3 Idiots Record: Which film can break it?

3 Idiots released during Christmas 2009 and broke every possible record that existed back then. The film did about Rs 80 crores in Week 1 and the word-of-mouth was so good that it more than tripled its first weekend collections!

3 Idiots was a rare combination of the biggest actor in the country (Aamir Khan) paired with one of the most popular female stars (Kareena Kapoor) and in-arguably the most commercially successful director of the last decade (Rajkumar Hirani). A director who connects with both the masses and the urban audiences.

And like pointed out by one of our readers in the comments section, it requires a real special film to break the lifetime records set by 3 Idiots. 

So which amongst the upcoming films are capable of beating the Rs 200 crores record set by 3 Idiots? Here are 5 films that we think, might pose a threat.

Note – we assume the all the films below will be liked, because otherwise there is absolutely no chance of coming close to 3 Idiots.

  • Bodyguard – Going by the trailer that has just released, Salman Khan has yet another box office monster. A sure-shot blockbuster unless something goes terribly wrong. It has Kareena  who commands a strong fan-following of her own. Director Siddique has experience on his side, but has never directed a Hindi film before. Chances of Bodyguard beating 3 Idiots – 40%.
  • Ra One – Shahrukh Khan’s dream project and be rest assured, the superstar will be going all out to promote it. It releases during the 5 day Diwali weekend and is likely to beat the opening week record currently held by Dabangg (80.5 crores). But for it to beat the 3 Idiots record, it has to be exceptionally good.  Chances of going past the 200 crore mark – 70%.
  • Don 2 – Going by the lifetime collections of Don 1, the sequel is unlikely to come close to 3 Idiots. Even at its best, this SRK – Priyanka starrer will fall well below the 150 crore mark. The only reason we have included Don 2 is because it releases without any major competition during the Christmas weekend. Chances of beating 3 Idiots – 35%.
  • Krrish 3 – Some of territories have already been sold to distributors, which clearly shows that the superhero film has massive demand already. Rakesh Roshan is one of the most successful commercial directors ever and him teaming up with his superstar son after 6 long years ensures a earth-shattering initial. If good, Krrish 3 has great chances of going past 3 Idiots since it most likely will release in 2013 – 80%
  • Dhoom 3 – Aamir Khan in a Dhoom film. Enough said. It all comes down to  Vijay Krishna Acharya though, who last directed the disastrous Tashan. But when Aamir is there, All izz always well!  And yes, releases during Christmas 2012. Chances  of beating 3 Idiots – 95%.

What do you think? Any other film that can break the 200 crore record? Tell us, below in the comments section.



  • Hmmmm, i said it before we need a special film o break the record of 3 Idiots, a film that makes people crazy and want to watch it again and again, i mean Dabangg’s opening collections were more than 3 diots if i’m not wrong but after that it couldn’t cross the 300cr coz it wasn’t liked like 3 Idiots.
    Well i have a feeling if Dhoom 3 is a good film it had the pototional to break all previous recors, 100 cr week 1, forget week 100cr weekend and maybe 500cr lifetime. But it sucks like the first i doubt that it can break 3 idots record.
    Anyways let’s wait and see, we have Don 2, Dhoom 3, Agneepath, Krrish 2, Bodyguard….let’s see who will win. Though competition!!!! Only akki is out of the number game LOL

  • I think one of srk starer ra 1 or don 2 will definitely break 3 idiots life time record which is yet to be broken. Lets see what will happen. Some people r underestimating srk there is nothing impossible when there is srk.

  • I think Ra.one will beat all the records.. because there is no competitor to this film.. there is no chance for don 2..

  • woww!! what a competition so Hrithik, Sallu, SRK and Aamir himslef!!! god knows who wil win, i wish Dhoom 3 deos it!! wonder what kind of film it will be! also Indicine Team, about Tashan I thought it was “made out to be” a bigger disaster than it was. Yes it did fail terribly at the box office, but I thought it had the guy ritchie-quentin tarantino feel. Nevertheless Vijay Krishna Acharya did give out the sparks, thanks to Tashan’s visual splendor. And it cant be denied that the promos did generate a lot of curiosity, maybe it was a case of not meeting expectations eventually when it released, more than being a bad film altogether. Akshay was at his best and I think a little more attention to Anil’s role and a better back story would have done the trick. Hopefully this time around, he delivers and more importantly meets expectations. Kaminey to me was a darker version of Tashan (both in the setting and edginess)..Again let’s be positive i mean ashu gowariker had pehla nasha and baazi in his achievements before he made lagaan. who would have thought after pehla nasha, he would have done an oscar nominated movie?
    Of course D3 is not going to be lagaan type movie, but it will still be a massy entertainer.
    Also I don’t want aamir to play john hrithik like cool larger than life villains/thieves with attractive hairstyles & wardrobe….it won’t suit him…i would prefer something more down to earth & less eye candy.
    I can’t wait to see it, it’s going the big surprise yayyyyy Aamir in a full commercial entertainer in christmas he’ll check the world let’s watch out!!!

