegi
    show your daring miyabhai

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