Bang Bang is different and better than ‘Knight and Day’: Hrithik

Bang Bang is the official remake of  Tom Cruise’s Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’, but the lead star of the film Hrithik Roshan says that the Indian version is very different and also better than the original.

“This is better, always better. Why would I do something if I know it can’t be done any better? Also, it’s not the same film.”

In fact the actor goes on to say that if the audience isn’t made aware that the film is an adaption, they wouldn’t even know that the film is a remake. The script of Bang Bang has been re-written by Sidharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh the director of Kahaani.

“If you did not know it was an adaptation, while seeing ‘Bang Bang’ it would not even occur to you that the germ was from ‘Knight and Day’ So it’s an entirely different film,” he added.

Also starring Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang releases in theatres on October 2nd.

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise



  • It does look better than Knight & Day with more action, romance and emotions for Indian audience. Teaser was almost 80-90% different and promos have also shown minimum similarities, which are obvious since it’s a remake.

    Budget of Knight & Day was obviously much bigger, but they have done a great job in terms of scale of Bang Bang, which is bigger than any Bollywood film. Flyboard and F1 car scenes are looking fabulous along with chemistry between Hrithik and Katrina.

    I have booked my tickets for the first show!

  • He said same about Krish3 but movie was worse than ra1… Looking at trailer movie looks like is a dumb box of action…which might crash like ra1…on top of that Haider May get positive reviews..that can make case even worse for haider

  • Obviously according to the trailer of Bang Bang, it will looking many different to Knight and Day, i never hear the name of Knight and Day, i did not knew about Knight and Day that what is Knight and Day? when i saw some news about this awesome movie Bang Bang then i understood that Knight and Day is an american movie of Tom Cruise and Cameroon Diaz and i guaranted say that Hrithik and Katrina are better than Tom and Cameroon.

    Bang Bang this is year world gonna Bang, movie have many chances to create history,

    Thursday 1st Day Gandhi Day Holilday
    Friday 2nd Day
    Saturday 3rd Day
    Sunday 4th Day
    Monday 5th Bakra Eid Day 1
    Tuesday 6th Day Bakra Eid Day 2
    Wednesday 7th Day Bakra Eid Day 3

    First seven days will really gonna Bang…………

  • What a lie. They want to make better action movie with non actor katrina kaif in it in place of cameron diaz and with such clumsy stunts done with such cheaper action set pieces. Furthermore they are copying the entire story of knight and day and saying it’s better than it. This is height of shamelessness.

  • @ Loki I normally don’t reply to anybody but i will reply to you . I know you are a Hrithik hater . We are not forcing you to watch Bang Bang . It is your wish whether you want to watch or not . I don’t understand why you always use the word ‘ Manipulation’ in your comments . I have observed it many times . If you don’t like Hrithik stay away from all the articles related to Hrithik and Bang Bang . Varna bhool mat ki Bang Bang ke 22 din baad HNY aane waali hai . Agar tu bina matlab ke aise ghatiya comments karega toh don’t expect from us ki hum HNY ko praise karenge phir tujhe aur SRK
    Fans ko bura lagega . For all SRK fans except Loki and Romance New Year Please tell this two stupid morons that if they will continue to spread this nonsense then everybody will attack HNY, SRK and SRK Fans . This is a earnest request . Don’t think that it is a warning . Peace . May God bless all the users in Indicine .

  • @lauki ki sabzi go lick lalu’s a**.

    It’s different from KND & aud will be in for a treat and leave d theatre with a big smile seeing a biggest entertainer of the year

  • Cmon guys….its 90% same from the trailer…..katrina shooting from the bike, you’re in shock, hritik pointing gun at katrina all are shots from knight and day. Yes the biggest action sequence, the one in the ocean is unuque.

    Bang bang will be atleast 75% like knight and day. It can still be a better film….its looking huge!

