Best Hindi Films 2012: Top 5

Most of these films didn’t even cross the 50 crore mark at the box office, leave aside entering the 100 crore club. However, most who saw it in theatres first acknowledged that these were taking Bollywood in the right direction. Here is presenting the Best Five Hindi Films of 2012.

Kahaani Kahaani

Time and again one hears directors come up with descriptions like ‘My film has layer after layer being explored’ or ‘You would be on the edge of the seat right through the narrative’. Well Sujoy Ghosh, the film’s director, doesn’t say any of this, he just does it. While the story holds maximum prominence here and Sujoy keeps it all together without aspiring to be at the centre-stage, the person who makes it possible for his vision to be executed is undoubtedly Vidya Balan.


OMG Oh My God!OMG Oh My God!

‘OMG – Oh My God’ turned out to be a fantastic film. Even though it boasts of a complicated subject where everything from God, religion, faith and worship is challenged, this Umesh Shukla film never loses its way through it’s duration. A film like this was always akin to walking a tight rope, what with more chances of a viewer going against it than for it. However one has to credit the way it is spun together as well as convincingly enacted that instead of feeling offended, one ends up getting into an introspective mode.


English VinglishEnglish Vinglish

‘English Vinglish’ turned out to be a very entertaining piece of cinema that was not just heart felt and emotional but also a highly class affair where one can’t help but say ‘wow’ at various junctures. The very fact that Gauri Shinde followed a balanced approach towards the film and Sridevi was just an ideal actor to enact this part made ‘English Vinglish’ a film that just cannot be missed. In fact it almost went into the Rajkumar Hirani space and ensured that there were all around moist eyes right through it’s play.


Vicky DonorVicky Donor

When released, this small unassuming film arrived amidst decent buzz though one could never foresee the biggie that it eventually turned out to be. A sweet and simple tale which was realistic yet so much fun, ‘Vicky Donor’ fits into the mould of a humorous tale which is not just the first of its kinds but also promises to bag a cult status for itself in years to come. Yes, it does end on a tad filmy and predictable note and though one would have thought that a different culmination would have perhaps made this an even better enterprise, the film still has in it to hold its high as one of the best cinematic outing of 2012.


Paan Singh TomarPaan Singh Tomar

One of the most impressive things about ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ was an abundance of wit and sarcasm in number of sequences. While one felt that this would be an out and out hard hitting drama and rely primarily on performances and acidic dialogues, director Tigmanshu Dhulia incorporated number of ingredients that allowed the film to take a largely entertaining route for most of its duration. Now if only the film’s second half could have been further trimmed with avoidance of repetitiveness that seeped in, ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ would have been even better.

Which according to you was the Best Hindi film of 2012? Apart from the films above, we have added a few other critically acclaimed films to the list.

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  • BARFI is the best movie of 2012. infact its the best movie in the last 3 years since 3 Idiots.
    the top 5 movies are :

    1. Barfi
    2. Kahaani
    3. Vicky Donor
    4. GOW 1&2
    5. English Vinglish

    P.S. PST was another great film, which just misses the top 5. and about OMG, i would like to say it’s a bit over-hyped. though the concept was very good, but had many flaws like mithun’s acting, items songs incorporated without need & many other things.

  • @indicine u really need to fire JOGINDER baba. his choices are mostly pathetic. he’s one who also likes K786, Joker, Heroine & many other bad films & hates good films. he a blot on the name of a film critic.


  • @akash: chill dude…. i thnk u need to get a proper study about films….. that is very much sure that u didnt understand y mithun was shown like dat, and that purposely given role was enacted superbly by mithun…. and for item song, better see the movie 2-3 times and give attention y the item song was there :)

  • I m not agree with this list.why are you only includes the movies like by only class audience ?
    these movies are not accepted all over India….
    why are you not giving value to the movies like by mass audience ? most of the sites and critics also doing this partiality.

  • Oh My God had a good theme and it clicked with people. but it isn’t a well made film. kahaani, barfi, gow was way ahead of OMG.

  • Barfi! should be included in the above list as well..not only for the pole..its one of the best movies of the year..both critically n commercially

  • Actually the above 5 films were liked by classes & the 5 films liked by the masses are Ek tha tiger,rowdy rathore,dabangg 2,agneepath & bol bacchan.
    This is the reason of some stupids commenting & crying for their hero’s crap films which were not liked by none except their fans.So stop your frustration.

  • OMG! Was one of the better ‘socially relevant’ movies ever made in bollywood, atleast of this decade. And indicine why didnt you include the EPIC EVERGREEN CULT CLASSIC jthj in this list, please think of poor srk fans also!

  • most ppl have only liked OMG ncoz it has shown what we feel about such issues but it was not very well made. overall it’s just average. movies like GOW, kahaani, Barfi, PST, EV, VD etc were far better than OMG

  • @Rishi chill dude. i liked the movie, but there are atleast 6-7 films i liked more than omg. I would say its a good film but not a great movie.

  • i don’t know about the best movie but JTHJ was the worst movie of 2012. can’t beleive how even someone like yashji can make such a mess. it seems like my king’s career is over now, after failing to get a clean hit in the last 4 years.

  • LOL OMG ahead of paan singh, Eng ving & vicky donor and classics like barfi & gow not included. jai ho is desh ka.

  • Agneepath, Talaash, Jab Tak hai jaan, Student of the year & English Vinglish should be the top 5 films of 2012.. the rest will follow

  • english vinglish is too good family basic film and all the youngest ond matures peoples can watch . one of the film in 2012.

  • @fathiya , hey !!! plzz can u add me on facebook ??? its gud to c ppl lyk u who hav a gud taste abt movies !!!

  • @fathiya , hey !!! plzz can u add me on facebook ??? its really gud to c ppl lyk u who hav a gud taste abt movies !!!

  • English Vinglish and Kahani. This year has been a triumph of less known names and fall of big names (especially Aamir Khan-Excel for much hyped but disappointing Talaash).

  • Great article. If I had to rank them, it will be-

    1. Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2 – It was ambitious, epic, i almost felt like watching The Godfather when watching this. Epic performances from the whole cast led by Manoj Bajpai, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

    2. Kahaani – The BEST thriller to come in MANY years, great cinematography, and great acting by Vidya, Parambrata, Nawazuddin.

    3. Paan Singh Tomar – Very heartfelt, honest, and film-making at its best. great performance by Irrfan Khan.

    4. Shanghai – Another good thriller. Great ensemble led by Abhaya Deol, Emran Hashmi, and Kalki. Puts you on the edge, even though the direction had some, albeit small, problems.

    5. Barfi! – Most heartwarming and touching movie. But it is Highly Overrated imo. Ranbir and Ilena were flawless. Priyanka was a bit off imo, but good nontheless. Direction had many problems, the story was unnecessarily complicated at parts.

    6. English Vinglish – Very entertaining and touching. Acting at its best by Sridevi.

    7. Vicky Donor – I had major problems with its second half, but the first half was perfect. Overall, a great effort, great debut performance by Ayushmann Khuranna, and great supporting performance by Annu Kapoor.

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