  • Even if any of those films break 3I record, Dhoom 3 is going to break all records i mean guys imagine the opening day itself!!!!!!
    I hope it’s a good film! I ahve faith in Aamir and i wish he won’t disappoint his fans this time :)

  • hahaha, indicine team where is flopstar akki? Doesn’t he have a chance to break 3Idiots records with one of his TMK kind of movies?

  • @vicky: Loooolz, joker kumar has a film called joker directed by the most talented female director of our industry, that fat Farah Khan Lolz, forget about everything Joker is back to break all records!

  • So sallu and SRK are fighting for 2nd place after Aamir, let’s see only Don 2 and Ra.One can save SRK, Sallu has already a BB and another one is coming:
    So right now:
    4-Ajay(hope his singham becomes a hit)

  • Three idiots record will broken by the end of this year. As the king is back so all records r going to be broken. Don 2 or Ra1 definitely will set new records for dhoom 3 or srk movie to break those records.

  • Aamir’s has done it in the past too everyone thought that the record of Ghajini is difficult to break but aamir proved that he can do it, he has set a new record which only he can break it by his Dhoom 3.
    Aamir is back to bang, guys be ready for the biggest blockbuster of all time…

  • Anonyomous, you can’t put Srk at No 2. It’s Aamir, Salman, SRK, Hrithik and Ajay. SRK needs to enter the 100 crore club to go pose any threat to the No 2 spot. Even if Ra one does really well and beats Bodyguard. Still I won’t put SRK at 2.

    And Singham will be a blockbuster.

  • Akki has lost his fan following lol….. Who watches his movies now?

    Priyanka…. Joker is directed by Farha’s husband shirish kunder

  • @Vishal, hahahah so joker kumar has lost everything what stardom???? they love him only when he delivers hits poor flopstar akki, he has now like 16 flops and the list continuous!!!
    Guys remember real stars are loved whenever they deliver flops, hits they still have fans, like SRK, Aamir, Hrithik, and Salman who despite his flops he’s the most popular actor in india hats off to him.

  • @Suniel: it’s not fair ro put Sallu at 2nd place now, remember his flops, he had like 5 or 4 years without a single hit!! SRK had 2 BB in 2007, and BB in 2008 then MNIK Hit in India but the biggest BB overases, so i think SRK is still n°2 only if Ra.one or Don.one don’t do well and Bodyguard becomes a big hit then we can put Sallu at n°2 . Ajay, yes he is n°5 i think hope his Singham becomes a BB he deserved all success such a wonderful actor. Hrithik is 4 after ZNMD.
    About Aamir he is in another leage, 2 years without a single release still he is n°1 that’s what i call by real stardom and power. Hats off!

  • At this time:
    1-Aamir(no need to talk abt him, he’s safe)
    2-Sallu(2 back to back BB and the 3rd is coming)
    3-SRK(we should wait for Ra.one and Don2)
    4-Hrithik(ZNMD brought him again when he was about to finish, 3 years without a single hit)
    5-Ajay(Singham looks like a BB, G3 n Raajneeti were BB but not solo)
    6-Ranbir(depends on Rockstar n Barfee)
    7-Akki(flopstar, 16 flop…what is the nxt flop?)
    8-Imran(can’t deliver big hit without mamu lol)
    9-Shahid(let’s see what mausam will do for him)
    10-Saif(where is he???)


  • @QUENTIN TARANTINO: Lol good one, 2+2=3 loool, you’re right, Dhoom 3 will rock the christmas, 2013, Bollywood, the world!
    Let’s wait, SRK can enjoy success till christmas when Amair will kick him OUT!

  • @priyanka: i totally agree with you, Aamir is in another league! Even after risky choices like PL and DG!
    I mean who can choose to do such kind of films when he was enjoying the biggest success: 2 back to back record breakers that has never happened in the history of indian cinema, still he managed to stay n°1! wow! Others would have continued in commercial cinema!
    And i agree all depends on next films, let’s see!

  • i expect the extended weekend worldwide nett collections of bodyguard to be 90 cr this is not a fairy tale, the reason i am saying it is that bodyguard is relesing in extendend weekend of eid which includes 3days of eid then sat and sunday’ but all the records set by any movie will be broken by D3

  • Nomi.. Let us see..

    Good article indicine. I feel only dhoom 3 has a chance. Other films wont come close

    Priyanka.. Respect akki.. He has delivered a few flops now but his houseful last year was a big hit. Almost did as much business as my name is khan. Don’t write him off yet. He will be back with house full 2. It will cross 100 crores mark my words

  • krrish 2 will b the biggest grosser of all time..because aamir films only do well in India and not overseas…Only hrithik and SRK have biggest fan following overseas….and as krrish 2 will be a super hero, super action movie it has higest chances of bieng the biggest hit and also dont forget Krrish was the only bollywood movie to be in top 10 in hollywood list in opening wekends in US when it was released. Krrish has a huge popularity all over and its sequel will automatically be a block buster

  • I think Agneepath have some chances too. If the trailers are good showing Hrithik as angry young man, then it has chances to break records..

    But it s full action movie, so families might stay away from it, unpredictable

  • I think bodygaurd will break the record due to 5days long weekend and craze of salman and eid salman will rock no doubt

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