Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

Recently, when Akshay Kumar was questioned about the Khan monopoly during the festive weekends of the year, he said “I am usually left with nothing (festive dates), Republic Day was open so I’m releasing Airlift”

But the problem for Akshay Kumar hasn’t really been the box office opening of his films. Almost all his films take a good start, but it’s the content that has been the problem. None of his films have sustained well enough to do well in the long run.

Surprisingly though, the Republic Day weekend has won Akshay tremendous critical acclaim, but box office success has eluded him so far. His last two films which released during the same weekend were Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26 and Baby. Both films were rated highly by the critics, but both films failed to cross the 100 crore mark.

Unlike Baby and Special 26, his latest release ‘Airlift’ has taken a better opening and early reports are pretty good too. But the big question, once again, is if the film can cross the 100 crore mark – which would make ‘Airlift’ the first big hit for Alshay Kumar since ‘Rowdy Rathore’.

‘Holiday’ did well at the box office, but the costs were on the higher side. If the word-of-mouth is good, ‘Airlift’ could benefit from 2-3 open weeks at the box office as almost all the upcoming releases are targeted at mass centres.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark? Vote and tell us how much do you think the film will collect in the comments section below.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

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  • @jokerpol:
    Both baby & airlift are holiday releases you idiot….

    @buddha ka ullu:
    Yes PRDP was a Deewali release and got an extra holiday due to Deewali. But you should not forget all the last 5 movies of akki are also holiday releases (including airlift). But all of them are just 80cr grossers…LOL.

  • All the akki fans are giving the excuse multiple release-multiple release. But Varun dhawan also released 3 movies last year and two of them collected over 100cr. It’s time for them to accept varun dhawan>>>flopshay..

  • @Tiger-the real King Dilwale was 145 … If Varun was the reason it crossed 100 then SRK-Rohit should die because then it should have done 250 because Varun himself pulled in 100… In that sense Dilwale underperformed

    Varun is brilliant has star like quality… He is a perfect combination of Salman and Govinda and has the charisma to be a star… Also he can pull of rom cons well … Is a star in making for sure but just throwing stats to make Akki look bad and airlift an underperformer is plain hatred and jealousy… Airlift is a masterpiece and at a budget of 40 crores is going to do 100 plus…

  • @AK fan – I have seen other way round. People are so keen to bash an Akki movie

    The good thing about Hrithik is he does not attract any hatred because his fans are not so crazy but the person who loses most is Akki as people bash him unnecessarily… Airlift is good … Period.

  • 12.35 14 16 9 15 8.5 8 = 82 crore 1st week…..
    40 crore 2nd week and further Rs. 25 crore
    = 147 crore lifetime
    AIRLIFT has this much of potentially to perform at box office.
    Akki Rocks
    Screenplay Rocks
    AIRLIFT Rocks

  • @anil – if airlift does 147 and beats a multi starrer with SRK as a lead and Rohit as director, then it is commendable … Just look at budget of dilwale and the money they spent on marketing SRK-Kajol

    It even had Varun-Kriti for the college generation as Varun is sort of popular…

    But realistic figures are 120 though will be happy if it dies 145 plus lifetime … 3.5 times the budget… Mindblowing ROI

  • Airlift 2 days box office collections: 12.35 + 16.73 Crores = 29.08 Crores. Day 3 (Sunday) should be appx 20 Crores. Tuesday again (Republic Day) should be same as Sunday. Airlift’s First week is heading for 90 Crores plus. 2nd Saturday should see it cross 100 Crores net in India.

  • Airlift to better Agneepath and also Akshay’s own Rowdy Rathore. Word of mouth is extremely positive. 9.6 rating on IMDB. If the Indian audiences have learnt their lessons after ignoring classy Baby last year, sky is the limit for Airlift. I’m betting on 135 Crores plus for Airlift.

  • @hrithik rules you are AIRLIFT’s ROI will be mind blowing at least 300% for sure.


    Dilwale is a Biggest Flop of 2015. Of course it earned money but it disappointed audience.
    SRK ‘s ego was BRUISED by Bajirao Mastani ??
    0 ROI for Dilwale.

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