Salman Khan Body Building Tips!

Salman Khan and Gold’s Gym had organized a contest called “Get Fit with Salman Khan”. Present at the event for the Veer Strength Challenge, Salman shared some of his body building tips. Here are some of them 

  • Cycling – Whenever I get time I cycle for 3 hours.
  • Push-ups and Sit-ups: Depending on my mood, I do around 1000 push-ups and 2,000 sit-ups a day!
  • I workout for 2 hours continuously, one hour of cardio (cardio vascular exercises)  and rest of the time work on two body parts at a time. Either triceps, biceps, legs, back or chest.
  • Secret behind the fab abs is a lot of hard work – Along with Pull-ups and chin-ups, I also do around 500 ab crunches!

The contestants at the Veer Strength challenge were evaluated based on their strength with bench press, chest press and shoulder press. 3 males and 3 females who performed the best, were then picked as winners. Salman himself handed out the trophies.

While Khan tried his best to be his flamboyant self, the all-out promotion of Veer seems to have taken its toll on the actor. Salman looked tired and sleep deprived. Here are some of the pictures we clicked at the event.



  • indicine really thx for this artical now sallu fans will more happy .
    by the way what abt my e mail , did u get it ? i sent u again , plz reply me soon.

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing these pictures Indicine … Veer got a lot of positive reviews from the cinema lovers … :)

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  • haha….. salman doesnt have the best body……. it’s john abraham who has best bollywood in the bollywood

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  • Salman’s real “bodybuilding” secret: He inhales a deep breath of oxygen to blow out his chest every morning, then holds his breath all day. That’s why his eyes bug out.

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  • @omer : i loved John’s body in dostana but salman is the original man who started it and has also maintained it over a period of time , not just for 1 or 2 movies

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  • aasalam walakum salman khan i am very thin and i want to build body like u ….

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  • hi salman vhai.i feel very problem in my left ches big and right chest small&down .plese some sagation of body.

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  • hi salman bhai how are u.i feel some problem in my raight chest big and left chesj small & down.plese give me some tips.

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  • hi salman vhai how are u.i feel some problem in my left chest is big and right chest small & down.plese give me some tips for my body.

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  • i am student.
    me strong body aap ke jese & slim body hritik ke jese banana chahata hu meri madat karne ke liye vinti meri. aap ka chota bhai samaj ke ans. bhejana.

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  • love you ,love you, love you, love you solman da.i live in a village in west bengol. i am best flims are ‘ham app ka hai kon’,’mana payer keya’,and ‘hame sath sath haya’.
    i want to talk you about your flimes problem. plz plz plz give me your e-mail id,or phone number. i am waiting for your e-mail…………………love you solmon da.

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  • Hi Salman and whoever got the mail,

    I’m a great die-hard fan of yours and I’m from Mauritius.Well let me tell that on top of being a superstar and being KING KHAN for me,you are a very good human being for the help and donations to those who are needy.I once read an article about you donating Rs 500,000 to someone who need to perform a surgical operation.That was fabulous and generous from your part.That’s why I say you precede anybody in bollywood.

    I am also an adept in so far as bodybuilding is concern.I’m a beginner and I’ll try to follow you on the web.

    Cheers Salman and God bless you.

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