Welcome to Indicine Version 4!

Over the last 4 months or so, we have been working hard on upgrading the user interface of Indicine. The goal was to make the design simpler, faster and compatible with every device (Mobile phones, iPad/Tablet, Laptops and Desktop PC’s) , while also adding more features and making different sections easier to access.

The most requested feature was to make the website more colourful (images, videos etc), but the major downside to including a lot of images is that the site gets slower, especially for those who browse Indicine using a 2G internet connection. We were also keen on ensuring that we do not waste bandwidth (data) of our readers, so a lot of time has been spent on optimising the website including all the images.

With the new design, we have tried to strike that perfect balance and we are pretty pleased with the new design. The main page has more images, loads quickly and doesn’t consume too much data.

Also, the main page has tons of new features. The left section of the page has latest article updates, while the right section has links to almost every possible box office data that we currently have in our database. In the next couple of days, a few pages of overseas collections from various countries will be added too.

Some quick links to new features

Domestic Collection Pages (All these pages will be regularly updated)

2015 Box Office Collections (The feature that we like the most!)

Various Box Office Clubs (Again, these are permanent links. Pages will be updated as soon as a movie crosses 100)

And finally, a feature that we have worked the hardest on. Collections of all movies of all actors and the combined collections of all their films along with average per film and success ratio) You will find these links at the bottom of every page!

Any feedback or suggestions are always welcome. A few minor changes to the comments section too. You can now use the reply button to directly reply to a comment. There are new icons for ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ – do tell us if you like these set of buttons or should we revert back to the previous icons?

And finally, we hope you like the new improvements to Indicine. It might take a few days of ‘getting used to’ the new design, but over time, we hope most of you like the new changes.

Thank you for your support!

P.S: We thought we’d add a few pictures of how the website looked in 2006 (Version 1), 2008 (Ver 2) and 2010 – 2014 (Ver 3).

2006 Indicine

2006 Indicine

2008 Indicine

2008 Indicine

2014 Indicine

2014 Indicine




  • Thank you for the update. The website looks wonderful now. One suggestion: why is there only a table for the Actors’ films? There should be one for the Actress’ too. Actresses are becoming more and more important in films, so it’s only fair that they have one too. Hope you guys work on it soon!

  • this latest version of indicine excellent.really awesome.I was shocked this morning when I entered indicine but it is really amazing

    • @imakn it’s good to know u hvnt really liked the new version of indicine.a few days back u absolutely hated pk and it ended up keep creating history and got love from everyone.

  • @indicine I hv a question for u.will this new version of ur website allow users to use multiple ids.as u know almost every commentator in ur website hv the habit of on certain occasions use different ids to troll certain users like ‘@baby nipun’ ‘@chameleon’ @babuji ka Thullu’ etc

    so will u approve such troll ids in this new version???

    • Sambudha, my friend, you look worried. loolz
      I’m not fake thought but Troll ids are the ones who make comments sections fun and entertaining.
      thanks @indicine for ignoring sambudha’s comment.

  • indeed a very good looking nd much needed update @TeamIndicine. .
    though it will take some time to get used to it but i m sure it will take ur honest work to another good level. .
    best of luck

  • I dont know how you guys gathered collection of movies like Aatank hi aatank, Oh darling yeh hai India, Suryavanshi! So much of hard work. Great stuff!

  • Loved indicine new version…. I am definately waiting 4 baby as baby articles will inaugarate indicine new version with its box office success…. Good that indicine new version is not launched with disaster tevar or disaster roy.

  • like ur 2014 look was faar better than this but come to now it is easier to find all box office news in new version. Make it colourful

  • Very nice experience. Today morning i simply log in to indicine.com and i was surprised to see the pleasent change. I liked it though.

  • I thought I loaded the wrong site first. Or that your domain was hijacked. While I like that you have optimized the loading speed and the data usage, I really liked the look of version 3

  • Commendable job! Really liked the new version. Faster, with all the exciting stuff. Should get some time to adjust, though. MAybe, some colors in the background could have sharpened the webpage a bit. Congrats @indicine

  • Superb job @indicine! Most of the time I use my mobile phone(2G) for internet browsing. Now, Indicine bcm faster and simpler for me. Also liked ur new feature the ‘Reply’ option.

  • Congrats for the new website version really looking forward to check all contents as its available more easily well done TEAM INDICINE

  • @Indicine Congratulations for upgrading new version & its looking amazing implementing new features. Kudos to your team.. This is the best site ever. Loved your site alott.. Keep growing and god bless your team…

  • Nice changes @indicine but one query regarding comment section. As you have added “Reply” button next to every comment, so suppose I’m replying someone then how those comments will be displayed? In a simple vertical manner or it would be hierarchical? If it would be hierarchical then I’m not pleased with the new comment section. I have seen many websites where they form a long hierarchy of comments when multiple users reply to a comment and that never looks good. One of the reasons I liked your website in the very first site was it’s simplicity. Using ‘@’ to reply was far better and it used to look simple.

    • As you can already see from the replies above, replies will appear just below the comment. Only one level of replies, it won’t go beyond that. We might as well disable feature if readers don’t like it. Let’s see.

  • Anyway hats off to you for your hard work. Really you care a lot for your readers and that’s why you are climbing the ladder of success with every new article.

  • Anyway hats off for your hard work and it proves that you care a lot for your readers. That’s why you are climbing the ladder of success with every new article.

  • This is a really good beginning for Indicine . You have been there for 9 years . I am impressed with the number of articles you have brought which makes it more interesting and intelligent . Though i feel the Yellow background was better but its the first time i am using this version . I think in few days i will be comfortable with this version . Thumbs Up Indicine . I think this can be the best year for you . Keep It Up . I am really happy to be part of such a wonderful website .

  • My only fear is with reply option coming in, Indicine might become too strict with it’s moderation. Fun comments might never get approved.

    • same here bro.
      @indicine, but you approved @Shaheer’s off topic comment yesterday in first page. innit??
      anyway loved reply button more than anything else. thanks.
      hope you approve my comments when I post in first page. :)

  • I like the new reply button.earlier v hd to scroll the entire comment section to see if there is a reply to my comment but now it’s very simple

  • @indicine Team,

    Well! To be Honest, the older one was looking colourful and attractive thanks to that orange cover. This one is simpler and faster. But the Very simple white colour of your covers make the pages a bit boring! I wish it was a colourful one like the last one. Also, as we were familiar with the older one, it will take time for us to get familiar with this one!

    What I Liked:
    * the new thumbs up and thumbs down symbols which are looking better than the older ones.

    * it’s simpler,faster and easier to open.

    *Home page is looking well-balanced!

    * The reply system of Comment section!

    My suggestions:

    * i wish it was a bit more colourful. The orange colour of older one was looking attractive.

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