Veer Songs List

The Tracklist of Veer has been leaked. There are 9 songs in the music album (one instrumental). 
Starcast : Salman Khan, Lisa Lazarus, Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan and Jackie Shroff
Music Director: Sajid – Wajid
Lyrics by : Gulzar

Title – Singers



  • The actress s Zarine khan rt…..? u didnt include her in starcast…;)

    On tv d promo looks a bit boring nw.. may be bcoz v r saturated….. hope d movie s gud….:)

  • Dun worry indicine this is 100percent accurate…this list was given prateek gilani on veer facebook.thanx for posting launch 13 dec.

  • The list is 100% correct…..

    Amish, if u watch any trailor for many times then u will get saturated only…

    Fingers crossed for Music of VEER..

  • Looks like Yuvaraj ??? :o :o

    R u allright???

    If u got saturated than i cant help you dude….

    It has alredy got 80000 hits on bollywoodhungama, 70000+ on santabanta(highest in recent times),

    1,50,000 cumulative view on Youtube…

    This proves VEER is hot amongst people… So just chill and wait for the movie ;-)

  • Anish@ i didnt mean d movie looks like yuvaraj, but d music and d sets wer in dey show both zarine and salman danciing….;)

  • Salman Khan has always avoided talks about his marriage. Salman who is going to turn 44 on 27th December recently remarked that he will tie the knot soon…;)

  • @ Amish
    plz talk positive of VEER. obviously anything u watch several times becomes boring. even great songs cant be listened to many times.

    a humble request to all promote VEER positively. films like this dont come around often in Bollywood.

    lets hope this film does well

  • Lets wait for the film to release and then make statements like “films like these don’t come around often in Bollywood”

    As of now 3 positives

    – The promo has created enough impact.
    – The runtime is under 3 hours
    – Production values are high.

    What remains to be seen

    – If the music (Sajid – Wajid) is good.
    – Most important, if Anil Sharma is in form for the first time in 9-10 years! His last HIT was Gadar.. All the movies that followed – Hero – Love Story of a Spy, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo and Apne.. were epic disasters..
    – Costume Drama’s are always risky, no film apart from Jodha Akbar has worked in the last 2 decades or more.

  • Indicine,

    The movies which u hav mentioned :- Hero – Love Story of a Spy, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo and Apne. are first of all not an epic disaster… Apne was AVG at BO….

    Hero – Love Story of a Spy too was a OK movie which was a Flop Bcoz of it’s High Cost…

    Yes, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo can be termed as Disaster but Not Epic Disaster…

    It seems that Epic Disaster is your favoriate TAG LINE… lolz…

    Music is good with 2 Chartbusters and 2 lovely melodious Track…. Total 5 songs in the movie…

    Lets be positive…. Surely a Film like VEER comes once in a lifetime ;-)

  • I think these songs are like to be the best among…..

    1. Surili Akiyon Wale – Rahat Fateh

    2. Meherbaniyan – Sonu Nigam

    3. Salaam Aaya – Roopkumar

    Insha Allah this film is going to be the first blocbuster of 2010.

  • Song by sonu nigam and Rahat F.A.K r gng 2 rock as for now Veer theme movie is excellent and lyrics by gulzar always rock and before veer bhai and gulzar have worked before on Jaaneman & Yuuvraj and both were chartbusters

  • do proper research before posting an comment..APNE WAS AB AVG ND HERO WAS BELOW AVG..DO U KNOW WHT DISASTER MEANS?i want a reply.

  • By disaster, we meant, as a movie.. Not box office verdict.. None of his last 3 – 4 movies were worth a watch..

    Stop getting personal.. Comment edited..

  • @indicine team

    how was the response to the promo? was it ok, good, great, excellent, etc.?
    i heard the response was similar to ghajini…especially with distributors. is this true?

  • @indicine team -just heard all the songs(30seconds) of veer….outstanding album….here is my review of those 30second songs

    no 1 song 4 me—salam aaya..god this is so amazing.melodious.instantly catchy…good choice to release 1st i think
    no 2—mehebaniyan..this is awesome sung by more u listen as more u like….a potential chartbuster

    no3— taali maar..its not instantly catchy bt catches rapidly after 2-3 hearings…..sukwinder at his best

    the rest 2 is yet to be liked by me…bt at the moment salam aaya is the best…sajid-wajid gonna rock this time….classic album by them…i think it will be a cult album…ahnx

  • Guys any one know which site i can listen 30 sec of RINGTONE of VEER???????

    I m looking forward Surili Akiyon Wale – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan…because Rahat F.A.kHan is among my fav singer….every song sung by is like gold……………………Can’t wait to listen song

  • Salman fans plz stop shouting from the rooftop that veerVEER is going to be good…. I mean veer has copied from so many films… war sequences lifted from JODHAA AKBAR…love story lifted from LAGAAN… and many frames look like as if they have been lifted from many other films e.g. ASOKA and others…

    PLUS….Salman khan is looking too old…and he he is supposed to be a warrior….but he is shown dancing with that heroine….WTF… and calling that actress as a katrina look-alike is insult to katrina’s beauty…

    AND the main point is…..
    The openeing war sequence in veer trailer is a directly copied from JODHAA AKBAR…in that seen the army runs towards their enemy between two hills…its ditto like JODHAA AKBAR… If anyone want to challenge this point then i’m ready to take this challenge….

  • @prasad.bro if ur gng 2 watch historic movie it’s gng 2 somewhat similar and regarding d war scene ur talking i’l comment on it later after watching again and if u go by comparision then entry scene of hrithik ona horse and d war scene was much similar 2 The sword of tipu sultan m saying dis because i have d ful serial and u can also check out on u tube and love scene ur talking about its realy ridiculus how can u compare it with Lagaan and one more thing the scene in Jodha akbar whr hrtk goes 2 amer and his army following is some what similar 2 Mughal-e-azam dilip saab entry watch out that first and next u wil say d costume of british army is similar 2 mangal pandey lagaan etc. Histroy remains same bro.

  • @ Arshan… dear i agree with some of ur points… bt see my point is there’s no harm in taking inspirations but why to copy it frame by frame?…

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