Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

Recently, when Akshay Kumar was questioned about the Khan monopoly during the festive weekends of the year, he said “I am usually left with nothing (festive dates), Republic Day was open so I’m releasing Airlift”

But the problem for Akshay Kumar hasn’t really been the box office opening of his films. Almost all his films take a good start, but it’s the content that has been the problem. None of his films have sustained well enough to do well in the long run.

Surprisingly though, the Republic Day weekend has won Akshay tremendous critical acclaim, but box office success has eluded him so far. His last two films which released during the same weekend were Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26 and Baby. Both films were rated highly by the critics, but both films failed to cross the 100 crore mark.

Unlike Baby and Special 26, his latest release ‘Airlift’ has taken a better opening and early reports are pretty good too. But the big question, once again, is if the film can cross the 100 crore mark – which would make ‘Airlift’ the first big hit for Alshay Kumar since ‘Rowdy Rathore’.

‘Holiday’ did well at the box office, but the costs were on the higher side. If the word-of-mouth is good, ‘Airlift’ could benefit from 2-3 open weeks at the box office as almost all the upcoming releases are targeted at mass centres.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark? Vote and tell us how much do you think the film will collect in the comments section below.

Will Airlift cross the 100 crore mark?

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  • No ,bt it will obviously cross 70crs mark ?? maximum 85cr mark my word , Kya super cool hain hum3 will bear this obviously

  • Had Hrithik Salman Ajay Aamir Salman been ask of their movie with such strong content and 2-3 weeks free run with a already critic bashed Tushaar movie then yes easily. Not with Akshay. Don’t get me wrong Akshay is a very good actor but lacks that inner feeling one feels like when the above mentioned stars movies with very good content hits the floor. You can imagine Akshay officially last big hit considering all parameters economics according to undocumented was Rowdy Rathode 2012?
    @Neeraj I agree with you especially as indicine is saying 2012 RR till date no Solid big hit till 2016.? Is that a superstar? Indicine already cleared doubts of akki fans giving excuses like he does 4 movies a year so that too off point. Looking at Salman back to back blockbusters. Aamir no topic about that,he is a record setter. Srk definitely nothing new his worst movie hits 100 cr between he has 2 200 crore Ajay 5 years 5 100 crores all hit to blockbuster status in between an astonishing 32 cr opening Hrithik even his not so good movie grosses 200 cr. Hrithik with clashes with critically acclaimed several award winning film Haider still 180 above. When A list can give you 100 crs when they even clash with each other hrithik ajay srk than why not Akki. Let the truth be told no excuses nobody is against Akshay but high timee their fans realize that the better I suppose.
    @Sunny Akki. Yes at this juncture where trade and economics of movies are decided by a superstar display 100 crore is very very important if not you argue with actors like Saif and Varun. I hope it crosses 100 crore if not that superstar over due tag should be removed. I will Watch the film. Reviews are good.

  • I don’t like Akshay. His last 3 movies, Singh is bliing, Brothers & Gabbar is back were most bakwaas movie ever.

  • Don’t give filthy excuses with Eds . We all saw what happened with brothers big banner of yash. We witnessed how you got trashed brutality by Shah rukh and Ajay on Diwali with Ouatimd and action replay respectively. Eds are meant for superstars whom trade experts stakeholders in business economics and tv rights believe in looking at their past track records on edx. That is why you are not qualified for that. Choose good scripts and don’t be too greedy also when acting keep in mind it’snot about your bank accounts instead the producers who invested their money in you and audiences who come to watch in multiplex or single screen your films.

  • Baby had free weeks & also had Super WOM & it opens poor.
    But in the case of Airlift here it will face Unwanted Screen Lose due to every week 2 big releases.

    So,I think Lifetime will be 85Cr+…..But best of luck Akki & Team Airlift for all success.

  • @Fake ajay fan I knw u just hate my cmnts whenvr I termed akshay as d best superstar of bollywood . U starts commenting from different names with high order nd clean English. Nd sometimes bad hindi @Aisha Guranteed it’s u
    Get ready to c ajay devgan insulted on his articles nd tht too with reality . I m not like u who gives small small facts with jealousy.

    100 cr is a small figure 4 him .
    Akshay is a big brand .
    Man of millions

    Baby 97
    SIB 92
    Gabbar 87
    Brothers 85 .

    Just short
    No big deal

  • This film should be made tax free, it’s the height of double standard, chak de india and tzp were made tax free and airlift about india’s unsung heroes should of been made tax free before release

  • @Sunny Akki – Also add d verdicts,,
    Baby -Average
    SIB- Flop
    Brother -Flop
    GIB- Below average???
    I love akshay bt he is not even in top 5 star of bollywood …
    With bO collectn top 5 hero –
    Aamir Khan
    Salman khan
    Hrithik Roshan
    Ajay/ Akshay Kumar

    With fan following & stardom top 5 hero –
    Salman khan
    Hrithik Roshan
    Aamir Khan
    Akshay Kumar

  • Evening shows have picked. Most places are filling fast or sold out on book my show. I think positive reviews will help. If it manages an extended weekend of 60-65 crores then Airlift will cross 100 crores.

