Bang Bang Making Video: Ride of Faith

The teaser, songs, dialogues and eventually the theatrical trailer have all managed to generate plenty of buzz for this weekend’s big release ‘Bang Bang’. One of the dialogue promos of the film featured Hrithik asking Katrina to unzip, hug and shoot. Katrina pulls a couple of guns from Hrithik’s pocket and fires a round of bullets at the fast approaching enemies.

The edited version of the scene looked great, but ever wondered how difficult the scene might have actually been to perform? The video below has behind the scenes  footage of the stunt which they call the ‘Ride Of Faith’.

Katrina was initially quite nervous about performing the action scene. It was Hrithik who made her comfortable. He took Katrina for a ride, they started slow and then picked up packed and were quickly riding at a speed of 120 km/hr. The video is titled ‘Ride of Faith’ because Hrithik convinced Katrina to have faith in him during the ride.








  • Katrina overacts when Hrithik asks her to open his shirt zip as if he has asked to open his pant zip…
    Let’s see how the movie turns out. I hardly review films but I will do this one for nipun. No matter what, I am predetermined that I will give this 6 Stars out of five. One extra star for bringing better than Hollywood action in the movie with the Lower cost!

  • Bang Bang ! Will definitely take action to another level not only in Bollywood but also in Indian Cinema . Because these type of stunts have never been seen in Indian Cinema . The biggest achievement is that all the stunts have been done by Hrithik and Katrina themselves . The Flyboard stunt, The Ride of Faith stunt, The F1 Cars stunt, The Cable stunt which Hrithik does in front of the Bus and The Hand to Hand Combat Sequences will be treat for every Cinema lover . Keeping aside our hatred we should watch good movies of every actor/ actress . I will definitely watch this video . Looks very unique and intriguing . Katrina doing this stunt at the speed of 120 KM/ HR . It is real adventure and thrill . Only 3 days to go for the Biggest Movie Of 2014 and Bollywood till date . Kripya apni kursi ki peti baandh lijiye ! 5 4 3 2 1 – Bang Bang !

  • Anticipation Rising with each passing day…
    Tickets booked for 1st day 1st show…..
    Waiting desperately for Oct 2…
    3 days to go…

  • Content-Wise-Bang Bang beats HNY,Kick,Dhoom-3,CE..
    So according to the rules,
    It’s box-office collection gonna break Dhoom-3 records..Records are meant to be broken..

  • @suksham dude not only in indian cinema but world cinema. after watching B2’s trailer, even though most stunts are copied from knight and day, and dialogues, K N D looks very normal and ordinary.

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