Bang Bang is different and better than ‘Knight and Day’: Hrithik

Bang Bang is the official remake of  Tom Cruise’s Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’, but the lead star of the film Hrithik Roshan says that the Indian version is very different and also better than the original.

“This is better, always better. Why would I do something if I know it can’t be done any better? Also, it’s not the same film.”

In fact the actor goes on to say that if the audience isn’t made aware that the film is an adaption, they wouldn’t even know that the film is a remake. The script of Bang Bang has been re-written by Sidharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh the director of Kahaani.

“If you did not know it was an adaptation, while seeing ‘Bang Bang’ it would not even occur to you that the germ was from ‘Knight and Day’ So it’s an entirely different film,” he added.

Also starring Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang releases in theatres on October 2nd.

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise

Hrithik Roshan launches Mitashi Bang Bang merchandise



  • @ thullu aggree dear hr is famous in mass not like salman but he has his audience are everywhere i m just laughing on some people who thinks only hr makes quality movies and others r crap so plz u eat ur qulaity ice cream but i dnt have enough money and i cant able to digest quality icecreams. i m not hater cuz i m a lover.

  • @BK Thullu, I am not burning here…I don’t have problems if Bang Bang crosses 300 Crores..Problem is your kid mate nipun who forcibly generalizes his lame opinions…When he can’t, he calls others chutiyas…
    Else, I have said ‘no comments’ first.

  • @jc: so hrithik,teaser,promos are n’t positive ? !

    @anand: I agreed that i shouldn’t have used that word. . But you also shouldn’t have told about one’s family. I refered to hrithikhaters,n’t their family by that word. Even just see the comment section,.the first page itself is full of bullshits. It annoyed me too much. And in Emmi’s article, the 1st comment was mine.but 2nd comment wasn’t mine. About k3’s collection, only people wid low analytical mind will blv in 186 crores. Kutte ki dum straight nahi hoti just like hrhaters will never stop posting craps.

  • People on Indicine always find me wrong. I am n’t saying that only hr makes quality movies as i cann’t ignore other good movies by other superstars like barfi,talaash,rockstar,special 26 etc etc. my comments are strictly for haters who always keep barking like k3 is worst or bang bang is cheap. My point is that haters should realise the quality of their own fav stars’ movies like ce,ra1,kick,jai ho,ett,dabbang 2,ready,bodyguard before commenting bullshits about HR ‘s movies.

  • @ nipun buddy seriously i know whats ur problem if u consider this is good and this is bad u put pressure on all readers that only u are expert in film making u r dada falke are v.shantaram of modern age and exep u especially salman fans are very low iq persons but u dnt know what was iq of albert einstine? hope u learn alot as u grow up. love u little brother.

  • @yuvraj who said salman has huge mass follower in India and what about his yuvraj London dream veer which were not even cross 40 cr. it is his masala action movies that works there. RR, singham, agneepath return also works heavily forget about d2, krish, d3, ce etc Ask ur bhaijan to do jodha Akbar, jthj, or rabne bana di Jodi and make box office hit. Even yjhd did better collection in rajastan than ett on first day. Come out of ur dream land.

  • @Nipun, where on earth do u always find me posting craps about Hrithik? I like the teaser and trailer. So go and check my comments under those articles…
    Sorry for taking your family name here.Mistake confessed! But tum bhi josh mein aakar kuch bhi mat bolo..

  • @Anand
    I request you to read what you have written carefully
    “””$$$$$They can fool Indian
    audiences. But overseas mein jootey air chappal
    marengi yeh Jaan kar ke yeh bong bong is 2rs
    remake of K&D$$$$$”””
    Don’t you feel that by commenting that you are insulting entire Indian film industry
    Aren’t you from India
    U r saying bang bang a 2 Rs Movie then which movie is made in, 100 cr according to you
    If you are not an then listen carefully –
    We Indians have sent mangalyan to the mangal sussessfully in the cost of 10% of others countries In the very first attempt then we can also make a movie better than hollywood in less budget.
    So please be sensible, be genuine and appreciate good Work
    Yeah you have right to appreciate your but please comment sensibly about others

  • I liked kuch kuch hota hai (my all time favorite )
    I liked three idiots,
    I liked kick
    So be sensible and atleast respect Indian film industry

  • @sht why r u fooling yourself. salman’s fans have better sence thats why his l d and veer floped but who dnt have flops watch yuvraaj then tell me who is main character the film revolves at him? its anil kapoor subhash ghai’s favourite not salman. i dnt think yuvraaj failed becuz of salman.

