Singham Movie Review

Introduction: Singham released today to a mixed response, the single screens were packed and the multiplexes were half empty. Clearly, the Ajay Devgan starrer is targeted at the masses. Directed by Rohit Shetty (director of Golmaal movies), Singham follows the new trend of remaking Tamil films, that started when Ghajini struck gold at the box office. The original, with the same title, featured Tamil actor Suriya and Anushka Shetty. Rohit though has just retained the story and changed about 70% of the film.

Story: Bajirao Singham (Devgan) is a honest village police officer, with no cases registered at his station. Reason? He solves most of the cases himself. He’s a quintessential Bollywood hero – has a heart of pure gold and fights like a lion. The film is all about his epic clash with Jaykant Shikre (Prakash Raj), a criminal who aspires to be a politician.

Movie Review: If you enjoyed watching Wanted or Dabangg – stop reading – go watch the film. Singham is an out-an-out action masala film – the hero flexes his muscles every 5 minutes with unrealistically shot action sequences, tries to go against a politician who makes his life hell, saves the damsel in distress, sings a couple of songs with her and finally wins without shedding a drop of sweat.

Heavily inspired from Ajay’s own Gangaajal and Rajkumar Santoshi’s Khakee, Singham is a decent one-time watch. But the film has absolutely nothing new to offer. More than the director and the actors, the real hero of the film is the action-director Jai Singh Nijjar.

Performances: Singham belongs to Prakash Raj who is absolutely brilliant, one of the best actors in the country undoubtedly. Ajay Devgan like always is fantastic, but certainly lacks Salman’s charisma and screen presence. Kajal Aggarwal looks pretty. The other actors do well.

Conclusion: Singham has nothing new to offer, but if you have time to kill this weekend, be rest assured that you wouldn’t walk out too disappointed.

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • Some questions to which we don’t have answers – Why such films excite viewers, when the exact same story has been told a million times before? How long will such films continue to work? Is this the new found way for superstars in their late 40s to prolong their careers?

    As long as films rake in the moolah at the box office, it doesn’t really matter I guess.

  • Indicine.. Such movies will be made till the audience gets bored of the same crap and starts rejecting them.. Look what happened to Akki. He made about 15 comedies in a row. First 10 or so did well and we thought he could do no wrong.. Suddenly all have started flopping. But the actor is so foolish that he is continuing to make mire such craps. I think now he has about 5 flops in a row..

    What is the need to work with directors like Nikhil Advani again and again?

    I watched singham. It was okay. Should have watched zindagi na milegi dobara once again..

  • it is not worthy of any it is southindian remakes are detested by all of us .. we dont like their loudmouth dialoguebazi and larger than life characters .. so it is a must not see film for all of us. so lets all pray that this film fails and producers lose all their money and become bankrupt .. it will be a very nice sight .. they will forget forever to make such idiotic films all their life.. one must not show to the public what has been shown before!!!..
    i have let out leaflets to bash up those people who dare to enter the movie hall to watch this south indain rasm sambhar

  • @evis@megha

    what about salman khan movies, from wanted to now bodyguard same action,same dialogbazi, one person kill 50 person in a time, same mallu copy crap??disgusting!!!!

  • they should not copy south indian films those are made for those southies only ..they all wear wigs and keep moustaches ..are black and look horrible

  • the first half an hour of the movie shows how pathetic these south indian makers are the way the goon somersauls and hits the deck is so stpid that you dont wanna go fur=ther

  • Singham is a Superb movie .Indicine Review are Waste of tym to read.Indicine Site should be closed.

  • I also enjoyed the movie. Not a realistic movie. But fun movie & its a visual treat, esp. the song maula.

  • @megha,your hypocrisy astonish me,but you will sit down and watch hollywood action film(tranformer,hp,superman,spideerman,ironman etc which are even bigger hit in u.s.a than films which make sense) which is not realistic and even much worse but bcos it is made in indian you treating it with disdan,this is why indian will never grow especially like china who dont give a damn about foreigners even if there own are more inferior,i take it ure a srk fan and would want to watch which has no storyline but about a superhero who has powers,films are meant to be entartaning,those audience are not fools,they know it can not happen in real life,they use it to relieve the stress in there life which is everywhere. They is reason those films are like by the audience, even in u.s.a those type of film i listed break there box office records,when i watch hollywood superhero film,i watch it to be entertained bcos i know it doesnt take away your hypocrisy,no one is forcing you to watch it if you want to learn something go and watch documentries. And come to think of it the only bollywood that make sense is 3idiot,most of bollywood romance film are not realistic but i watch it even though i am not indian.

  • Singham is better than outdoes dabangg on content..but salman’s charisma was more..but it required intensity which only ajay had..
    I rate it 8.5/10
    on IMDB singham 7.2/10 and Dabangg 6.6/10
    my review on singham is voted the highest :D..

  • Singham is undoubtedly the best movie of the year so far. Its best movie delivered by Ajay Devgn. Don’t go on reviews, watch for yourself. The entire movie was entertaining.

  • @ Megha : I see a race issue with you, it is clear from your post that you dont like South Indians. I am not an Indian but I watch Hindi movies for fun, not to gain any knowledge, it would be stupid of me to think that I can actually learn something from movies nowadays. You know what, its people like you who makes an outsider like me think that, indeed North and South Indians hate each other, you should be ashamed of yourself. You dont like such movies, its your choice, but you can’t be bad mouthing your fellow indians.
    I am even more astonished by this site administrator. I think some of megha’s comments are rude and offensive and racist. If you set the rules, follow them. I don’t care if my comments do not gets published, the point is to get my point across.

  • i agree with den and critic. People like megha disgust me.If you dont like the movie just dont watch it you cant talk like this about any community,race or cast.
    I would reqest indicine team to remove her comment.

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