Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

Recently, when Akshay Kumar was questioned about the Khan monopoly during the festive weekends of the year, he said “I am usually left with nothing (festive dates), Republic Day was open so I’m releasing Airlift”

But the problem for Akshay Kumar hasn’t really been the box office opening of his films. Almost all his films take a good start, but it’s the content that has been the problem. None of his films have sustained well enough to do well in the long run.

Surprisingly though, the Republic Day weekend has won Akshay tremendous critical acclaim, but box office success has eluded him so far. His last two films which released during the same weekend were Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26 and Baby. Both films were rated highly by the critics, but both films failed to cross the 100 crore mark.

Unlike Baby and Special 26, his latest release ‘Airlift’ has taken a better opening and early reports are pretty good too. But the big question, once again, is if the film can cross the 100 crore mark – which would make ‘Airlift’ the first big hit for Alshay Kumar since ‘Rowdy Rathore’.

‘Holiday’ did well at the box office, but the costs were on the higher side. If the word-of-mouth is good, ‘Airlift’ could benefit from 2-3 open weeks at the box office as almost all the upcoming releases are targeted at mass centres.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark? Vote and tell us how much do you think the film will collect in the comments section below.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

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  • If bajirao does then why not Airlift?
    If it s gud then of course it will do more than that.
    Going 2 watch it on tomorrow.

  • Akshay comes with a good film on republic day but made it ruined with 3 back to back poor films which was the case of 2015 also. People will remember you from your last film if your film was good then your next film will surely take excellent opening. This one looks good and hope it became a big success. From a salman fan.

  • It is so disheartening that we are taking about 100 cr for A lister. He doesn’t have a loyal fan base who goes and watches the movie in theatre.

  • Films like Airlift , Drishyam , Baby , tamaasha , and many other deserves a festival release…. They can do wonders at the box office…!!!!

  • I have a feeling that it will cross the 100 crore mark. Baby and Gabbar Is Back deserved, Airlift is also deserving and it will cross.

  • Like I said much before Airlift will be a great film
    Yes it is great film and will remain one of the best films of 2016

    Airlift is masterpiece ?????

    My previous post ;

    Akshay Kumar;
    2012 .. OMG
    2013 .. Special 26
    2015 .. Baby
    2016 .. Airlift*.. (100%)

    2010 .. Guzaarish
    2011 .. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
    2012 .. AGNEEPATH

    Ajay Devgan;
    2010 .. OUATIM
    2015 .. Drishyam

    Salman Khan;
    2015 .. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    Shah Rukh Khan;
    No Film Mark as Good Film Since 2010
    Because MNIK is nothing more than just one dialogue ( i.e “My Name is Khan .. I am not a terrorist” ) throughout the film. MNIK is controversial Average Hit … OOPS

    Amir Khan;
    No Film Mark As Good Film Since 2010
    Because PK (Unofficial Remake Of OMG) is totally Crappiest Film of Hindi Cinema & OMG is already take its place above … OOPS


  • I am a huge Salman Khan fan and have watched PRDP 2 times in theatre even thought I did not like much not coz I wanted the movie to do more business, just because I will have to wait for another 8-9 months to watch Salman on big screen. I used to like Akshay and have watched likes of Joker and Tees Maar Kahn in theatre but now I wait for word of mouth before I even think on opening my book my show app for Akki movies…

  • When Akshay is called a superstar.. shouldn’t we be talking about 150 and 200 crore grossers? How many more years will Akshay target 100 crore?

    A superstar today has to target more than 150 crore minimum.

  • No Idea
    I Was little dissapointed in some areas but even i didn’t liked bajirao mastani much but it did so well so it might also do vry well ? good reviews will help 4 sure .

    Other then bajirao, all movies hve done business Accroding to my review ? ??

    Don’t want critical acclaim but desperately wants it to do 100cr because awards phir bhi nhi milenge ??

  • Content to cross 100!! .. critical acclaim alone cant get a movie to 100!! ..but y?? Akshay is an established star with very good following, then y??
    To b honest apart frm holiday n spl 26 the other movies were plain average no matter wat critics say n ppl on social media say coz these ppl read the reviews n r mostly under impression of the reviews .. no issue with that but the reviews themselves r mostly based on past reputations of directors n dependant on genre.. for example baby was so much praised by critics also coz of spl 26 n wednesday director n patriotism genre.. but honestly actually it was a logically stupid movie n a bit boring just made to encash on sentiments n so didnt have the legs to do big business.. otherwise a well appreciated movie can do gr8 business even with a low opening but it has to be liked by ppl who dnt read reviews which make a majority eg: twmr!!
    airlift is a good movie even for ppl who r not under impression of reviews n reputations n genre n cash on sentiments theme n so it wld earn much more than baby even with clash!!

  • 100 Cr , 200 Cr or 300 Cr are just numbers

    Great films are beyond numbers

    AIRLIFT WILL DEFINITELY CROSS 100 CR IF IT Bring Good Weekend around 45-50 Cr
    Just I can say as per now is that one who watch the film will fall in love with Airlift.

    Proud Airlift
    Proud Akshay
    Proud to be Indian
    Proud India

    Hate intolerable People who passed useless comments about MERA BHARAT

  • @Neeraj
    There is much differnce between Releasing 4 movies in a year with bad release date & releasing 1 movie on a festival .

    I thought This site has ‘no loser’ policy . Wht r u doing here ???

    When akki movies were not opening good then these losers were like ‘a superstars movie should take big opening ‘ but now his movies r opening big like SIB, Brothers so there new statement is ‘a 100 cr movie is must 4 a superstar ‘

    Choose any1 .
    Don’t be double standard losers .
    Use some burnol because akshay kumar will be known as a superstar for many more years 2 go .

  • @indicine Airlift day 1 collections in UAE-GCC circuit
    AED 900,000
    Much more than bb , prdp and on par with dilwale… Pls post this like u did for dilwale…
    It is doing a fantastic job in overseas markets…

  • To all those asking why we are talking about 100 crore club, the reason is that first of all, it is not a major release, it is not a mass appealing film, and neither are there maximum screens…Other than the last part, everything was there with Dilwale as well but it failed…So even SRK(Dilwale, Ra.one, Jab tak hai jaan,etc) , Amir(Talash) and Ajay Devgn(Dryshyam, Action Jackson, Himmatwala, Satyagraha), Salman(Jai Ho and Ready are only example as our bhai is very consistent and he has yet to release another non-holiday film), Hrithik Roshan(Zindagi na Milagi Doobara, Guzaarish, Kites,etc), are in the same level when not talking about major holidays,

    They are all in the same category, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a recent film that had EVERYTHING going for it, and it made it to 300 CR club, It was followed by PRDP which made it to 200 crore club, The change was a drop of 33%…If you will look at consistency, Akshay Kumar is most consistent actor..I believe he can give 150 crore grossers if he would release 4-5 major films in a row that are critically acclaimed..Hrithik Roshan did the same thing, after many ups and downs, he released ZNMD, Agneepath, K3, Bang bang which all established him as a major star…. Had Akshay taken Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome Back, he would be ahead of Hrithik…

  • Realistically, it won’t. Content isn’t the issue, but Akshay’s track record is. If any other 1 of top 4 superstars were in it, it would have easily crossed the 100 crore mark.

  • 100 crores or not, movie should be good. I’m planning to watch Airlift this weekend, as it was one of my top 5 most awaited movies of 2016.

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