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Masala Entertainers vs Off Beat Films

Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment.. I guess these are the three things which I look for when I spend 200 bucks every Friday. Fortunately, or unfortunately, many of us have developed a narrow perception about entertainment over the course of time. There has been an everlasting debate between ardent masala movie lovers and the so called pseudo intellectuals that “Entertaining films can never give you a message and vice versa”. I contradict.

My chest has become blouse: Sujoy Ghosh

Though its been four months since ‘Kahaani’ hit theatres, director of the film, Sujoy Ghosh continues to receive praise in abundance. He says that he is so proud of its success that his “chest has become blouse”. Ghosh tweeted “All of you saying nice things about Kahaani. I thank you while moonwalking backwards. Extraordinary happiness. My chest has become blouse”

Kahaani Review

The super-success of ‘The Dirty Picture’ has helped create tremendous curiosity around Vidya Balan’s...