  • @sht well said……who will make these low IQ bhojpuri fans of salman understand about that?… will be very funny to see the boxoffice status of lallu bhai rom 2000 to 2009………mass following??….hahahahahahahaha

  • Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios (the producer), says, “On 2nd Oct BANG BANG will see the widest release ever for a Bollywood film across the world. Over 4500 screens across 50 countries, with record breaking no. of screens in the USA, UK & the Middle East.”

  • @anand: i said HRhaters willn’t stop posting craps. So,i was saying about haters. And,even u have posted nonsense many times. Even in this article, you said dat bang Bang is a 2 rs movie. Overseas main log isse joote marenge blah blah . .

  • Strictly for Haters…
    You are making my day by showing how much your burning within….
    Again Topics about k3 BO… Give me a single genuine proof which say K3 BO recordz r fake…
    Komal Nahta, Taran Adarsh, koimoi, indicine nany more say K3 figures are true…
    Nly handful of Sites mention that K3 figures are manipulated… And all of them mention the source as BOI or mention some insider from the industry who wants to remain anonymous…
    Funny you believe a dead site & an anonymous guy than Reputed critics & Producers…

    Angreepath wasn’t a total remake & so is Bang Bang… They are remakes but Script has been reworked like Agneepath, Kick etc
    So STFU & wait for the Storm this Thursday..

    For those Salman fans who say k3 figures r manipulated… U guys believe it when HR said Salman contributed in his life but don’t believe the figures he Quotes…
    Height of Double Standards…



  • some haters talk about content , i would like to know what content they found in kick and happy new year! two faced morons can live in hell forever

  • The advance booking of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer “Bang Bang” opened on Sunday at the domestic box office and within 24 hours, it received massive response.
    The action thriller created enough buzz online through its promotional strategies and hence the advance booking started with a bang in India.

    Siddharth Anand’s directorial film will release on 2 October worldwide, but the advance booking counter opened on Sunday itself. And within hours, the tickets of the film were sold out at several theatres across the country.

  • Finally it is being confirmed that the Hrithik Roshan’s starrer Bang Bang will be released on 3500 Screens in India, while Shahid Kapoor’s starrer Haider will only have 1200 Screens, as per the daily news article. In other words the screen counts of Bang Bang is almost three times more than the Haider.

  • Only hrithik fans will digest such foolish statements made by hrithik. Anybody who wants to see true cinema will go for bang bang in place of this nonsense.

  • * Only hrithik fans will digest this nonsense . Anybody with true sense of cinema will go for haider in place of this nonsense. Sorry about the typo error in the earlier comment. Haider rules.

  • @nipun : Exactly when someone abuses HR doesnt mean you abuse Salman or his fav actor that upset even other actors fans who like HR. Example is myself. I have replied several times to @Romance for abusing HR blindly. Your problem is whatever you think & believe is always correct. Fine cool attitude but you shud also learn to accept others views. Haters who are barking against Bang Bang will not make much difference to fate of the movie or Hrithik so just ignore them or keep your replies to that specific hater rather involving actors !!!!!!!!!!

  • @sht & @kingshuk : Why did Srk fans ditched him during Swades, Paheli which consider to be class movies?? First show your loyalty towards your idol before questioning Salman fans loyalty ???

  • The so called class fans doesnt watch their idol class movies in theatres n gives senseless lectures about class to other fans !!!!!! Lol !!!!!

  • Only hate brings so many haters of hritik on his article to comment then guess,how many people will be brought to cinema halls by love to haters dont prove yourself by saying that hate is more powerful than love.and to my fellow hritik-fans,bros everyones knows that bang bang is coming to creates tsunami at box office with stealing the hearts of movie are proving that the advance booking of bang bang is tremendous.and i personally confirm you that advance bookings of bang bang in bengal is so high that no other bolly movies have experienced it before.

  • “Bang Bang is going to be huge! There is an incredible anticipation for the movie and the advance bookings across all PVR screens is really good. Certainly the hottest film of 2014; we are expecting a massive day one and the 5 day holiday weekend should result in record breaking numbers,” Gautam Dutta, COO, PVR Cinemas.

    “Bang Bang looks to be the biggest film of the year, both in terms of its look as well as the timing of the release, with an extended 5 day weekend. We have opened the advances and the response has been more than terrific- both off the counters as well as in terms of block bookings from corporates. We expect this to become the biggest film of the year looking at the audience response,” Ashish Saksena, COO, Big Cinemas.

    Haters baur jalo………GOD plzzz help BB!!!

  • @ friends what is this yaar…Why so much Negative thoughs about BB being Official Remake of K&D…Support Bollywood movies keeping aside fan wars…Don’t abuse anyone by his name or his family..Everyone has right to make comments but it should be in sensible manner….HR supported Shahid and vice versa…@Anand @Nipun @Romance @sss and others try to make sensible comments….

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