Bang Bang is different and better than ‘Knight and Day’: Hrithik

Bang Bang is the official remake of  Tom Cruise’s Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’, but the lead star of the film Hrithik Roshan says that the Indian version is very different and also better than the original.

“This is better, always better. Why would I do something if I know it can’t be done any better? Also, it’s not the same film.”

In fact the actor goes on to say that if the audience isn’t made aware that the film is an adaption, they wouldn’t even know that the film is a remake. The script of Bang Bang has been re-written by Sidharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh the director of Kahaani.

“If you did not know it was an adaptation, while seeing ‘Bang Bang’ it would not even occur to you that the germ was from ‘Knight and Day’ So it’s an entirely different film,” he added.

Also starring Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang releases in theatres on October 2nd.

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise



  • @nipun kumar

    You love remakes now but hypocrisy inside your veins insists you call this particular remake an adaptation which explains why you will never accept Jadoo Mil Gaya as being a remake of ET for example…!

    You are the worst type of fan- atleast I can say Ready is crap but that crap was way better than Angry Path and Jaadoo 3 put together…!

  • @fazi wrf? in your language when you didn’t heard about knight and day so beacouse of that hr is better actor than tom Cruise?? and kat is better than Cameron Diaz? seriously??? and if yl didn’t see the knight and day movie so how you can say they are not same?? if u wached the movie u will realised that 5 or 6 scenes are copied only in a 2 min trailer!

  • @babaji plus @arjun kapoor

    It seems you two have something in common now- you both have turned into Jaadu fans- Not surprising seeing how immature you have been of late- get ready to avoid the bullets on 2nd Oct- target will be your empty air heads…!

  • Everyone saw hrithik’s true colors when he manipulated krrish 3 collections. He is a cheat and fraud just like his chamcha srk. Haider will kick bang bang and bb wont make even 100 crores. No hrithik film will ever be watched by audience again.

  • No one in industry have guts to accept truth except Salman. He openly admits about remaking still peole watch n make his movies Blockbusters !!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, they are not confessing in media that it is a cheap remake of K&D. They can fool Indian audiences. But overseas mein jootey air chappal marengi yeh Jaan kar ke yeh bong bong is 2rs remake of K&D.
    I didn’t want to comment but this particular nipun kid suffering from jaadoomania has forced me to comment. Beta, chutiya hoga tu aur tera pura family. Don’t call others chutiyas!
    You moron, you never appreciate others’ work. How the hell do u expect us to appreciate rohit roshan’s work who shivers, manipulate BO and doesn’t know how to properly deliver dialogues.
    You have taken panga with us at a wrong time. Now, you will see what we will do.
    You think you are a genius and whatever shits that spoon-fed kid does, it becomes extraordinary for u. Do u know how stupid you are. Grow up..

  • I am loving it…all khans fans ki punch main dhuvan niklana shuru ho gayi…..Loved the way bang bang has turned out…it will be a sure shot biggest grosser….

    3 days to go…tsunami is coming….

  • similarity of modi and salman.Modi,s are always without where as salman,s movies are also without so talk from his heart where as salman make films from heart that,s why fan following of both are unmatchable in their respective region.

  • People like @hrithik n @yuvraj are giving me lectures about content and entertainment. But they didn’t realise that the so called “content”wala topic was started by @sagar n @hny fuss bomb. So when your mates are starting bullshits, you people should accept the faults of your own side. Btw, i was right in my comment to that guy @fuss bomb hny. I was not active here before 2-3 days as i felt like this comment section is full of senselessness. Look at the comments of losers like @romu,@loki,@dabbang.

  • similarity of modi and salman.Modi,s speech are always without script where as salman,s movies are also without so talk from his heart where as salman make films from heart that,s why fan following of both are unmatchable in their respective region.