    Personally, I feel Akshay should reinvent himself by doing 4-5 really good films, win back the confidence and he will churn hits. He does a really good film and then does something like SIB, Joker, Tees Maar Khan etc. He needs to do good films – even if he wants to do slapsticks, comedy, he should pick a good script. Anyways, Airlift deserves 100 crores because it is a good movie. My predictions

    Fri – 11-11.5 crores
    Sat – 14-15 crores
    Sun – 12-13 crores
    Mon – 8-8.5 crores
    Tue – 12-13 crores

    Extended weekend – 57-61 crores

    Wed – 5-5.5 crores
    Thu – 4.5-5 crores

    1st Week – 66.5-71.5 crores

    Even if second weekend does anything between 15-16 crores, and second week manages 25-26 crores, Airlift will manage anything between 91.5-97.5 crores. I think even in worst case, it can crawl it’s way to 100 crores. In best case, can go above estimates and even manage a good 110+ total.

    Worldwide can easily top 150 crores. Made at a modest budget looks to be a hit/super-hit at least. This movie has helped Akshay win confidence of multiplex audience, good for him as Hf3 will benefit as that is the only movie with a chance to go past Rowdy Rathore. Rustom will wrap around 65-75 crores as we can’t underestimate Hrithik. One with Rajni Sir will help Akshay as he will sail on Rajni Sir’s stardom in overseas markets especially Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Overall 2016 will be decent for him except Rustom which will suffer due to clash.


    “Great films are beyond numbers

    AIRLIFT WILL DEFINITELY CROSS 100 CR IF IT Bring Good Weekend around 45-50 Cr
    Just I can say as per now is that one who watch the film will fall in love with Airlift.”

    Lol you say great films are beyond number than you contradict yourself by giving it a number :P . Well i think this movie should do at least 200 cr it deserves it.

  • Akki fans transfer of aggression already.
    @Akkiholic you are talking about patriotic movie and now saying good English is spoken by only Ajay fans you mean edx clash are not factous. Me no Ajay sir fan I am a Hritik fan just like @Neeraj. Every.fans spoke up negative comments so why targeting Ajay fans. Besides all the comments are not small facts. Why should He talk about only khan getting holiday. Any movie fan will find that rude and speak up. Not necessarily Ajay fans you cry baby

  • @Haters You’re hating this man because u know that he’s the best in the industry…And ut commenting less than 100 cr. bcz u all knows that he’s bigger than ur 3 khans and the highest grossing actor of India ever…

  • @Abir ur wrong baby was above average and gib was a clean hit and sib was above average and now airlift will be clean hit….

  • Airlift should sail past 100 crores with or without competition!!! with the response the film is getting it should do a 55-60 crore weekend there is scope for a major growth saturday and sunday!!!KKHH 3 will drop after Monday!! AIRLIFT should be looking at maximum 130-140 crores with 2-3 open weeks!!!!

  • Airlift is easily crossing 100crs at the boxoffice,mark my words!

    @Neeraj: First of all Akki comes with multiple movies in a year,most of his films release on around 3000 screens and most of them have a clash with some film.secondly we saw how Dilwale performed..right? It could’nt cross TWMR even on the Xmas period with a open month!
    Salman’s Prdp,was just saved by a 4 day lucrative diwali weekend..otherwise it would have suffered badly and all these were big budget commercial films targeted at a wide range of audience.150/200crs is not a joke man that you think can be easily achieved.

  • Mark my words, Airlift will do anything between 100-110 crores. Outside chance to do 115. So yes it will cross 100.

    5 day extended weekend in the range of 57-61 while first week will be close to 65-70. A modest second week of 25+ will make sure it safely sails past 100.

  • I’m astonish people are still clinging on to past akki films, the guy has given tremendous track record since 2012 of giving 1 good movie every year which lacked commerciality.

    2012 – omg despite being a pare ah Rawal film, akki won hearts of people by giving award worthy performance in supporting category as well as it being his own home production, then few months later he gave period heist drama special 26 in 2013, he followed that up with unfortunate Ouatim2, he tried but the director let him down, then he came with baby 2015, a brilliant action thriller now airlift a historical drama. I missed out on holiday and gabbar is back since it was a Comercial film but a good 1, how many more films he needs to do to convince his doubters, he does 1 slapstick comedy for his fans after sometime and everyone starts to be on his back, when khans and other stars churn out masala films no one says anything, with akki he has to do realistic films All the time to convince his skeptics.

  • Akki fans transfer of aggression already.
    @Akkiholic you are talking about patriotic movie and now saying good English is spoken by only Ajay fans you mean edx clash are not factous. Me no Ajay sir fan I am a Hritik fan just like @Neeraj. Every.fans spoke up negative comments so why targeting Ajay fans. Besides all the comments are not small facts. Why should He talk about only khan getting holiday. Any movie fan will find that rude and speak up. Not necessarily Ajay fans you cry baby. Indicine am not supposed to even take his comments serious but very free to check my id and all.

  • Ajay fans please stop giving @Akkiholic sleepless night. Anyone that talks good about Ajay is anti akki and @aisha. You clown I have seen how she mercilessly finishes you everything so why change name dork. Agree you have problem seeing Ajay name with the khan’s right? if it’s that keep on expecting because a neutral unbias fan will always acknowledge Ajay Devgn because he is nice. Dork you feel we indians can’t speak good English or what are trying to say you confused akki fan.

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