Bang Bang is different and better than ‘Knight and Day’: Hrithik

Bang Bang is the official remake of  Tom Cruise’s Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’, but the lead star of the film Hrithik Roshan says that the Indian version is very different and also better than the original.

“This is better, always better. Why would I do something if I know it can’t be done any better? Also, it’s not the same film.”

In fact the actor goes on to say that if the audience isn’t made aware that the film is an adaption, they wouldn’t even know that the film is a remake. The script of Bang Bang has been re-written by Sidharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh the director of Kahaani.

“If you did not know it was an adaptation, while seeing ‘Bang Bang’ it would not even occur to you that the germ was from ‘Knight and Day’ So it’s an entirely different film,” he added.

Also starring Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang releases in theatres on October 2nd.

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise



  • My Prediction for Bang Bang & Haider…
    Bang Bang…
    2nd Oct. 33 cr
    3rd Oct 28cr
    4th Oct 25 cr
    5th oct 35 cr
    6th oct. 20 cr
    7th oct. 17 cr,
    8th oct. 15 cr
    9th oct. 11 cr
    First Week ( Extended):- 184 cr ( ve wom)
    10 oct 9 cr
    11 oct. 11cr
    12 oct 14 cr
    13oct. 7 cr
    14 oct 6 cr
    15 oct. 5 cr
    16 oct 4 cr
    Second Week ;- 56 cr
    17 oct. 3 cr
    18 oct 4 cr
    19 oct. 5 cr
    20 oct 2cr
    21 oct 2 cr
    22 oct 1.5 cr
    23 oct 1.5 cr
    Third Week :- 19 cr
    Remaining weeks 6 cr

    Total Collection Estimates ,265 cr

    Haider. 40-65 cr

  • Eve of 2nd Oct and there will be one kid fretting n shivering uncontrollably like his hero Hrithik does in 90% of his movies all under the pretence of intense acting.

    In a surreal corner of ManipulationPur there is Indicines resident Agony Aunt stroke mathematical sorry non-manipulative genius Mr Nipun Kumar dithering over how manipulative his pro Bong Bong Review should be…. Should he justify giving it 7 or 8 stars out of 5 and if he goes for 8 stars then how can he explain this to his readership at the ‘Times Of Paglapur’ that he gave 1 star for each word uttered by Kat in the movie… I mean shes HOT so when she delivers 1 word is it really worth 1 star…? Mind you lets be grateful that Sid thought it wise enough to give her only 2 words in entire movie otherwise had she had 50 words then Nipun would have given Bong Bong a rating of 55 out of 5…!

    Its gonna be a long night but as luck would have it our critiKs new best friend babaji will be at his bedside giving him gentle encouragement n suggestions on how to give his review more bias and many many more stars…!

    Me personally Im looking forward to Anand Babus review as that will be more fun n entertaining- I too will leave my review of nipuns review so cant wait for Thursday- bullets will fly for sure…!

  • I SA we are really looking forward to watching the movie – especially a POI is acting in the movie and she is excellent…..reading comments about Katrina really saddens me. We as POI’s are not able to speak good hindi but our English is excellent…..should we be hated for that…..

  • @hritik lol. I have not given example of phir milenge which was never aim for box office draw. Janeman, London dreams, yuvraj or veer were full of commercial but non action masala which can be more cpmparable just like khnh, devdas, jodha Akbar, jthj etc in terms genre production values, star cast, production houses, promotion, release size etc. still those were desastrous on Bo.
    For ur kind info swades was dried movie but still did more than commercial tere naam, garve, lucky etc. paheli which was art kind of of flick also did similar to tere naam, garve lucky etc. srks flop movies generates more business than Salmans many commertial products.

  • @Sht : what a joke !!!!! Thats why srk struggled to beat Ready with 3 commercial movies – Ra.One, Don2 & JTHJ !!!!! Now dont say these were not BO targeted movies !!!!!! Losers !!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik Ra one did beat Ready even indicine has said this. Ra One (125 crore) > Ready (120 crore).So SRK beat ready a long time ago even b4 CE. But what about ur bhai’s Jai Ho couldnt even cross Ram Leela!

  • @Tri-in-one : Talk about Hindi not about regional languages or paglapur language. Compare collections of both Ready & Ra.One (Hindi version) n come back for debate !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Hritik calling some one looser try to understand first. Ra1 has almost did same as ready, and u have to compare chennai express with ready because both falls in similar genre action comedy and see the difference in Bo collection. U have to compare jthj with kyuki or janeman not ready.

  • @Sht : stop this nonsense you wanna compare a non holiday release Ready with a Eid release ??? r u kidding ??? go learn some from your king n come back !!!!!!!!

  • @hrithikfake No No No u cant get away on that one. All sites now publish collections of movies in all languages. When Aamir quotes D3 collections he uses regional version number, same with HR and RR they quote K3 as 244 crore (all regions). When Indicine and other trade websites quote final figure now they all use total collections. U have to include regional now. So u cant get away with ur silly only hindi collections. Ready didnt give regional language so ppl of tamil and telegu had to watch in hindi however Ra One gave regional language so why wud those ppl go watch hindi version?? So u have to take regional into account just like indicine, every other website, aamir, hrithik does today, u have no problem with them doing this, but for SRK u belittle his film collections by not including regional. Hahaha u have to do this. Ra One 125 crore > Ready. Deal with it, hater!!

  • @triniman Srks, Don 2 and JTHJ failed to beat Ready’s collections. Such a failure as an actor LOL
    Salman is the Shehenshah of Bollywood.

  • @Trini : Fine, If you insist that South Indian people helped Srk to beat Ready collections then its fine. But dont forget you are the same people who bash Salman for remaking south movies but no shame while counting collections !!!!!!!!

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