  • Insecurity at its best
    By seeing the response to advance booking for bang bang, Haters are shocked and commenting nonsense
    I am surprised that some moron are saying that bang bang has very low buzz
    Ha ha ha
    Kya kahe aise logo ke baare mein
    They are feeling very unsecured ki hrithik unke favourite actors ke 4500 screens pr banaye gaye record ko sirf 3500 screen k saath destroy kr dega
    Bang bang has tremendous advance for the whole weekend everywhere
    Haters also remember that what happened when hrithik was in action previous time dhoom 2
    Hrithik starrer dhoom 2 is the only movie in Indian cinema history jiske liye 12:00-3:00 night shows organised karne pade the
    So Haters se request h ki wo apne liye safe jagah dhoond le because tsunami is coming on box office on 2nd Oct 2014 worldwide
    Get a life Haters

  • @anand: abey classless tapori, family ke baare main kuch mat bol samjha. you loser, it was started by your mates side. So stop ur bullshits. And what? Sheivering?manipulation? The word chutiya is best suitable for u. Sheivering is natural. I haven’t seen a single intelligent person calling salman a better actor than hrithik. And,there is not even a single proof of manipulation. So,your argument is valueless. Bt there are proof of crime by salwoman. Yes,u forced me to tell it.

  • We hrithikians are not interested in going to other actors’ article and speaking bullshits there. But these salman and srkfans are posting crap on hr articles(having said that there are sensible fans like @jc,@damnn,@yymithaiwala,@gewone(n’t etc)

  • pepole tell srk is the king,but i think hritik roshan is the king,he is the king of manipuleted figure,In the history of indian cinema only hritik and rakesh roshan told such lie,hritik is the king of liar.Bang Bang…….

  • Guys, what is this? fighting like kids.

    @nipun, i guess you lost it dude, do you even read what you write? So many swear words.

    I read that @babaji has also started swearing. I guess srk and salman fans have after so many fightings, almost every hour on this website, have never went down so low.

    And, whoever said there is nothing positive in Bang Bang. There is one big positive thing – Katrina.


    On the article, well, all that Hro is saying is just a part of promotion, as otherwise what would you expect him to say, it is fultoo copy of K&D? lol.

  • @Nipun, I replied to you because u used the word chutiya.. else, I would have chosen to ignore your comments, you spineless jaadoo fan! If you dont want to call ur family anything bad, dont call others chutiyas.
    Type in Google. It will give u thousands of evidences how roshan have manipulated the collections. Iss baar bhi aisa hi hoga..Kyunki Kutte Ki Dum Kabhi Seedhi Nahin Vote…
    You have made some stupid comments under Emran hashmi’s article. That shows how homo you are at a so young age..bada hoke kya banogi pata nahin..
    Aata Majhi Satakli…

  • Bang Bang will be better than Knight and Day. Hrithik is better than Tom Cruise. Kat is better than Cameron Diaz. Siddarth is better than James Mangold.. Hrithik doesn’t remake. Hrithik makes the original films better. Even his worst film Aap Mujhe Aachche Lagne Laage is better than the best films of others.. All his movies are class.
    Hence, Bang Bang>>>Knight and Day..

  • @ nipun yes now i have seen their comment so u r talking baseless about salman becuz somebody easily able to make u angry and it is worst sign of intelegence. plz keep cool ur mind and behave like normal young man. salman is better actor than salman in all of his movies. hrithik is better actor only for those who likes quality icecream. yes ready is far better than all hr movies cuz hr is mainly hero of quality ice cream audience and salman make movies for lower and middle class.

  • Main thing is that haters have started burning badly due to jealousy as 2nd oct is coming close…
    People like @navin@sss@Anand@romance@kinshuk are burning heavily down there…
    @sss:i never use those kind of words that i used that day..but as ur idiotic friend @vikram called me by Bose d.k first,i had to reply him…so first see ur friends and teach them moral lessons u DCBwaale..

  • @yuvraj:u have a pretty wrong image about HR in ur mind..i hope it will clear soon..
    U talk about ICECREAM QUALITY movies made for just a few people..
    Films like Dhoom 2,kmg,krrish performed so well at single screens with every set of audience..

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