  • Stop calling it crap/cheap @romance,@loki,@sagar as u people have already supported ce,d3 n kick like anything. When hrithik does an action movie, it becomes crap for these chutiyas even before its release. And when their star do it, it’s great for them. Hypocrite!

  • Sujoy Ghosh is a gud writer so i expect it tp be obviously better than Knight & Day IE more suitable to Indian audience….

    Yaa there are just few scenes which remind us of Knight & Day which is a must in a remake…
    A remake is meant to retain the Germ of the original but having a Soul of its own…
    HRs last remake (Agneepath) was one such remake & so will be Bang Bang…
    Hrithik Rules…
    3 days to go…

  • @fussy bomb hny: u salmanfans should stop giving lectures abt content. If k3 was worst, then i have to create new terms like “worster” “wrostest” “wrostester” “worstestest” to define movies like kick,jai ho, dabbag 2,ett,ready, bodyguard and so on.

  • My review of Bang Bang ready for our @Jadoo Kumar and @Kids manager. At that time don’t behave like kid or skeleton fans. Don’t warry l have to review very nice and give 7 star because 1 star for @jadoo(nipun) kumar, 1star @kid(kshitij srivastava) manager so all totally 7 star for Bang Bang movie.

  • Flop written all over only some hrothik fans will watch it boring like katrina or hrithik songs are also boring .so i m going for haider that will be great movie i m sure.

  • but honestly this is not a superstar attitude,ht himself praised his movies and being desperate to force everyone to watch.according to me the original one also not that much interesting even tom cruise is one of my favorite h-town imitate tom cruise is really a difficult job for duggu with overrated Indian action duggu try different kinda movies not this type of cheap remakes.

    @shaggy,beta dhamki salman fans KO Jake de,idhar SRKIANS KI hi chalti HAIN,tu akele aa ya phir jhund mein kli farak nahi padta.kindly tell your friend @babaji to stop hypocrisy otherwise @LOKI will keep slapping you in this way always.

    @nipun,what to say about you,PEOPLES GOES TO WATCH SRK’S ACTING otherwise all action movies in INDIA are cheap except DON2 which is only one and GENUINE ACTION MOVIE OF ALL TIME with out a bit overrated like many of it’s later releases.

    @Indicine,ht fans like @ babaji used words like madar chhod re.. and @nipun uses words like—-chutiya and you’re publishing these illiterate comments with out review I g it.hope this comment of mine will publish and I will get a valid reason from you,thank you.

  • Really feeling bad for HR UTV booked all SS for Haider and then these idiots say Haider screens doesnt matter as it is not made on high budget. They booked SS which was not at all required as Haider is not SS movie this was totally wrong and wanted to hurt BB.

  • bang bang adv booking is huge in wb coz of Durga puja and legend hrithik’s popularity plus cute kat and extraordinary promos.bang bang is coming to revolutionise indian cinema in terms of action and storytelling.




  • @nipun : Come on accept it K3 is no way better than KMG or D2 !!!!!! About Salman movies, people go n watch him to get entertained not to get lectures or learn technologies you have institutes for learning. I believe you want to learn from Jaadu than your college but sadly Rakesh uncle ditched Jaadu n disappointed all jaaduland kids like you !!!!!!!!!

  • @ nipun why did u say? u mean only your kind of qualitfied readers have right to talk about content? tell me what kind of content you got in hr movies? lol on your mind people watch movies for entertainment and watch discovery for knowledge. k3 is faaltu movie. i cant like it. i havent seen bang bang so no comments about bb.

  • He said the same thing about Angry Path and Jaadoo Mil Gaya but in the end both films were inferior compared to Amit Jis cult classic AgneePath and Spielbergs ET…!

  • Hrithik looks more deadly holding that water gun than any of the superpowers he had in Jaadoo 3…! Funny how a gun has that effect..

  • @navin reloaded : kyunki n lucky are anytime better movies but morons like you dont understand it. You only believe in bang bang & violence or crappy dance cum heist with six losers !!!!!!!!!

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